You awaken slowly on a hard and cold ground. As you begin to wake up, you manage to open your eyes and try to blink the blurriness away. You shift so you can sit upright and begin to look around you.

The floor looks like a silver metal and certainly feels like it, the cold seeping into the palm of your bare hand. As you turn your head, all you can see is blue with strange smudges in ninety degrees of each other; four of them. You stand, moving your hand forward to feel a clear, hard surface: glass. You walk around, finding that you are in a box of glass; your hand doesn't mar it whatsoever.

Outside of the glass, there doesn't seem to be anything. Just what appears to be a white floor and blue. No walls outside the walls of glass, at least, it doesn't look like it.

You slam your palm into the glass than your fists, trying to break it or at the very least make a sound to alert someone to your presence. But nothing. The glass doesn't even rattle; it has to be pretty thick.

You sigh, sitting down in the center of the cube so you would be able to see if anyone approached. As you sit, you look yourself over, wondering if you had anything to see the passing of time with, but you have nothing. No phone, no watch. You are in the clothes you assume you were wearing before you were kidnapped and brought here. What had you been doing? You can't remember. In fact, you can't remember anything about yourself. Nothing about your passions, or who you are, or even about your family. Do you even have a family?

You swallow, trying to settle the feeling of panic and overwhelming loneliness that is threatening to crash down over you. You take a deep breath, looking around for what feels like the millionth time, wishing anyone would come out of the blue. Trying to get a hold of yourself again, you stand, walking around the cube first one way, then the other, just to make sure you don't get dizzy.

A small splash causes you to look down at your feet and notice a thin rim of water had begun to rise on the cube. You frown. Where did that come from? There aren't any holes in the cube that the water could have come from; the box is flawless. At first, you don't think anything about the small amount of water until you begin to notice that it is gradually getting higher. The water has reached your waist by now and shows no signs of stopping. You can't sit down for the water will soon cover your head and drown you anyway.

The panic that you had tried to push down earlier rushes back as you begin slamming your fists against the glass again, screaming for someone, anyone! You scream as loud as you could until your voice is little more than a squeak and blood covers your hands.

You try to break the glass again, try to tell the people that aren't there to come to your listen to you and come to help you.

But nobody comes.

So... I know that's a bit sad, but yeah. I hope you guys like it anyway. Let me know what you thought in a review!