I attended a kickboxing match, one evening. It being traditional Muay Thai, the participants were barefooted.

One of the matches was between two girls, a blond and a brunette. During this match, the brunette kicked the blond in the head, causing her to go down. The brunette was declared the winner.

However, the blond girl didn't get back up!

A doctor came into the ring and examined her. After a minute, he announced the terrible news:

"She's dead!"

The cops were called. Lt. Kirschenbaum himself came. He let me lead the investigation.

The dead girl's name was Cheryl Ringwood, and the brunette was Sandi Peters. Carl and I went to Sandi's dressing room. She was sitting at a table with her feet soaking in a tub.

"Ms. Peters?" said Carl.


"I'm Lt. Carl Kirschenbaum." He showed her his badge. "This is Jennifer Mason, a private investigator. She'll be assisting me."

"Hi. I feel terrible about what happened."

Her response drew a red flag with me. It sounded false, like she didn't really feel that way!

"OK, so you kicked her in the head, and she fell, right?"

"Yes. I've done that type of kick before, without that happening to my opponent."

"I understand. Jenny, do you have any questions?"

"Yes. Let me have a look at your feet, Ms. Mason."

She took them out of the tub, and I looked them over.

"You had a toe ring on your left foot—the one you used to kick the girl with."

"Yes. I took it off before bathing my feet."

"Where is it?"

"I.. . put it on the table."

I looked on the table, but it wasn't there. Meanwhile, I noticed that the girl was starting to get pretty nervous!

A garbage was nearby.

"Carl, do you have rubber gloves?"

"Yes, here." He gave me a pair, and I put them on.

Then I rummaged through the garbage. I found a gold ring there. It had a pin on the top of it.

"Very ingenious, honey! I'll bet there's poison on this. You've got killer feet!"

She looked at me with pure hatred—priceless!

A pin prick was found on Cheryl's face, where Sandi kicked her. Poison was indeed found on the ring, and the same poison was found in Cheryl's system.

It was later revealed that the girls had a history; Cheryl had an affair with Sandi's husband!

Sandi Peters is now in jail for 1st degree murder!