When she walked into the office, I waved hello to Kylie.

"Hi, Jordan."

"How are you today?" I asked.

"I'm doing great. You're here early."

"I know you usually are the one who comes in before I do. I came in early. I wanted some information."

"What kind of information is it you need?" Kylie asked me.

"I can't seem to find it. Maybe you'll have better luck," I said.

"Tell me what you're looking for, Jordan."

"Remember when Mr. Foster was in here?"

"Yes, of course," she answered.

"Would you mind pulling up Vincent York's file? I need to call him."

"Hold on."

"I went through every folder and couldn't find Vincent's contact info."

She took less time than I did. I wanted to look for myself. I took up a lot of time and got nowhere.

Kylie pulled it out.

"Here you go, Jordan."

"Thank you, Kylie."

"You're welcome."

I headed back to my office but left the door open. That way I can hear Kylie in case she needed me for something. As I sat in my chair again, I opened Vincent York's file. I looked at the date on the file. It was almost a decade ago when Vincent came to me.

Last I heard, Vincent is married to a woman named Lori and a daughter named Mary. He was manager for a rock 'n' roll group. I can't remember what the band's name is. It really doesn't matter to me right now. Music can wait for another time. I like music also, but it's mostly rap and classical. I mostly listen to rap music when I'm in the car by myself. Michelle likes a lot of types that's out there, but disagrees with me on rap. Fine with me.

I picked up the receiver and dialed Vincent's number from his file. I waited a few rings until I heard a woman's voice.


"Is Vincent around?" I asked.

"One moment."

She didn't bother asking me what my name was so Vincent would know who's calling him.


"Hi, Vincent. Do you remember me?"

"Let me think. I don't recognize your voice."

"It's Jordan Campbell. Now do you remember me?"

"Kind of. It's been a long time and I don't remember you very much," Vincent said.

"Was that your wife I met?" I asked.

"Yes. Her name's Lori."

"That's a nice name. I'm calling about a friend of yours, Vincent."

"Who is that friend?" he asked me.

"Noah Foster. He said you recommended me."

Now Vincent remembered me. Takes a while to remember, which I understand very well.

"Now I remember you, Jordan."

"I thought you forgot about me," I told him.

"I lost track of you after that job I gave you, but now I don't remember what I hired you for."

"It really doesn't matter. I'm only calling about Noah Foster."

"What about Noah?"

"He hired me to do something for him, but his story doesn't make much sense to us."

"How come?" asked Vincent.

"It just doesn't. Maybe I'll talk with the bank later. Right now I'm with you."

"Okay. He did say something about private eye he wanted. That's when I mentioned you."

"How very thoughtful," I told Vincent.

"I know you were the only one I could think of. That's why I sent him to you."

"And I'm just starting to work on his story Mr. Foster shared with me."

"Good. How is your family?" Vincent asked.

"Good. I have six children," I told him.

"That's a lot. Lori and I only have one daughter, but we're expecting another child soon. We're both excited about the news."

"I heard you were manager for some rock 'n' roll group," I told him.

"Yes, I was. That job sure was quite a challenge and fun, but it wasn't the kind of living I wanted if you know what I mean."

"Of course I know, Vincent. My wife Michelle is involved with music herself."

"That's cool. Maybe I could recommend her if she wants my job."

"I don't think Michelle is interested, bunt thank you anyway. What can you tell me about Noah Foster?" I asked, changing the subject.

"He used to be a classmate in high school. We became friends, but keep in touch every once in a while," he replied.

I listened for more information.

"Noah didn't have much of a family in high school."

"How come?" I asked.

"He lived with only a mother who was a single parent. He had one sister, but she was older. Not sure what she's doing. He doesn't talk with her very much, I don't think."

"What else can you tell me?"

I was writing down everything Vincent has shared with me. I'm getting an idea or two about him.

"He can be quiet sometimes, especially with people he really doesn't know very well. He doesn't know you like I do. I doubt Noah will be like that with you because you have a job to do," Vincent replied.

I added that to my notes as well.

"What does Mr. Foster do for a living?" I asked.

"He happens to be an author for mystery novels."

"That's what gave me the idea of becoming a private investigator because of all the mysteries I read when I was in high school."

"When I was in school with him, he was always writing stories for as long as I can remember."

"A lot of people enjoy writing. I'm not crazy about it," I told him.

"I know what you mean, Jordan. Well, I've got to go. It was nice talking with you again. If you have anymore questions, feel free to ask him and myself."

"Thanks for the information, Vincent. Have a nice day."

"You too, Jordan."

I returned his file back to Kylie.

"He seems to be an interesting client," I said,

"Why's that?" Kylie asked.

I told her.

"I don't remember Vincent anymore. It was so long ago."

"I know," I agreed.

I'm looking forward to see what I can do for Noah Foster, no matter what I may find. I don't think I'll need help asking Michelle what she thinks of the case from Noah, but she thinks of the case from Noah, but she is a great listener. The only people I can ask on this case are Vincent and Noah.