Chapter 1

One day before the final day of the school year. Inside a school like any other, surrounded by stupid stories made by the current and former students, one classroom in particular housed several students who were soon to have the experience of a lifetime.

With the English teacher absent from the classroom, having left a movie playing for the students who were fooling around regardless, one kid had fallen victim towards the back of the room. Luka, a shy and otherwise insecure boy, was trying to enjoy the movie, trying his best to ignore the bombardment of paper balls being thrown at his back.

With a set of cheap glasses resting on his freckled ridge, and hair that fell slightly under his chin, all accompanied with a tidy up-to-standards uniform, he was the prime victim to the trio of school bullies.

Owen, the ginger muscle-head, who appointed himself leader of the three. Kane, the shortest of the three, with short black spiky hair and a tendency to twitch like he was 'on something'. Finally, Jake, the tallest who liked to shave his hair to a grade one, despite still being in his teens. These three together were otherwise known as 'The Three Douches', or at least behind closed doors.

As they continued to throw paper and kick the back of his seat, whisperering abusive terms to him, he finally turned back and attempted to retaliate. Calling the three of them 'stupid' and insisting the three were a 'waste of space'. Owen shot up from his chair in anger, when the teacher re-entered the classroom.

"Hey, you hear about that 'Summer Horror Myth' surrounding this school?" Owen brought up amongst his friends, retaking his seat. "They say that on the last night of the school being open for summer, if you're in the school after its shut, ghosts of dead students haunt the halls and seek their revenge!"

"C'mon man, that's a load of shit," Jake replied.

"No, no, its true!" Kane interjected. "They say that foreign guy did it last year, and afterwards he was never seen again!"

"That was an exchange student you tool, he went back to his country!" Owen laughed. "He didn't die!"

"That's what they want you to believe!" Kane continued to insist.

"Well, there's really only one way to find out if its true," said Jake, turning back to Luka before pulling on his chair, turning him towards them slightly. "To prove that you're a real man, how about you stay the night in this school tomorrow, after it closes?"

"Wh-why on Earth would I do that?" Luka anxiously asked.

"Cause if you do, we'll ease off on the bullying by like... half percent when you come back after summer."

"That doesn't-"


As if a previously invisible being, Jesse appeared from nowhere, accompanied by the slamming of his palms down on Luka's desk, shouting their acceptance.

Jesse was an old childhood friend of Luka's, but as they entered high school they began speaking less. With short-caramel blonde hair and ocean blue eyes, he had risen to the rank of 'popular kids' mere weeks into their time there. Being who he had always been, and refusing to change, Luka was left behind as his friend pursued the famous school life.

After class, Jesse threw his arm around his old friend's shoulders and altered his route towards where his 'crew' always gathered in between lesson times. Having never really met any of his friends before, Luka was very anxious to be forced into their circle, especially without any consultation or invitation.

Out of all the friends Jesse had, it appeared he was only meeting with a small group of them, but it was scary for Luka regardless. Felix, the class clown of all his subjects, with long light-brown hair that bounced and curled off his shoulders, was the first to greet Luka. They had met once or twice before.

His girlfriend, Sophie, was a fellow specs-wearer such as Luka, however it didn't dint her reputation at all. She was incredibly smart, the top of all her subjects, and averagely pretty with a black bob-cut, and an impossible to ignore breast size for her age. She'd always be excused from running and other similar physical activities due to the pain they would cause her.

Seth was a cocky sports enthusiast. Though he appeared quite skinny, under his uniform he held rocking abs, which undoubtably helped him excel in everything physical. He was incredibly popular, even with his brown Justin Bieber haircut from 2010.

Lastly, there was Cecelia. Your typical preppy gorgeous blonde locks girl, who always wore a skirt whether it was summer or winter. She tried extremely hard to exaggerate her sex appeal, despite being 'cursed with a small chest' as she would say. She was average in her grades, in the bottom set for Maths, however.

With the six of them hanging together, Jesse went on to tell them all about the 'Summer Horror Myth' the three douches had mentioned, followed by the suggestion that they should all make a night out of it.

While the girls didn't seem up to the task initially, once Felix had managed to convince his girlfriend to go along with the task, Cecelia was soon to follow. With everyone in agreement, they discussed their plan for the next day, with how they would bring their things, hide from the staff and where they would stay for the night.

"This should be fun!" Cecelia stated, as they all came forth and discussed arrangements.

After the plans had been set in stone, they returned to their lessons as normal for the remainder of the day. However, it was only after speaking to them, that Luka noticed Jesse's friends in most of his lessons. Mainly because they chose to sit along with him for the first time.

All day they couldn't stop talking about staying the night in school. It was a surprise none of the teachers had overheard and put a stop to their plans. Regardless of the opposite kind of crowd he'd be expected to be sat amongst, he enjoyed the company of so many people for once.

