You cannot erase

What was done to me

Cannot undo

The damage I have.

You cannot forget

But you do.

You erase

You lie

You cheat

You shape the story

To fit you.

And I hate that.

I want your suffering

I want

Your reality

To /shatter/.

And I pray to all powers high above

You weep before my feet

Before you die.

Because yes,

I am angry.

And yes,

I am broken.

And damaged.

And shattered.

And you,

You did this.

To me.

To him.

But no matter your own delusions,

No matter our reality

You will not see

How this

Is your fault.

And that's what hurts most

That you'll never admit it

Never tell us why

And we'll sit here

Trying to mend what was obliterated

Trying to piece together our minds

Our hearts

Our very /souls/-

And you.

You will just sit


All alone and weeping

With your 'woe is me' cries

And blame us for refusing

To break beneath you any more

Than we already have.

So yes, I am angry

And no

My forgiveness will not be for you

I hope you suffer

I hope you cry

I hope you never know anything but pain and hurt and fear

For what I will do to you

Should I ever

Be given

The chance.