When Grace came to, she found herself lying in the grass. A quick understanding of confusion and worry brought forth, along with a pounding headache. She winced in pain, clutching her forehead as she took in her surroundings. 'What happened.' Grace thought, slowly getting up to her feet. 'Did I pass out?'

A few memories flashed in her mind, recalling the last minutes before her collapse.

"Isa." She somewhat shouted.

To her misfortune, she was all alone. And now standing in the dark. Grace took her phone out to check the time. It was nearing 9:00 pm. 'I must of been out for a while.' She noted, glaring up at the stars.

The night was clear and calm, but it brought some chill to the air. A shiver running down her spine. It didn't take long for Grace to head back up towards the gazebo to the staircase beyond it. Her head trying to wrap around the course of events that took place hours prior.

'Why did I faint? And why did Isa leave me like that?' Grace questioned in bewilderment. 'Who's Lilith? Why's that name sound so...familiar.' Grace tried to theorize as she headed straight for home. Her mind spending all it's waking moments trying to find the answer.

When Grace got to the house, she had only gotten as far as the front door before the sounds of her screeching mother rang throughout the home.

"Where have you been?!" Her mother snided as she reared a corner. Her green eyes bearing anger on the sight of her step-daughter walking in late. Grace let out a flustered sigh, ignoring her mother for a second to take her shoes and jacket off. Thinking of an excuse, Grace quickly recovered with a lie.

"I fell asleep on a park bench."

She did pass out so it wasn't too far off from the truth, but her mother gave no consideration whether it was real or not. Scoffing in disbelief. Folding her arms over her chest, she let a frustrated sigh before turning around to head for her bedroom. "Just eat whatever's left over and go to bed. I don't want to hear another peep from you until morning."

Grace was relieved that her mother decided to leave her alone, giving her space. Most of the household was preparing for bed anyways so she wouldn't have to worry about interacting with anyone. Except for maybe her brother Derek. He liked staying up late to wait and bother her most of the night. A nuisance for Grace, all on his own.

If there was anyone just as unjustifying as her parents, it was Derek. A step brother and a bully. As if she couldn't get enough of June's hellrasing antics, she had to have one at home too. It's like God really wanted to punish her in every form of torment thought possible. What could she possibly have done to deserve it, she'd question herself.

Heading into the kitchen, she took out the leftovers from the fridge and helped herself to what she wanted to eat. Being careful not to disturb her parents with much ruckus as their bedroom was just down the hall. Once her plate was made, she reheated the food and wasted no time scarfing it down at the dinner table. When she was finished, she took care of her dishes. Ready to her bedroom.

Making her way up the stairs, she was walking over to her bedroom door when her brother Derek stepped out of his room. Stopping her before she got inside. His room just had to be straight across from hers. Grace turned her head to look over to him, noticing the smug look he pulled that left her cringing in disgust. His beady green eyes scanning over her body, putting an effort to make the confrontation uncomfortable.

"I see you didn't run away after all." Derek stated, leaning his body on the frame of his door. Grace rolled her eyes in irritation. Obvious to anyone she was not in the mood after her mother's dispute. Even more so as her relationship with her step brother is more hostile than anyone else. If anyone can get under her skin more than June, it was Derek.

She despised him and everything he did to mess with her. Unlike June, Derek didn't hide the fact he hated her. Sometimes picking on her in front of their parents and his friends. Even going as far as to touch her inappropriately.

"I didn't run away. I fell asleep at the park." Grace murmured.

Derek snickered in incredulity. "Sure you did. God knows you're probably too incompetent at taking care of yourself anyways. Your brain is like the size of a pebble no doubt."

Grace clenched her teeth together in aggravation. Staying silent as she had nothing better to say in response to his belittling statement. She wanted so badly to punch him square in the face. But her energy was still recovering from the incident at the park. As well as this draining effect she gets every time she steps into her home. All she could do was ball her hands into fists, wishing she had the strength to knock him out in one hit.

