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Anyway, Raven's a she/her in this chapter and Happy Birthday Triplets and anyone else born today.

Neo woke up and looked at his alarm clock. He wanted to pretend like it was any other day but the other triplets always made a fuss over their birthday. Raven would always insist on a small family dinner while Arato always wanted a party, no matter what age they were turning. Neo, on the other hand, always just wanted the day to be normal. He never wanted any birthday parties or family dinners. He just wanted to stay in his room and relax. And that is what he planned to do on this particular birthday.

Well, he couldn't stay in his room as someone was just bound to come in sooner or later. In this case, he opted for something similar to his room - the public library. Neo walked through the library, searching for the books he always wanted to read but never could due to either his parents' restrictions or lack of money. But here, the books were free.

Neo was spending a little bit of time searching for an explicit novel he heard was good when he saw someone approach him from the corner of his eye.

"Excuse me, the children's section is over there sweetie. This is the adult's section." the librarian told him. Neo obviously knew that, he was just being judged based on his height as usual. Neo sighed and pulled out his ID. The librarian didn't even look and just laughed saying that 'they could never accept a fake ID'.

Neo bitterly said "Fuck you then!" in his usually deep voice. The librarian froze, staring at him, realizing that she was speaking to a grown man and not a child.

"While you're here, could you be so kind as to get me a copy of that book please?" He asked politely. The librarian slowly got the book and gave it to him, still in shock after hearing Neo's voice. Neo thanked the shocked woman and continued searching for the rest of his books.

Once all his books had been collected, Neo sat down at a table and began reading all of them. He was entranced with one of the magic-themed novels when someone approached him from behind. Whoever it was, they gave him a fright when they suddenly wrapped their arms around him.

Neo jolted around to see one of two people in his school he could somewhat tolerate - Raven. She was standing there, smiling at him. Neo looked at her then went back to his book.

"Me and Lily decided to have a date here. Lily loves books and- Hey, is that smut?" Raven cheered. Neo gave her a look that could kill. Raven looked disappointed as she gave him a nod and walked away. Neo then went back to his books.

Evening eventually came around and Neo decided it was time for lunch. Well, what most people called dinner was his lunch since he was a pretty late sleeper. Neo walked to a local restaurant he often enjoyed called "The Island". It was mostly named after the inventive long island ice teas the restaurant sold although Neo wasn't much of a drinker himself. He entered the restaurant and was about to ask for a table for one when he noticed Raven and some of his siblings at one of the tables. Neo sighed and walked out.

He then turned to his second favorite restaurant which was called The Drunken Sailor. It was mainly a bar but it served decent food as well. He walked in the doors to see Arato getting drunk with his friends. Neo growled and left that restaurant as well.

Neo had no other option but to go to the restaurant he always claimed he hated. There was only two things he liked there - one of the dishes and one of the waitresses. He walked in and sat down at a table. Neo grabbed the menu and started searching for the one dish he liked - the rainbow vegetable casserole. He eventually found it and was ready to order. The waitress came over and was about to ask for his order when she suddenly recognized him.

"Neo! Never thought you of all people would drop by. What would you like?" the girl asked.

"Pleasure to see you two Annabelle. I'll take the rainbow vegetable casserole with a beer to drink please." Neo requested, putting the menu down to make eye contact with the young girl that was taking his order.

"Now, now, I can't serve you alcohol unless you show me your ID." Annabelle teased, taking the menu from the table.

"Annabelle, you know I'm nineteen. Just get me the beer." Neo growled. He honestly wasn't in the mood for even the slightest of teasing.

"Jeez, what's got you in a mood? Also, I thought you were eighteen." Annabelle asked.

"It's my nineteenth birthday today..." Neo explained, hoping no further questions were needed. Annabelle was about to sing Happy Birthday to him when she noticed the disappointed look on his face. She looked down and walked away.

After lunch, Neo went back to library and spent more time there until it closed. He got home around 11 pm and when he arrived, he noticed something on his doorstep. It was a parcel that said his name on it. Neo opened the door and walked into the kitchen.

Neo opened the parcel to see a cake saying 'Happy Birthday Neo' and a card from Annabelle. Neo smiled and started eating the cake. That was his dinner sorted even though he normally didn't have a sweet tooth.

Before someone yells at me for 'promoting underage drinking', note that I live in a country where drinking at 18 is legal. In fact, the majority of countries around the world have their legal drinking age at 18. So in Irish terms, they legal.

As for what country they live in, it's really up to you guys. It doesn't matter if you see them as living in the USA, the UK or even in your own country. The majority of viewers of this story are from the US and I've always envisioned them in the US but it's difficult to keep with what's legal in a different country. With the drinking laws though, sometimes I envision them in Ireland or the UK since age 18 is the legal drinking age. Again, up to what nationality you guys see them as.

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