I saw him at the end of my bed, looking at me with his shining white eyes.

I grabbed my quilt, pulling it closer to my body, in fear.

He just stared at me with his glowing body, a small shy smile creeping up his pale shining cheek.

"What are you...?" I whispered, holding my blanket close. He opened his mouth, about to say something and I winced, hiding under my sheets.

When I looked up again, he was gone... the room silent and cold. I was only five... and I didn't see him again for many years.

Until that day finally came around.


I woke in the night, thinking I heard something move. I looked around quietly, and when my eyes gazed ahead, I screamed at the sight of him.

People had told me for years I had imagined him, that he was just a hallucination.

But, but he wasn't!

Eleven years and he hadn't changed a bit from my memory. Except now, I was closer to his age.

I asked the same question, trembling as the words left my lips, "What are you...?"

"Hello, Grace..." He spoke back softly, his voice kind and youthful.

I blinked my eyes and moved a little closer to this ghost boy, curious.

"H-how do you know my name?"

He only stared at me, blinking slowly and only smiled. "I know a lot about you, Grace..."

I grit my teeth, frustrated and spat out, "WHO ARE YOU?"

"Do you not remember me?" He asked, almost saddened, "Did I mean nothing to you all those years ago?"

"I-I-" I stuttered, shocked at the words coming out his mouth, "I saw you when I was f-five..."

"Ah, yes... innocent times."

"Yeah, but... but I'm a teenager now."

"Oh yes, I suppose you are." He replied, not bothered by this fact. I was so confused about him.

I waved my hand towards him, my fingers going through his icy transparent body.

"Are you..." I asked, fearfully, "Are you dead?"

"Not really..." He said, crooking his eyebrow up, "I mean, I can still see and hear things... but touch? That is something that is lost on me."

I swallowed and nodded my head. I was feeling weary, and yawned, stretching my arms, the fear slowly calming down. I didn't know if it was him that was making me drowsy or my little sleep I had had that night.


I blinked my eyes slowly closed, drifting off to sleep and murmured "Mmm hmm?"

"Please remember this one thing... please." He said, and came to the side of me, touching my warm cheek with his icy hand.

"My name is Oisin, remember that, please!"

"Oisin..." I whispered as I fell back asleep. I felt him remove his hand from my face and could still feel the chill of the air for many minutes after.


When I awoke the next morning, I jumped up in my bed and glanced around the room for that white shining teenage boy.


He was gone. I could hear the beeping of my phone alarm, the mobile rattling the wooden nightstand from its vibrating.

"Oisin?!" I yelped, afraid that he was still here... but the boy wasn't. I twisted my lips to the side, placing my head on my hands and thinking over the event from last night.

What did it all mean? If it meant anything, to begin with.

I quickly got dressed and headed down the stairs to the kitchen to make myself breakfast.

"Sleep well, last night?"

I looked up from my bowl of Kelloggs to my mum and she gazed down at me.

"Y-yeah, fine!" I shouted and she pulled back, surprised, "Why?"

"It's just, I thought I heard you talking in your sleep last night."

"Don't be ridiculous, mum..." I mumbled and scooped up the west of my soggy breakfast cereal. I grabbed my school bag, slinging it around my shoulders and onto my back. I tapped my hard black shoes against the tiles in the kitchen, before pulling open the back door and grabbing my bike, riding it out.

As I rode down the streets, I could see the autumn leaves falling around the place, making orange and red piles of leaves to be gathered up and cleared out.

I smiled slightly, before continuing my way through the small town I lived in until eventually, I came to the bike railings. I pushed my bikes front wheel into the gap, before locking it with a bike coded lock.

As I began to walk the footpath up to the school's open door, I felt I heard a whisper in the wind. I turned around, and swore I saw him-

BUT it was nothing, no one...

I muttered under my breath, "Grace, don't lose your grip on reality."

I shivered throughout my body at the thought of being called a Looney and turned my eyes back towards the hallway I had now entered.

I went to my locker and quickly exchanged my books for the day. The ones I'd be needing and the ones I could store until tomorrow.

As I headed down to the third year quarters I shoved opened the green door, only to hear the teacher say.

"Late, again... Grace?"

I hid my face with my hair and only nodded. I went quickly to my desk, keeping my eyes down to the ground in shame and so I wouldn't catch her eyes.

"Class," the female teacher said to us all, "What happens when a student gets three tardy strikes?"

"Detention." They all replied like lifeless tired robots.

"I'm... s-sorry..." I uttered and she went to the board which held each of our names next to red marker strikes. She must have delighted in given me a second strike after the first coming from last week.

I gulped at the idea of being stuck in this school any longer than I already was. I had to get my act together.

And that's when I heard him.


I looked around for who was saying that, before glancing at the window, seeing the shining teenage boy standing in the frosty autumn air, and I gulped.

When I blinked... he was gone.

It was then, I realized... that I was starting to lose my mind.