I could run 'em over. It was a tempting thought. Her bike was electric-powered, so using her last charge to just barrel them felt possible. It'd be wasting her last charge this early in the day though, so not a smart idea. Let's see… what gang is this? She looked over the shirts. Not a school she recognized, but she didn't hang around the northern district that often. She knew a few dojos and training halls had semi-gangs that hovered around. Usually just a bunch of meatheads wanting to look tough. Actually, there's a few girls in tha' group now that I'm getting' a good look. Go girl power I guess? She sighed. Okay, hope diplomacy works.

"So, whaddaya' all want with me?" Luna asked, resting on her bike handles. "Cuz I'm pretty sure your s'pose ta' use tha' sidewalk."

"We heard the Blue Streak was riding on our turf," One of the group said. "We can't just let you walk without scratch after all the stunts you pull."

The urge to run them over increased. Of course, if it wasn't to cause trouble it was to try and get street cred by taking out the chick that stopped the occasional mugging. What was with gangsters and their stupid dick measuring contests? This is why I hate gangsters…

"Alright," Luna sat up straight. "Tell ya' what? Ya' get off tha' road, an' maybe we can have this lil' scrap at a gym or somethin' with a ref watchin'."

"Or we can drag you off that damn bike and rip you to pieces." One of the thugs said.

Luna was not impressed. Okay. Screw this. Tried bein' nice. She pulled out her phone, dialing for Razor.

"Well hello Miss Blue Streak," Razor answered that way too fast and sounded way too cocky.

"Hate you."

"Love you too, but what's up?"

Luna pointed her phone at the group.

"Are you going to get off the damn bike, or do we have to make you?" One of the thugs shouted.

She pulled the phone back to her ear.

"Wow, talk about bad luck. They sure work fast~"


"Okay, okay. No need to short circuit on me. Tell you what, you get pass them and I'll meet you at your place in an hour. I'll explain things in detail."

"Can't just tell me this now?" Luna asked, impatient.

"Can you hold a thirty-minute conversation on the phone while fighting?"

"Ya' can come help."

"And steal the Blue Streak's thunder? I'd rather not."

"You sonnuva-" Luna clicked her tongue, small jolts of static surged through Luna's hand as she gripped her phone tighter. "Fine whatever. Gimme' ten minutes, I'll meet ya' at your place."

There was a pause. "Ten minutes, huh? Wow, someone sounds confident."

"Not really." She said, revving her bike. "I've got a 200-pound bike, they got normal human bodies."

Another pause. Longer pause.

Then, Razor burst out laughing. "Oh my god Luna, you aren't going t-"

"Ain't in tha' mood for their shit or your shit, Razor. I'll be at your place in ten minutes." She hung up. "Alright punks, move or eat rubber!" She revved her biked, sparks jolted through her bike as the engine ran, and in a bright blue flash she went from zero to sixty in a split second, charging right at the group. It only took a second before they had the good sense to jump out the way and it was a short ride to the Razor's place after that.

If Luna had to describe her and Razor's relationship in a word it'd be 'grating'. She'd say Razor was her dad's number 2, but she never really seemed like it. Back when Luna was still around her dad he told her Razor was the most reliable person in the entire mafia, but she never really did much, not anything Luna saw anyway. Like one of those assistant managers that just messed around and wore the suit and tie. And when Luna cut her ties with her dad and left home, Razor followed her like a damn babysitter. According to her dad Razor was going to make sure Luna didn't spill secrets or blab about her connection. A threat that she could be snuffed out if a nuisance, but Razor only passed her by on the street, made annoyingly casual small talk, and even more annoyingly tease her about her delivery service. She was a strong fighter, definitely did some shady stuff, but always seemed like a weird aunt of sorts to Luna. The kind that stood in the corner of family reunions, drank expensive wine, wore stupidly loud suits, and gave stories that sounded plausible, but you could never tell.

And her place was a bar.

Okay, not an actual bar, but the small house on the suburbs of Obsidian City definitely had a bar feel. Wine bottles racked up along the walls, a small counter with stools on one side, goddamn dispensers. It was bar, and it reeked of alcohol.

"Hey there Luna," Razor said as she walked in. "Care for a drink?" With the bartender outfit she always wore and the atmosphere, it really felt like a bar.

"Do ya' just do all this for tha' feel, or…" