This is a warning.

This post is a warning against making the same mistake I did. I'm writing in a hurry, and I don't know how much I'll manage to tell you. I'm at least hoping I'll write enough so you'll get the message.

I can't believe this is where that day in the park got me. My social studies class was just doing some park cleaning that our teacher signed us up for. None of us really wanted to do it. We barely listened to her instructions; only when she told us what area each of us would clean. I got assigned the small picnic area - the one surrounded by trees that stand so tightly together you can't even see the tables from the outside.

There was absolutely no trash in there when I got in. No abandoned soda cans, no leftover food, no candy wrappers, no nothing. The only mildly weird thing I noticed was the smell. The only way I can describe that smell is… old. That's when I thought the day would be tedious. I thought I would have to hang out there the entire day, so I sat down at one of the tables. Our phones were confiscated, so I had nothing to do. To entertain myself, I started looking around in the glade. At first I spotted nothing interesting. Same old leaves, same old tables with checkered tablecloths, nothing out of the ordinary. Until I spotted it. The journal. It was just laying there under one of the tables.

Why would someone just leave it there?, was the first thought that crossed my mind.

I first thought not to touch it, but curiosity got the better of me, and I went to pick it up. Gosh, now I wish I hadn't...

It was a pretty small journal. It had a dark brown - almost black, fake leather cover, and the word 'Journal' was written in gold letters across the front. By the looks of it, it was newly purchased. It was almost as if someone had bought it just to put it there. That thought got even more support when I opened the book, and the first page was blank. All I was met with was an empty, lined paper. I turned the page over. Still nothing. After turning a few more pages, I simply put my thumb against the pages and let them fall down at a fast pace. Empty page after empty page passed my eyes. Then, right in the middle of the book, I saw text.

My slow reaction time caused me to have to turn back a few pages to look at the text. When I did, a wrinkle appeared between my eyebrows, and a puzzled frown grew on my face.

Two sentences were written in the middle of the page, with a couple of lines between them.

I just want to be Happy.

I am now Happy.

Confused, I closed the book. There was some kind of weird feeling inside of me, and I decided to keep the book. I had a change of thoughts about the day, and decided to ask a teacher if I could leave early. The first teacher I spotted when I walked out was my social studies teacher's assistant, Mr. Oak. He agreed that I could leave if he just checked the glade to make sure I had cleaned it. He also asked me about the book, which I had brought out. I showed him the two lines, and he got the same reaction I did.

While he checked to make sure there was no trash, I walked over to my friend, Lacey to show her my find, and brag about the fact that I could leave. Lacey simply laughed about the sentences in the book, and shook it off as some weirdo leaving it there as a joke. Still, I had a strange feeling as Mr. Oak told me I could leave.

When I got home, I simply put the journal on the end table in my living room, and forgot about it for a while. First two instances reminded me of it. I smelt the 'old smell' from the glade in my house, but brushed it off my shoulder by telling myself it was just stuck in my nose.

The real turn of events happened this Friday though. Three days had passed since I found the journal and I was in my social studies class. The teacher was sick, so we had Mr. Oak as a substitute. The class was normal and all, but it was what happened after that really got me thinking.

When everyone was leaving after the bell rang, Mr. Oak asked me to stay a minute. I got confused at first, as I saw no reason I should stay behind. But then he asked me about the park cleaning day. I'm not saying I was any less confused by that, but this time it was a different kind of confused…

He told me he found something left in the glade when he checked in there. That was weird enough for me, as I just wondered why he hadn't told me immediately. Then he said;

"You should check it out later. I'm sure it will make you happy".

I denied the request to go back, as I had to help my parents pack for their trip to Nevada this weekend, and so I couldn't go. I didn't feel a strong want or need to go either. Now I thank my brain for telling him no. I don't know what would have happened if I went there.

Later the same day, I was cleaning my room when I got a call from Lacey. She immediately told me she had found something awesome. I asked her what, and she told me that Mr. Oak had told her to go to the park. She said she was bored, and so she went, and found something in there that definitely would make me happy. A weird feeling formed in my stomach, but I chose to ignore it. After all, it could be coincidence that both Mr. Oak and Lacey said the same thing. Then Lacey asked me to remind her what it said in the book. That was the first time I picked it up since I put it on the end table. I flipped through the pages to get to the middle, but stopped abruptly a few pages before that.

