Been a while since I updated this story, here we see some progress in Francis' magic lessons I may very soon do a time-skip to where Francis and Alison are at least in their early teens but I don't know exactly when that will be

After that introducing Solerous to Alison, Francis resumed his Basics of Magic Training, one of the first spells learned is levitating and moving objects.

In the front yard of the house across the street from the one Francis and his family lived in there was a beautiful orange tree as the Fertile Valley where the Earthlings first landed in had a 'Mediterranean Climate' similar to Southern California, perfect for growing citrus.

Francis concentrated hard on a single orange and willed the orange to bring itself closer, the orange wriggled on its branch, Francis concentrated harder, his pink porcine brow furrowing deeply and he let out a few pig grunts at the mental strain…The orange finally snapped off its branch and then floated through the air, across the street into Francis' waiting hands.

"Very good Francis" Said Solerous "You successfully levitated an object!"

"Yeah but I don't really like oranges though…" Francis said examining the fruit in his hands "But my Mom does though, I'll give it to her."

His Mom was in the kitchen he gave her the orange as a gift and she did not question where it came from, she simply said "Thank you dear." Sorrowfully, Francis didn't know why but the guilt of the loveless marriage was weighing down on Mrs. Bacon from the beginning her marriage had been one of connivance, she was a stern hard-to-be with Sow and he was a nerdy little Boar with glasses, they married each other because no one else would be with them they stayed together despite Mr. Bacon's affair for the sake of their child but now Mrs. Bacon was coming to see the consequences of her actions.

Francis was content to leave her alone after giving her the orange he had more important things to do, he went down to his sacred sanctuary of the basement, his enchanted hideaway…His mysterious cave full of treasures…To resume his conversations about magic with Solerous.

"How did you come to Mizzer anyway?" Francis asked

"Haven't I told you that story will be for another time?" Solerous responded

"When?" Francis asked

"When you're much older."

Francis knew that as the standard adult response for 'Things Little Cubs who attend grade school and aren't old enough to drive cars are not meant to know' and there would be no more magic lessons for the day because Solerous said too much magic at once especially when you're young can be hazardous to your health, in fact too much magic in too short a time, performing one miracle after the other can kill you!

"Do you think I'll know enough magic by the time the Plants come back?" Francis asked

"I'm feeling fairly certain you will." Solerous said "I haven't told you this but when you're not wearing me I send my Mind's Eye to search for those Plant Monsters and your friend Alison's illusion gave them such a fright it sent them running with their stems between their legs back to their natural habitat of the Great Plains beyond the New Rocky Mountains they are still in terror of that Monstrous Turtle and won't have the courage to try to face it again until much later…"

Unable to think of anymore questions and feeling tired Francis lay down to take a nap beside the basement's food shelves…

He dreamed he was in the sky floating among the clouds…For a moment he simply took in the feeling of flying, seeing Mizzer the green fields and blue waters of Mizzer below, then he saw another Humanimal on a cloud, a Black Cat-Man, standing on a cloud before what appeared to be an angel, that is if Angels are what they appear to be in storybooks and cartoons, resembling humans with wings and shiny golden halos above their heads.

"You were too proud to admit your mistake Black Cat." The Angel Woman said sternly "And because you died never admitting your mistake all of Mizzer is under a terrible curse, the curse you put on them! And so you shall have to wait in the 'Waiting Room' of Heaven until every Mizzer Humanimal is free from your curse!"

Francis awoke with a gasp and in a cold sweat, he didn't know why that dream frightened him so much but it did…

I imagine Mr. Bacon looks sort of like Troubadour the nerdy little Elephant in the Babar Cartoon who doesn't speak, some speculate he and Pompadour are meant to be parodies of R2-D2 and C-3PO respectively as the same company that worked on the Babar cartoon also did the Star Wars Animated Series