I wish I was the summer in your heart,

And the spring and winter and fall,

All the seasons in one kiss

To spark the deepest of your love.

I'm simmering with an ache

A dull lust for more within

You're saving me from drowning

But I'm drowning just the same.

The thought of you washes through me

I need to know the answer

To the possibility of us

I need to know

If we are meant to be

Or meant to be passed beneath glances

Forgotten until lonely nights

Always wondering

"What if?"

If only I could speak the musings of my mind

I'd let you know

Every inch of my stars

Have called me to you

She spoke flowery words

And planted a garden

In my heart.

There is comfort

In knowing

My daughter

Might have your eyes

In knowing that this connection between souls

Might birth a future so solid

So comfortably complete

I'll never think twice

About the spaces between breathing

The words comfortable and clear


And precise

I'm swimming through the futures

Endless before me

And all I'm looking forward to

Is you

Years from now

In a bed filled with the essence of us

Lying beside you

I will pretend to be asleep

And dream of these moments

Where I found the love I had for you

And it's endless waves crashing through me

A beacon of content and naive understanding

I do not know now

How boundless it can be

But years from now

I will remember this moment

And reach towards your sleeping body beside mine

And cling to the love we share.

There is an ocean within me

That I sink far down into

When your lips

Meet mine

This boundless

Effortless passion

That spreads like light in my veins

I am gladly

At your whims

I belonged

To the sound of your name

Chained to the letters

That spoke who you were

And that

Was the best thing

I could ever have imagined

To be.

Bless me in this moment

Let me cherish the skin woven of light.

Let me kiss your bones,

Crafted of dust and veins of stars.

Let me caress the words I'll speak to you,

Murmurs of love so raw from emotion

The flowers will weep at the beauty of the sound

The picture I will paint with the colors they present

With only words to guide my spellbound babbling

I am in awe

Of everything you are

This luminescence inside you

This holy possibility

I will worship the love you give me

The love we share

Just to be noticed by your gaze

The god gifted green so bursting with life

I can only dream

To be cherished by you.

I will burn into endless stars

So brightly lit by the emotion you gift me

So lifted on the sound of your name

Your soul

Speaks to mine

In a language I'm still deciphering

In a method I'm still hearing

The melody soft and sweet

But also building and exciting

This lilted joy I possess

Now made pure

By your breath

Breathe me into life,

My darling,

My heart.

Carry my soul in your hands

Tying my life to yours

In thread brighter than the red they paint

With music they can't place

We are holy in this union

And I am blessed to exist beside you

Star kissed to be able

To call you mine ❤️.

Song of my heart,

Light of my life

I sing your name

And feel bright