Blood to Blood, Dust to Dust


Life isn't perfect

You have to make due with what you're given

But if you don't like what's bestowed

A new constitution may be written


A family tree should be beautiful

Strong, helpful, and wise

They should fill our lungs with healthy air, but

Some branches aren't worth our young


We should help them through anything, I believe

No matter what, we'll stand by

And ease your misfortune

All we ask in return is that you try


To get back on your feet

Come on now, what do you need?

I'll do anything, give you anything

Please just concede


I love you, I want the best for you

But sometimes however much I give

You remain corrosive, a poison oak of

Someone I'm ashamed to call relative


Therefore, I have finally decided

You will no longer remain a part of me

I hereby cut you off instead of allowing you to infect

Like an amputee who refuses to go gangrene


I have a method for this, you see

One that cannot fail

Cut and drain the blood from my hand

And take the ashes from that old wood, to grow a new trail


Grow a real tree, I command

Something I can be proud of

Sprout green and vibrant, rise tall above the rest

And cleanse this house of heritage hazards