Full summary: On the streets reside many foxes. They can be seen, their skinny bodies, scrounging for food and killing their own kind just to make it through the day. There is order, but it is under the claw of a barbarian styled rule where the strongest are the only ones to survive.

The streets are becoming even more dangerous since dogs have been let loose to kill the foxes in the city as if they were rats. There is hope, though. A young street fox has seen the starry pelts of old foxes that tell him of a place beyond the city walls and that he must take with him a group of foxes willing to learn a new way. Yet, he is very young and who would be willing to listen to a kit speak about the stars?

If he doesn't get them to go, the stars have told him that the dogs will grow and the foxes will vanish.


A starry form sat looking down at a pool of misty water. Stars shined brightly in the fox's pelt. Her green eyes were emerald pools of worry and concern. Her bushy tail twitched behind her. Bushes rustled to her left and she turned towards it.

A black-and-silver fox appeared in the clearing. His amber eyes stared into the vixen's green ones. He padded over and sat down beside her, seeing the troubled look on her face.

"Is everything okay, Feather?"

"No." Her voice was thick with fear as she looked back at the pool of water. "There is trouble coming, Dark."

"What sort of trouble?"

The silver tabby she-fox swallowed. She didn't say anything for a few heartbeats. All she did was stare at the misty water. The image was all she saw. The sounds of blood and yowling. The barking… It was overwhelming. She couldn't breathe. She couldn't move. She couldn't—


She snapped out of her trance. Her fur was bristled to look twice her side. Her claws were extended as though she was getting ready to attack an enemy only she could see. Her emerald eyes snapped up to meet the amber eyes of the black fox at her side. She took a shaky breath, forcing herself to relax. Her fur beginning to lay flat as she sat back down beside Dark.

The black-and-silver vulpine twitched his ear, frowning. "Do you mind explaining to me what you just saw?"

"Trouble…" Feather mumbled, shuddering at the mere image. "Foxes are going to die."

Dark bristled, his ears folding back against his skull. "What?"


He turned his gaze to the pool. An image became to form right before his eyes. He saw foxes that roamed the streets of a place owned by Upwalkers. They were locked in a deadly battle with a large pack of dogs. The canines ripped and teared into the foxes bodies. Shrieks and barks filled the air. Blood stained the streets. It was chaos.

Dark drew back as the picture began to fade. His reflection staring back at him, showing him how terrified he looked. He drew a breath as he looked at the she-fox at his side.

"What are we going to do about this?"

"What do you mean what are we going to do about this?"

The two friends spun around at the sound of the new voice. Standing behind them was another fox with stars in his pelt. His fur was the color of snow and his eyes were the color of orange suns.

Dark drew his lip back in the beginning of a snarl. "Slate"

Feather held the white fox's intense gaze. "We're going to help them."

The new fox's white ears fell back. "What?"

"Are you deaf, Slate? I said, we're going to help those foxes."

"Why?" His tail lashed behind him. "They are of no use to us."

"That is where you're wrong. I see a great future for them if they can get away from the dogs. They will go to the forest and begin a new life. We will help them."

Slate snarled as he turned and began to pad away. "You can help them. I want no part in your silly plan. Those foxes are going to die no matter what you do, Feather."

"That's enough!" Dark barked as he crouched down, ready to pounce on the other vulpine. He was stopped by his friend.

"If that's what you think, Slate. But I'll prove you wrong. Those foxes will live. And I know how they're going to."

An image of an orange-and-white fox, a little older than a kit with blue eyes appeared in the pool behind her.

"He will convince the others to leave and go in the forest. If he fails, all the foxes will die."