And The Cat Smiled Back (Finding Affection)

(For Saoirse; your name fittingly means 'freedom' and thanks to you, I have that now)


One day after breakfast and checking my phone

And making my lists and feeling alone

I opened my door and down on the mat

Sitting there silently was a little black cat.


So I called to the cat, and the cat mewed back

So now we both were talking

And I winked at the cat, and the cat winked back

And then we both were walking.


I stopped by the market to fetch some tea

And the cat, outside, waited patiently.

I rounded the corner and so did she

And the two of us walked home presently.


And then after lunch and after a sweep

And after the laundry in one, big heap

I opened the door and was glad to see

The little black cat still waiting for me.


And I blinked at the cat and the cat blinked back

And now we both agreed

That I loved the cat and the cat loved me back

And this was what both of us need.


I opened the door and let her inside

And she sniffed around swiftly with me as her guide

Then we paused at the window; big, warm, and wide

And the cat and I stared and smiled and sighed.


That night after supper and taking a shower

And reading a soothing book for an hour

I switched off the lights and climbed into bed

And noticed the cat curled up next to my head.


And I whispered 'Sleep well' and the cat mewed back

Both of us ready to sleep for the night

And I smiled at the cat and the cat smiled back

And both of us slumbered and dreamed with delight.