Chapter 1

Rumble's fur bristled with unease as the young orange-and-white fox crept through the streets. His bright blue eyes scanned around and his brushy tail swayed behind him nervously. The vulpine narrowed his eyes when he spotted a rat going through some garbage that had spilled. It wasn't much, but it would have to do. Slowly, he stalked towards the rodent, paws tingling with the thought of digging his claws into the warm body of a meal.

He knew not to get cocky. The rat could bolt before he was close enough to catch it. Or some other fox could come and steal it from him. The streets were harsh, this was the first thing his mother had taught him. Only the strong survived here. If a fox was too weak, they'd perish before they were even six moons.

Eyes narrowed, he continued his advance towards his dinner. He was so close, he could almost taste it. Once he was close enough, the sprang, killing the rat with a quick bite to the neck before it could squeal an alarm call. Pleased, Rumble picked his catch up as he began to head back home. He'd eat well tonight with the rat.

Pawsteps thundered behind him causing the orange-and-white fox to spin around to face whatever it was. The smell of the dead rat was all he could sense at the moment, so he had no idea if the creature coming towards him was friend or foe.

Panting heavily, a black she-fox continued to run, looking down at the ground; it was apparent that she had been chasing something but she appeared to have lost sight of it, what didn't help was that she continuously looked down at the ground half expecting for her escaped prey to still be in front of her. She wasn't the brightest but at least she was making some sort of effort to catch food; at the last second she decided that it might be a good idea to look up for once and pay attention to what's in front of her, given how many close calls she had, but it was too late...she had slammed right into another fox, and was soon sent toppling over to the side from the sudden contact.

"What-?!" she growled getting up and shaking her head, her eyes fell on the fox that had been in her way. Her fur bristled. "Are you insane! What are you doing just standing there like that?!"

Rumble nearly dropped his prey in surprise when the black she-fox crashed into him. The dog-fox blinked his bright blue eyes as he looked into the dark-furred vixen's yellow eyes. She seemed upset with him, even though she had been the one to ran into him. The orange-and-white vulpine shook his head as he placed his newly caught rat on the sidewalk. His tail flicked behind him as his whiskers twitched in amusement.

"I just recently caught my dinner." He placed a paw on the dead rodent that was still warm to the touch of his pad. "You were the one that ran into me. What's got your tail twisted?"

Her fur bristled even more at that comment, she couldn't believe the nerve of him to suddenly pin this on her; if he hadn't been standing there she might have had enough time to just stop and realize that her own prey had escaped her, it was infuriating.

"How dare you! Like I said, if you hadn't been standing there maybe I wouldn't have run into you, couldn't you just have taken your dinner somewhere else?"

He narrowed his eyes at the dark colored she-fox. She was still wanted to play the blame game, did she? Fine, fine. If that was what she wanted, that was what she was going to get. He almost felt a pang of regret for it however. His mother taught him to be nice to other foxes, but this one clearly needed a wake up call.

"I had just caught my prey before you came barreling into me out of nowhere, for your information."

And yet he still was trying to blame her for this, a clear indication that he might have a stubborn and fighting side to him but that didn't matter much to her. She believed she was right and if he was going to argue the point with her about it then she was afraid to continue on with that.

"Well, then you've got to be the slowest hunter ever, any other fox with brains would have just taken his food somewhere else like I said. Are you that stupid?"

Rumble wrinkled his nose as the she-fox's retort. She had a witty personality about her, that was for sure. It was a bit of a change from how foxes he normally hung around with acted. The orange-and-white vulpine gave a snort at the vixen's reply. "Oh, I'm sorry Princess. Would you like for me to dust off the sidewalk for you as well?"

The dark-furred she-fox bristled at the orange vulpine's retort. Her eyes became slits as her bushy tail puffed out even more as she glared daggers at him. She wanted nothing more than to claw his ears off for being smart with her. Who did this kit think he was? Didn't his parents teach him any manors? Clearly not.

"I don't have to stand here and listen to you all day. If you're going to be a brat, then you can be one by yourself."

Without another word, the vixen turned around and padded off down the street, not before smacking Rumble in the face with her tail before she vanished down an alleyway.

"What a touchy fox," he spoke to himself, before he picked up his still warm rat off the sidewalk. His blue eyes lingered on where he had last seen the mysterious she-fox, before he turned, heading to his home.