When Luka got home, he immediately began to pack his bag. Only once he had half-prepared the bag however did he stop to question the whole situation. Why was he going along with it? Why was he going to break the law by trespassing on school grounds, something he would definitely never otherwise do. Was he really doing it just because he had friends for one day?

Yes. That was the exact reason. Maybe a lot of people wouldn't understand why he was doing it, but for someone with absolutely no friends and is constantly bullied, the opportunity seemed stupid to pass up. This was his chance to get in with a popular group, and that made it all feel worth while.

The following morning, they all brought their things and hid them in their lockers from the beginning of the day. Once the final bell had rang and all students began to flee the school, the group all got into position.

While Luka and Cecelia managed to fit inside their lockers, the others found different obscure places to hide in that were outside of a room that was likely to be locked. Everyone remained hidden until around 5pm, approximately three hours after all the students had left earlier, having been waiting for the final staff members to leave.

With the school finally empty, everyone gathered in the English corridor, located near the centre of the school. With all their things brought with them, they firstly laughed and boasted about the fact that they were actually in school after it had been shut.

Shortly after, they all head towards the music room, which was located not far across from the Language and Maths tower stairs, with the headmasters' office in between. The reason for that specific room, everyone knew that the door for the room bad been busted for months. No way to keep students in or out.

They made their way in and switched the light on as they entered, where they proceeded to set up camp. Once everyone had laid out their sleeping bags and gathered their sweets and drinks for the night, they set up the projector and hooked it up to a laptop. The finishing touch to their night, the projector allowed them to play one of the DVDs they had brought so they could entertain themselves.

After watching two movies and indulging in unhealthy snacks, they were already well into the night and nothing out of the ordinary had occurred. After stating that it 'wasn't so bad' being there, Felix suggested that they should start telling scary stories, to properly fit the mood.

Going around in a circle, Jesse started with a story called 'Humans Lick Too'. The story, not an original by himself, was about a girl locking herself in the house, as a mental patient had broken out in her area. Her dog would lie under her bed and lick her hand whenever she presented it, and the chilling twist was that in the end she found her dog dead in the bathroom, with a message left behind saying 'humans lick too'. This implied that the mental patient was the one licking her hand under the bed the entire time...

The conclusion sent shivers down everyone's spine, as Jesse boasted in his great story telling skills and claimed that no one could best him.

Next up was Felix himself, who had a story of his own to tell. The tale consisted of an inanimate talking tree in the forest that a boy stumbled upon. Being a lumbers son, the tree spoke of how he despised humans for what they did, judging the boy for living in a wooden lodge inside the forest. The story resulted in the tree managing to convince the boy to take the axe to his family instead, where he then made them into furniture, just as they had done to the trees.

With a collection of great horror stories going, Luka was next in line, but he wasn't too keen on anything scary. He tried nonetheless, not that he had much of a choice, and started telling the only scary story he really knew.

After having told the first part of the story, he realised all too late that it was a children's campfire story. He hadn't heard it in years, and it had simply come from memory, but he soon remembered how after an averagely chilling beginning, the ending was not scary at all. The way the story ended, it was about how camping wasn't so scary, and how family and friends could enjoy the outdoors.

With his late realisation, Luka tried to delay the story, while he tried to think of an alternative scary ending. However, as nothing came to mind and he was prepared to face the shame of the original result, a loud crashing sound echoed throughout the entire school, startling them all.

"What was that?" Cecelia asked, attempting to hide her quivering.

"Sounded like something happened in the school," Seth replied. "Like a fire extinguisher falling off its brace or something."

"You think its the ghosts?" Felix asked, moving his hands in a creepy motion towards Sophie, frightening her as she begged him to stop.

"Maybe it is!" Jesse sprung from his sleeping bag. "Or it could be some staff who came in late or something. Either way, we should go check, right?"

"W-why should we?" Luka questioned.

"Because if it is a ghost, then it'd be super awesome?" Jesse pointed out, shrugging as if there was no doubt in his decision. "It's the whole reason we're here!"

"I mean, I'm personally content with staying here," Luka stubbornly replied.

"Fine," said Jesse. "You can stay here, all on your own."

"Fine with me!"

Luka remained exactly where he had been and watched as all the other party members left together to investigate. However, not even a minute after he had been sat on his own, he heard a sound that was as if it was in that very room with him.

He jolted up from his sleeping bag and looked back at where the noise had come from. It had come from back where several musical instruments and equipment were kept in a small storage cupboard at the rear of the room. As that section of the room was shrouded in darkness, and no matter how hard he tried, he failed to see anything. He swallowed his pride and chased after the others.