Yo, this is the first story I'm posting on here, and I'm excited to share it. I know there's grammatical errors throughout it, I apologize for that.

This was a little drabble I just felt like writing, and it was written for my own enjoyment. I know it's a little cliché, but I sometimes like that.

Also if you didn't read the description, it is a soulmate au. A timer on your wrist appears the day you are born. When it hits zero, you meet your soulmate!

I'm a total sucker for these-

0:1:2:4:5:6 is equivalent to zero years, one month, two days, four hours, five minutes, and three seconds by the way.

Hope you enjoy :)!


Her long hair fell to her sides as she scrubbed at the timer on her wrist, trying to make it disappear. But it remained, ticking down every second.


Ten hours, forty five minutes, and thirty-four seconds.

She mumbled to herself as she stared at the time. They were going to meet at the park then- at 9 AM the next day. It had to be him- their times matched up and everything. After so many exchanged texts and pictures, they would finally meet each other.

It seemed right, although she couldn't help but remind herself that she was more awkward in person and didn't have a chance to think out what she would say like she could online.

She rinsed out her hair as she tried to shove away the thought- but she never would. It would bite at her for hours until the moment arrived and she knew it.

She stepped out of the shower, drying her hair with a towel before looking in the mirror. She ran her fingers through her now wavy hair, sighing without satisfaction.

Would anyone really be happy with a girl like her?

As she left her bathroom, she pulled up the texts on her phone. Reading them to herself.

"Ten hours until you'll meet him!" The reminder on her phone said, and a small smile appeared on her lips. She set it down on her nightstand, turning off the lamp next to her. Although she knew she would spend at least an hour staring at the ceiling, it didn't bother her.

Because she knew that maybe someone did care.

The light poured into her room through the windowsill. She groaned, covering her head with her pillow, "Mm... why can't the sun come back when I'm not tired." She complained, but when she could fully process the sun wasn't going away and she simply would have to wake up for the day, she did. She started to get dressed and brushed through her hair. When she finished, she tied her brown-red hair into a ponytail.

Absentmindedly, she checked the time on her arm.


She rubbed at her eyes for a moment, yawning, before realization dawned over her.

They were supposed to meet in about eight minutes... and the walk through town's square and to the park was definitely longer than that.

She immediately shot into a panic, rushing down the stairs. She called out a goodbye to her mom and that she'd be back in two hours.

How could she have been so stupid? Of course she slept through her alarm! She scolded herself mentally. She didn't know what would happen- what if she didn't reach him in time? Oh, she could only think of the possibilities and how people must've had to go through something similar, not even ending up with who they thought they would.

Or what about the people who missed their chance entirely, and because of it didn't have anyone?

She decided it would be best to calm her nerves- she'd make it there in time if she was fast enough. Just a little longer...

Four minutes.

She raced through town square before she came to a sudden halt. Oh, how convenient! She'd completely forgot the morning market would be open for the festival that night and that it was completely crowded with hundreds of people. It would be almost impossible to navigate through everyone to get there...

Two minutes. Her breath quickened as she kept heading towards the park. Knowing him, he'd be waiting there for her. She made her way through. The timer kept drawing closer to zero. Fifteen seconds, she would make it.

Something caught the sleeve of her cardigan, stopping her in her tracks. She internally shrieked.

"Hey, I think you-" Her blue eyes met his pale ones as the timer hit zero, fading out to a small scar that had a zero on her wrist. His voice trailed off.

"-dropped this..." He struggled to finish, but he did.

She couldn't help but zone out for a moment- it didn't make any logical sense. Their timers were the same, they planned to meet, yet... the outcome was different?

Could... it have just been a coincidence? There was never a rule that ever said two couples couldn't have met each other at the same time. It probably happened to people everyday...

So did they just find other people at the same time? Or did she doom her poor friend to being alone forever?

She hadn't noticed her ponytail holder had fallen out from all of the excitement, as that was what the chestnut haired boy held out.

"Did your..." She slipped down her sleeve and pointed at her wrist, not directly showing him the timer. Her mouth was open agape. Even if he hadn't have interrupted, she wouldn't have managed to finish her thought anyways.

"Yep. Yours?" He placed the lost item in her hand carefully, her fist closing around it.

"Y...yeah." Her heart got caught in her throat. She could feel herself shaking, although why would she be? She finally met him, and she couldn't even utter out a full sentence.

After a moment of awkward silence, he spoke again, "I'm Ethan. What about you?"

"My name is... Harmony." She replied slowly, in disbelief about everything that had just happened in the past ten minutes.

It didn't take him long to notice her discomfort, but all he could do was chuckle. Not in a mean or taunting way, but just as a genuine laugh, "Nice to meet you, then... Harmony."

Thanks for reading! Also, there's no real "rules" so the timer could mean when you meet them in person, when you hear them, etc. The people in the universe themselves wouldn't have any idea. So Harmony just thought it meant when she saw him face-to-face in person.

Ages? Probably 15-16.