It seemed today was Luna's day to get mugged. That was her first thought as she saw four shifty looking guys in black t-shirts and chained wristbands approach her. A smalltime gang more than likely. They lacked the nice suits and organized nature of the mafias and yakuza of Obsidian City, but they were just as ambitious and ruthless. Obsidian's finest right here. "Hey girl," One of the thugs said, walking close to her. "How'd ya' like ta' have a lil' fun with us?"

She glanced at the group. Four of them, and they all had her corned in this alley shortcut to the dojang. She pouted for a second. Great, shoulda' stuck ta' tha' main road. Luna thought, mentally kicking herself. Of all the times for random assholes to jump at her, why now? Ugh, whatever. Not tha' worse scrape I've been in. It'll be a good warmup anyway. Luna feigned an innocent look, placing a finger to her chin. "What kinda' fun we talkin'?" She asked, a sly smile on her lips. "Cuz' I've been lookin' for some guys ta' fool around with." The gang members snickered to each other, quickly being hushed by what appeared to be their leader with a wave of his hand. He looked back at Luna and smirked. God, did someone so hot have to act like such a sleazebag.

"Well ain't you just tha' kinda' girl we've been lookin' for." He said, hooking an arm around her shoulder. "What kinda' foolin' around we talkin' here?" Wow, he was actually buying it. Guess good looks an' lack a' brains is common 'round here.

Luna's smile turned mischievous as she nuzzled against the leader. As much as it sickened, it was always easier to go along with things at first, much less hassle, plus it gave her a little more control of the situation if she could set the tempo of things. "Oh, tha' kinda' things that'll send sparks through ya'" She grabbed the leader by the chin, slowly guiding him toward her lips.

"Shit, tha' boss is gonna' get some already!" One of the flunkies said.

"Hey, someone get their phone out, we gotta' get this on video." Another added. Oh shit, don't even think a' recordin' this! Despite the thought Luna kept her focus on the gang leader, trying to pay the others no mind.

Now then… She moved her hands to his back, slowly moving down to his waist before latching on tight to his hips, sparks flashing around her feet. Four charges. Better make 'em count. The took one more glance. The alleyway was a bit of a tight space, not much room for wide kicks. I'll hafta' be quick with this then. The leader looked down at her legs, confused. Luna smiled.

Too late~

"Uh, hey girlie, why are ya-" Before he could finish she headbutted him in the nose. Hard. He reeled back, screaming and covering his now bleeding nose, now hunched over. The group was frozen in shock, jaws dropped as they saw their leader frantically getting his bearings back while he was hunched over. Just a little too late though, as once he locked eyes onto Luna her was leg up high up above his head, blue sparks crackling around her leg before she slammed it down over the leader's head, her heel slamming right into the back of his skull in a brutal ax kick and a straight line of blue sparks floating around the arc of her kick. Blood splattered as his head bounced a little off the ground before he lost consciousness.

The alley was silent after that, the other three gangsters staring wide-eyed at Luna, the only sound being their shaky breaths before one pointed at her. Luna sighed, a hand on her hip. Guess pretty boy ain't gonna' be so pretty after a while. Shame.

"Shit man, it's tha' Blue Streak!" One of the gang members said. Luna quickly kicked him in the arm with a roundhouse, now having the space for it after the leader dropped. Blue sparks marked the arc of her kick and leaving a charred, blackened spot on his arm where her kick landed. He screamed, falling to the ground while clutching his arm. "Bitch! Bitch!" He screamed, squirming about. "I can't feel it! I can't feel my arm!" Luna smirked, rolling her shoulders. The other gang members backed away, unsure of what to do.

"Anyone else?" She said, beckoning them. "C'mon, don't be shy, I'm willin' ta' take all a' ya' on if ya' wanna' go." She tapped her foot against the pavement, lightning crackled around her leg. She still had a charged shot for the last two if need be, but thankfully that didn't seem to be needed.

The last two gang members looked at each other, then at her, then picked up their leader and downed member, quickly dragging them away and fretful steps.

"We'll be back for your head, Blue Streak!" One of them said, soon leaving her sight as they turned into the sidewalk.

Luna sighed, dusting off her leather pants. Blue Streak, apparently her alias after taking out so many thugs with literal kicks of lightning. Vigilantism wasn't really her style, but she wasn't afraid to fight back or hunt down a few smalltime gangsters that tried to mess with her. And those occasional hunts led to the nickname Blue Streak being tossed around. At first it was just stopping a few muggings she saw on the street. Then it turned into doing a few patrols before nightfall, just a quick extra lap around the neighborhood after her deliveries were finished for the night and maybe find a good scumbag to work out her aggression on. But despite all that it didn't punks trying something with her, unfortunately.

But if there was one nice thing about Obsidian City it was that most problems were solves with your fists. Or feet in Luna's case. And thankfully you couldn't go three blocks without finding some gym or dojo willing to train you. Granted, most of those places were owned by mafia, yakuza, triads, or some criminal organization trying to recruit decent young fighters, and those places tended to be expensive out the ass if you wanted to stay clean and not join an outfit, but few that were legit were damn good. Self-defense was a must in the city thanks to all the crime syndicates and Obsidian's good old "private security companies" floating around the city, and Luna's life was no exception. Being a courier girl for a few legit businesses meant being hassled by low grade mobsters and gangsters trying to make her ship weird products. Learning how to fight was a must to not only keep her body safe, but her deliveries as well. And Master Bam's dojang happened to be a good place to learn.

The place was just four blocks from Luna's apartment, two if she cut through alleys. And as she approached the small building, she could already see her master setting things up and flipping the open sign. As Luna approached the two's eyes met. Luna smiled, giving a wave, and Master Bam smiled back, opening the door for her.

"Mornin' Master." Luna said.

"Good to see you safe and sound Luna," Bam replied, smiling. "No trouble on the commute?"

Luna shrugged. "Nothin' worth mentionin'." She said, running a hand through her hair.

"So those blue flashes I saw in the alley was nothing then,"

Luna froze, her face went bright red, blue sparks jolting through her face as she saw her master's coy, knowing smile. She walked right into that trap. "Look Master, I-"

Bam rose a hand for silence, Luna obeyed. "Get changed, Luna. You've got drills to do."

"Y-Yes ma'am…"

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