Well…Don't have much else to say other then I just love the images of all those Humanimals sleeping in their pods and the wackiness of the Humanimals being sent down a chute landing on a conveyor belt I remember a lot of those old Looney Tunes cartoons with strange, elaborate machines with lots of conveyor belts I think those cartoons along with The Jetsons is way I love the Raygun Gothic aesthetic in science fiction

The Ship was about to enter the planet's atmosphere Jonathan nodded to Melissa and she returned to her seat.

Jonathan announced to the P.A. System "Everyone buckle up we're about to enter the atmosphere."

For the Pig-Man and any other Humanimal who was remotely close to awake the experience would be a terrifying shaking; the glass of their pods shook violently! His eyes snapped open! He was surrounded by green fluid and there were numerous wires with suction cups attached to various parts of his body to monitor his vitals. In his fright as he opened his new hands to pound on the glass some of the wires snapped as he moved unexpectedly! Other awakened Humanimals did the same causing several alerts on the computer monitoring them!

"Doctor Rourke!" An assistant called out to Melissa "Some of the Humanimals have awakened! Their brain waves are surging!"

"It's too late to do anything!" Melissa called "Just a few more minutes and we'll be landed, if they can only wait a few minutes!"

All the native creatures on Planet Mizzer's Western Continent particularly those on the Western coast experienced something unlike anything they had ever known before…The sonic boom caused many animals to flee in a blind panic…Unfortunate to the Hippy-Dippy Animal Lovers aboard the Ship but unavoidable because they couldn't control the physics of their ship entering the atmosphere.

The Ship's wheels touched down in a meadow of green grass just like on Earth, the valley of which the Ship was landing was very similar to the Southern California in both climate and geologically as it was also near a fault line causing it to be an Earthquake zone.

They spaceship began to slow down, to the Pig-Man the green fluid was sloshing around in the pod blurring his vision, not that there was much to see, all he could see beyond the glass of his pod was a wall of pods similar to his own with various shapes in them, some familiar some not.

The Spaceship finally ceased moving, the Pig-Man was incredibly dizzy was watching the swirling fluid in his tank and his heart felt like it was about to burst out of his chest. A few minutes of rest as the humans checked to see if everything was all right. Then Melissa began the awakening, she pushed a single button.

The Pig-Man began to feel the fluid draining out of his pod; it was a pleasant almost tickly feeling…As the fluid drained he sank to the metal floor of the pod. The Pig-Man took his first breath of air since he transformed into a Humanimal, the air seemed sweeter than he remembered.

As soon as the last of the fluid of the fluid had drained from the pod the floor opened up and the Pig-Man fell down a chute, a long, dark chute with many twists and turns…The Pig-Man squealed as he slipped and slid, on his still soaking wet pink hide, until he landed with a thump, onto a conveyer belt in an enormous room of luxurious red velvet. The Pig-Man could only catch his breath as the conveyor belt took him to pairs of mechanical hands with towels and blow-dryers to remove the last droplets of fluid from his bristles and new blond head fur.

There were many other conveyor belts at the entrances around the room, each was delivering creature after creature, some of them were creatures the Pig-Man knew from his time as a normal animal, some he didn't recognize at all, but all had been transformed into Humanoids like himself.

At the end of the conveyor belt the Pig-Man saw at the end of the enormous red room a gigantic movie screen! He stepped off the conveyor belt feeling the soft carpeting under his trotters, for the first time he smiled at the feeling.

As he walked on his hind legs for the first time, his wobbling was only from the dizziness otherwise he was walking with natural human stride, though some of the other creatures like the Cats had a peculiar way of walking where the same arm swung with the same leg.

No one knew why they were here, but none of them felt an urge to hunt their fellow creatures or flee from them, everyone felt a strange feeling of friendliness and goodwill they had never felt before as ordinary animals

Kind of realized the POV character should be Francis' ancestor to establish why Francis and Alison are such free spirits compared to other Humanimal Children, will return with the regular story next chapter