"I'm sorry Lacey, I have to go," I quickly told Lacey, and I hung up the phone.

I stared at the page in front of me in shock. A new line had appeared.

Go back to the park. There's something you need to see. It will make you Happy.

I had definitely not written that. My parents didn't even know about the book, so they couldn't have either. There was no one who could have written that.

Frantically, I flipped the pages to check one little detail. All lines were written in the same handwriting.

Then everything went to hell.

My parents left for their weekend trip, so I was left alone. While I was saying goodbye, mom's voice suddenly went emotionless, and I could swear she told me to go to the park. But she told me she had just said that she'll miss me.

This freaked me out on a-whole-nother level, so I called another one of my friends for comfort. The call ended up being short lasted, as I hung up when his voice got the same empty tone as mom's, and he told me to go to the park.

I decided to isolate myself. I locked all the doors, and closed all the windows, and sat down on the couch to get my mind off all this by watching TV. That plan didn't work either. Halfway through an episode of a show, one of the characters suddenly turned to face the camera and said; "Go to the park, Lou. It will make you happy"-

That made me immediately pull all the electronics out of their sockets. Anything that had the ability to talk drove me crazy. I even turned off my phone to avoid potential texts and phone calls. Now I was in complete silence. I could only hear the sound of my own fast breath.

After pulling the last computer cord out of a socket, I went back down to the living room, and I lay down on the couch, where I slowly but surely fell asleep.

It was on Saturday things took the worst turn of all. I hadn't moved at all since I woke up on the couch. Since eight am I had just been laying there, listening intently to any sound I heard. The journal ominously lay on the table beside me. I had picked it up a few times, just to check for new phrases in the middle, but there was nothing. There were just the same old phrases talking about being 'happy'. I had a deep gut feeling that whoever had written these lines was not talking about being genuinely happy.

While I wouldn't say I was bored in this situation, I would certainly say I was restless. I was too scared to get off the couch, but I was incredibly tired of just laying there.

An hour or so went by of the same routines, then I got the feeling to look through the journal again. It had kind of become a habit of paranoia. I opened it on the middle page, and was met by the usual lines. My unbearable restlessness led me to start flipping more pages than I normally did. I hadn't even checked any of the pages after the middle page. I don't even know why I hadn't done that earlier. But now, when I finally did, I found something. One single sentence written on the very last page. Reading it, a flurry of shivers were sent down my spine.

Becoming Happy was a mistake.

I read it over and over, not believing what I was seeing. All my questions about everything that had happened hit me at once. Everything that I had asked myself since I first found the journal flew around in my head. Then, at my around fifteenth time reading the line on the last page, a new question appeared.

Why was 'happy' spelled with a capital H?

I hurriedly flipped back to the other pages, and noticed that happy was spelled with a capital H on every single line. My head started spinning violently, and I sat up to stop it, dropping the journal on the floor in the process. The same second the journal hit the carpet, there was a knock on the door.

You know that thing when you can tell who's outside the door, just by the way they knock?

I didn't feel that. I didn't feel it at all. This was a stranger's knock. It was slow, but forceful.

Something got over me, and I got off the couch. Legs cramping, I went over to the door, just as the person outside knocked again. I crouched down by the wall-length window next to the door, and moved the curtain just enough so I could see outside on the porch.

There was no one out there. I told myself it was just some salesperson, a mormon or something, and that they had just left quickly, but still I felt sick. Then there was another knock on the door, but still; no one was outside. This made me back away at a pace so fast I tripped backwards over my own feet. The only thing that made me not puke, faint or have a heart attack was the fact that I knew I had locked the door. Whatever was knocking couldn't get in, I told myself.

I went to sit down on the couch again, but I didn't manage that before another noise reached me; a creaking sound coming from the kitchen. I gagged, as I knew exactly what had just happened. There was no will inside of me to go look, but obsessive thoughts led me to walk backwards just enough to see into the kitchen through the glass door separating it from the living room. What I saw in there confirmed I had been right about what had just happened.

The door to the backyard was wide open, swaying slightly, as if someone had just opened it roughly, and had not cared about closing it. Another greatly frightening thing was that still, I could see no one. Looking into the kitchen, it pretty much looked like the door had opened itself. It was clear though, that this was not the case.

For a second, I thought I would faint, but an impulse led me to run back to the couch; grab the cereal box I had eaten from yesterday; race up the staircase; run into the little bathroom and lock the door behind me. My heart was panting and it felt like my chest was being squished to the point where I couldn't breathe.

