Caring can hurt so much

As you look at everyone around you

Hoping they can get through the day

Without any problems.

You can say you dislike someone

Not wanting anything to do with them

Yet when you see tears on their face

Your face starts to mirrors them.

You see someone being by themselves

Yet you have nothing to say to them

Since you don't feel much connection

So you stay away

Hoping someone else would help them…

You hear people problems

Running around you

Which desperately makes you want to jump

And try to save them from themselves

Yet you know you only have so much energy

To spare for yourself

And true people you care for.

Sonetimes you wish you could be friends

With someone

Without feeling like you are draining yourself

From trying too hard to make it work

So you can help them

Since the pain will continue on.

You try so hard

To make sure no one is alone

To make sure someone has someone else

Since you know the pain of being lonely.

Caring can be a curse

That goes on and on

Despite trying so hard not to care

So you don't have to feel

Everyone all around you

That makes you want to scream out…

But hey at least it means you have a heart

Good one in fact

Just got to learn to focus on yourself

And on the things and people that matter

So you don't drain away from yourself.