Plus she knew if she started a fight with Derek, it would end in a months worth of grounding. It's all around a lose, lose situation. So in discretion, Grace let her temper go as she attempted to turn around to get inside her room, but Derek wasn't done with her yet. Stopping her with a hand clutching her shoulder. He could see she was getting upset, wanting desperately to push her to the breaking point.

His mocking smile turned into a grin as he thought of something conniving. "You know what you can do to get back at me?"

Turning her head to the side, Grace pierced her gaze at him. Her eyes turning a dark shade of blue. He leaned in to whisper in her ear with a seductive voice. "You can get on your knees and blow me like a good little step-sister."

Grace's eyes widen in shock to his perverted suggestion. Her face quickly contorting into a scowl as she whipped her body around to hit him. Raising one of her cuffed hands, Grace threw a punch to his chest. The instinct to put her emotions into action is what pushed her to the edge. Besides the crude comment providing motive.

"You're a disgusting pig! I hope you end up in hell!" She cursed through gritted teeth.

To Derek, her verbal chastising meant nothing. Standing back and laughing in amusement as he watched her scramble into her room. Locking it behind her. He stood out in the middle of the hallway, staring at her door. A smile still widespread on his cheeks.

Grace was pathetic in his eyes, a weak, useless girl just waiting to be taken advantage of. The only thing she provided was sex appeal for his deranged fantasies. Often trying to violate her and get away with it before she screams as he couldn't hold himself back. He was undeniably the most disturbing person on the planet.

But in the most unlikely twist of reality, he was actually obsessed with her. Ever since she came home to live with them, he's had a desire for Grace. A hormonal, sexually induced attraction that's had him feeling ashamed and guilty for his actions. It wasn't just her looks he was after either, there was something much deeper he could sense in her.

Grace just had this kind of aura that made her irresistible to him. He only gets on her nerves because he can't let her know he's really turned on by it. It's like a drug to him, he can't get enough of her presence. Or maybe it's a special power of hers that pushes him over the edge with lust. Whatever the case may be, he's always been on the verge of losing willpower to her seductive charm. A succubus in disguise. And he really doesn't want anyone to know about it.

Within the safety of her room, Grace relaxed a bit. Her nerves on high alert after being moments away from getting in trouble with Derek. She shuddered at the thought of what would happen if he kept his hand on her any longer with the way he talked. He would of probably roamed it around until he got to her ass to grope it or did something worse. She scorned in disdain. 'That nasty freak. God I wish he'd go off and die in the woods or something.'

Grace got herself ready for bed, not once stepping out of her room to use the bathroom next door. She didn't want to run the risk of having Derek coming out to try anything again. That boy couldn't be trusted. It was a good thing she had most of the stuff like her hygienic products in her room.

Getting into her pajamas, she wasted no time hopping into bed. Wonder what the next day will bring. To be honest, it was a pretty eventful day to say the least. Her mind drawing back from the start of the day, to the last. Laying down in her comfy bedspread. It didn't take much effort for her to fall into slumber. A dream coming forth, portraying the most strangest of visions.


Darkness, it filled the corners of this world Grace was standing in. There were these people without faces, four of them to be exact. But they seemed to be far away, however they were watching her from a distance. A red moon dimmed over the sky above her head. The heavens bearing no other light source.

Grace wondered. Why was she here? This dream, it's nothing like she's ever had before.

Peering down to her feet, she saw red stains, like blood, everywhere. She also happened to notice it was all over the strangers that were watching. But soon she looked down again to see there were dead bodies scattered over the ground. The look of horror and terror on their faces as they looked to be mauled. The bones within their flesh, exposed. But she did not know who they were.

These people without faces suddenly came over to circle around her, they whispered nonsensical words and incoherent things to each other. Somehow Grace wasn't scared, but undoubtedly questioned. Who are these people? Why are there four of them? Why are they bloodied but not dead? Is it because they're different? Or are they the ones who did this?

Grace assumed to have sensed that they were no threat to her. However something about them striked familiar, like she was supposed to know who they were.

