When the life of a teenage girl gets nowhere but down, her hopes of a better life seemed more like wishful thinking. And who could blame her, she's an outcast; a loner by many. Until one day she ran into a boy who took an interest in her the moment they met. The two growing fond of each other fairly quickly. But why her? It's not like she has so much to offer. She was a curse in most people's eyes, a burden. Well, fate has its way of bringing the most unlikely changes to a person's life. Maybe it was a sign that things could be looking up for her, and for the better. But she couldn't be farther from the truth. As time goes on, strange things begin to happen. Reality unfolding these connections and memories she's never had before, piece by piece. The more involved she becomes with this boy, the more she learns things about herself she can't explain. So Is it just coincidence? Is she just going insane? Or is there something else much greater working behind the scenes.