Hello there again, my old friend.

I haven't seen you in so long.

I worried that you had befallen an ugly fate.

But I know that you are ok, now that I've seen your smiling face.

I was in fear for I,

never had the chance to tell you.

I have a confession to make,

but it is too late to say the words.

I see that you are happy with another,

and sometimes I feel a bitterness.

But the reflection of your happiness,

is enough for me to step back and be satisfied.

If she isn't good to you,

or is dumb enough to let you go,

then by all means I will step in and take what is mine.

I will give the world to see that smile and

the brightness in those eyes.

When I gave you that hug,

I felt that familiar spark of youth.

I am sorry that I never told you my true feelings,

but I was a lowly, self-esteemed girl,

who didn't think there was love for me there.

Who knows? It's all in the past.

And the future I see now is one as your friend.

But as long as you keep smiling.

Then that is good enough for me.

I admit there are hard moments,

when I dream about what we could have been.

I have dreams often about us spending time together.

Those days back in high school.

You and your guitar really blew me away,

and I knew that if I didn't have you,

then everyone else would be following your footsteps,

for you were perfect in my eyes.

I sit now in my lonliness,

wishing you lived closer,

so I could at least have my friend.

But as I stated before,

as long as you are happy,

then I can smile on too.

I love you my dear friend

and maybe one day I will have the courage to say it to you.

I cannot now, for I don't want to be that home-wrecker.

I would never destroy the love that you have.

And I admit, she is beautiful,

as long as she is good to you,

then you guys are the perfect match.

If I cannot ever have you,

I hope that someone similar comes along.

One that will win my heart over as you did,

causing a love to blossom that I didn't notice.

Hopefully next time,

I will see it before it is too late.