Unforseen to Grace, she watched as this strange black liquid ran from the bottom of their feet to gather under hers. Is that...blood? She questioned in perplexity, the slow, thick fluid crawling up her legs until it almost covered her entire body. As it did, she found that she couldn't move. Her chest becoming pressed as she felt like it was crushing her. Her breathing coming out heavy and strained.

Before she could even react emotionally, she had already been fully engulfed. Sensing as though she was sinking into an abyss of darkness which she couldn't escape from. Stuck with no air to breathe, her body and awareness started to fade.

Realizing as she soon felt her body let go, she couldn't escape whatever was happening to her. Like a foreshadowing to what's inevitably her fate. But what kind of fate? Why is this happening to her? Was this just a reenactment from her moments with Isa last night? If so, who are the others?

What connections do they have with her? Grace felt her head start to swirl with all these questions. It was like the more she investigated these things, the more her brain couldn't handle them. It wasn't long before her mind slowed to a blank slate as she slipped into the nothingness around her. Nothing else more for her to see.

~End of Dream~

It reached midnight when sounds of a howling wolf cleared the silence around a house in the woods. The lights within were lit, illuminating the outside. The stillness in the trees made for a picturesque scene until a wolf appeared out into the clearing of the house. It glanced up to the sky momentarily as the full moon arose to it's peek before taking it's view back to the house ahead and trailing up to the front door. Coming to a halt in front of the door.

Just as it was sitting there for a second, the wood door creaked a few inches as someone had opened it to let the wolf in. Closing it soon after. Inside stood a man with brunette hair and brown eyes, his features sporting a chiseled cut and dressed in a mature fashion.

"What are you doing out so late?" The man spoke, closing the front door behind him. He watched as the wolf swooped into a cloud of black smoke, the form of a person taking shape. Suddenly the shape turned into a boy, and that boy was none other than Isa. The black smoke turning into ink as it soaked into his skin. His eyes becoming human like and his hair returning to platinum.

"Didn't Adam tell you?" He looked at the brunette in confusion before shouting in excitement.

"We found Lilith!"

The man stared at the blond boy flabbergasted. "What?!"

"Yeah, isn't this great Beck! I stayed out after dark to make sure she returned home safely. I kind of sort ah...broke down on her when I found out." Isa admitted with a little embarrassment. "Long story short, but I was headed to the park today and that's when I ran into her so-"

"Wait, wait, wait. Hold on, did you say Adam knew about this?" The gentlemen named Beck halted. The face of slight anger becoming apparent as he folded his arms across his chest.

Isa nodded before answering. "Well, I mean, he told me when he got home after school, but he wasn't 100% about it so I took the initiative to try and find her."

As Isa was explaining in detail about it, a boy with ocean colored hair and green eyes stepped out of what looked to be the living room. His outfit having the same mixture as Adam's attire, but with a beanie hat and no piercings. He looked over to the two males standing in the foyer with curiousness. "What's going on?"

"Asteroth, guess what? We found her, we found Lilith!" Isa beamed in glee as he walked over to the boy, grabbing both his shoulders and shaking them in elation. The boy opened his mouth into an 'o' shape as his face lit up like a kid on Christmas. Grabbing Isa in the same imitation as he did.

"Are you serious?!"

His lips turned into a joker like grin before pulling away and turning to face Beck. "What are we waiting for, the next decade? Let's go get her!"

Beck gave the two a stern look as he was slightly annoyed by their enthusiasm. "Now we can't get hasty, we need to talk about this."

"What's there to talk about, I know it's her. I could practically smell our blood in her veins." Isa retorted in defense. His features becoming serious.

"I'm not saying I'm doubting your judgement, but we can't just take her away and run. We all need to sit down and talk about what we're going to do from now on. If this is Lilith we're talking about, then we need to be precautious." Beck justified as he walked past them and into the living room. "Go and get your brother. We're having a family meeting."

Isa and Asteroth peered at each other with concern for a second before quickly replacing it with a smile. Racing up a staircase to get Adam. The hopes of an early reunion with their lost sister bringing a fire to their spirits. They just hope they'll get to her soon. For now, sleeps going to be the last thing on everyone's mind tonight.