The first thing I did was to move all the furniture I could to barricade the door, to stop that thing from the kitchen from reaching me. I sat down on a stool in the front of my barrier, both to add weight and to think through the situation.

I wasn't sure about anything except the fact that all of this had started with the journal. After I found and read that, everything went terribly wrong. I had absolutely no idea what was wrong with that journal, but it surely wasn't a regular one.

As I went over everything that had happened, a theory started forming in my head. All the pieces fell into place, and I came up with something that made sense.

I think that when Mr. Oak went into the glade in the park after reading from the journal, something happened to him. He then told me to go to the park. But he also told Lacey, who actually did go there, and the same something happened to her. Then she too told me to go to the park.

To put it short; anyone who reads from the journal has to go to the park. If they don't though, like I didn't, others will tell them to go. If they still don't go… drastic measures will be taken.

There is something in that journal, and it only wants evil; it does not want happy. It desperately wants me to go to the park, and I think it's willing to do almost anything to get me to do that.

But I am not going to the park. Not in a million years. I will stay in this bathroom, even if it kills me. I don't want to know what will happen to me if I go to the park.

In the middle of my theory thinking, I was interrupted. Six slow but forceful knocks on the door. The calm breath I had just acquired disappeared in an instant, and I began hyperventilating again.

It was outside the door. Merely meters behind me. A sick feeling formed inside of me. Then it only got worse.

"Why won't you come out, Lou?"

A voice echoed in the room. It was the voice of a girl, around my age. I have never heard that voice before. She sounded calm and happy, and her tone of voice revealed the fact that I wouldn't come to the park confused her. Her voice was weirdly sweet though. It might have been that that made me not trust her. She was far too calm and happy for the situation.

"You need to go to the park. It will make you happy, I promise!"

It all got too much for me, and I fainted.

I woke up three hours later according to my watch. She was knocking on the door again.

"Why won't you come out?"

It's continued like that for the past 48 hours now. I've not left the bathroom since I came in two days ago. All I've been able to do is eat cereal and wait. Still in the fear of texts and calls, I've not turned on my phone until now, and I only turned it on now to write this.

What I've managed to do is figure out the girl's schedule. Every three hours she comes knocking on the door. Every second hour she scratches the window. I don't know how she does it, seeing as I'm on the second floor. She'd either have to fly or use a ladder to reach the window. Either that or she reaches it anyway…

She always says the same phrases in the same voice. She asks me why I won't go to the park, and why I'm still in here, all in that sweet, happy, confused voice.

It's driving me mad, even though it's not the worst part.

I realized what the worst part is just twenty minutes ago. It's currently not a knock hour nor a scratch hour. She shouldn't knock on the door, and then scratch the window a few minutes later right now. But she is.

Just a few minutes had passed since the last knock when I heard six more knocks. At first it confused and scared me greatly. It was way too early for that.

I then realized that it's because she's getting impatient. She wants me to come out right now…

Then something happened.

Something happened, that led me to make a horrifying discovery.

Six more knocks on the door… at the same time as six scratches on the window.

It made everything so much worse. I pressed myself up against the corner I'm sitting in right now. I'm drenched in sweat, my heart is pounding and I'm having a hard time breathing just thinking of everything that is going on. After the knocks and scratches, the girl got a hundred times worse…

Because she's not alone.

'She' changed to 'they' with just some knocks and scratches.

They're knocking and scratching constantly. I've not had quiet for half an hour. The knocking and scratching is getting more intense every second now. Just a couple of minutes ago I started hearing knocks from the wall behind me too. They're even knocking and scratching the ceiling from the attic. They're everywhere.

I don't know what to do. Whatever they are, they're not stopping until they get in. They're gonna keep knocking and scratching and saying the synchronized phrases until they break through the barrier.

I don't know what will happen when they do get in. I don't know what they are, or what happened to them, but I have a feeling it's something demonic. I don't know what 'becoming happy' means, and I don't know if I will make it. I only know one thing right now.

They will get in...

When they do, I hope whatever they do to me won't be painful. They might take me to the park, and make me 'happy'. I just hope it won't be too bad, but I have strong suspicions it will be.

The door's just broke a crack. They're close. I've not got much time left. All I want right now is for someone to find me, and to save me from th

Lou is now Happy.