That Christmas I walked in your life

You were overjoyed

I had you and you had me

Sadness we'd avoid

We both grew up together

We played, we laughed, we skipped

But then as you grew older

Something was amiss

It felt like you stopped caring

Time you couldn't afford

I'd still run and grab all my toys

When you said that you were bored

I quickly ran up to your room hoping to entertain

But you were having too much fun

Playing that video game

My toys could not complete with that

And I felt depressed

Looks like you forgot about me

I feel like second best

Now I sit on the side of the road

I see a man with a hood

I asked if I did something bad

He said that I was good

He told me it was not my fault

I wish that you could see

My final words before I went

Why didn't you want me?