Lt Carl Kirschenbaum was shot, while trying to arrest a driver. He was shot in the arm, and fortunately the wound was non-life threatening.

I visited him in the hospital, one day.

"Hi, Carl."

"Jenny, you've just made my day!"

"Glad to hear that!"

I kissed him and sat in a chair.

"How are you doing?"

"Not bad, considering. They say I'll be released, by the end of the week. Then I can go back to work in a month."

"So, you've got a little vacation."

"You could say that!"

"OK, what happened?"

"I stopped a blue Ford Taurus for speeding. I smelled booze on the guy, so I made him get out of his car. At that point, he pulled out a handgun, shot at me, and sped off."

"You didn't get his identity?"

"Not enough time. My carcam might've gotten him license plate; they're checking on that."

"Describe him."

"White. In his 30's. Shoulder-length hair. He greeted me by saying, 'Hey, man.'"

I thought for a bit. "Jerry Novack."

"Jerry Novack?"

"I've dealt with him, before. A heavy boozer, and a hothead."

"You sure?"

"Not completely, but I'm reasonably certain. I'll make some inquiries."

"Thanks, Jenny. If this pans out, I'll treat you to the best steak place in town."

"Looking forward to it!"

"And if it doesn't, I'll treat you to the best steak place in town!"

"A win-win! Oh, sorry, I didn't bring you flowers, but this might suffice."

I slipped my shoes off and propped my feet on the bed. My toes were painted blue, and the big toes had flower designs on them!

""I had a pedicure, yesterday."

"And you did it just for me! Jenny, I'm really touched!"

We talked small talk, for a while. Then I put my shoes back on, kissed him again, and left.

As he said, Lt. Kirschenbaum left the hospital a week later. He actually was back at work in 3 weeks.

My hunch panned out; Jerry Novack was arrested and is now in jail.

The meal was great!