The lack of concern a lot of people have, really gets on my nerves. Like really, you would seriously complain if someone gets sick and cant make it to somewhere you want to go or need to be? Life happens, people get sick, accidents happens, etc. Wouldn't you want someone to show concern for you well being too? It's really not that hard to think of others. You just need to open your mind up and think what you would expect people to react to you not feeling well or some dramatic or tragic event happen to you. I know life goes on, but some stuff affects other people more than others, especially if they had a traumatic event like being beaten or bully constantly. People need time to get over that and support. And if people are sick, should be asking if they will be okay at least….just something to show you actual care for your being, and not brushing them off since they have to cancel your plans together so you got mad or just you are to focused on what you wanted and feel than what they are going through.

People have so many issues of thinking others don't care, because basically lack of understanding and concern. Even asking someone if they are okay shows concern. They may not say anything but hey some people don't like talking about things right away but at least you notice they are in distress and they know you care at least. Even little concerns for strangers can help. I mean don't go being concern for everyone, not everyone deserves it or you will drain yourself, but I mean it's important to show concern for people and things that matter in the world.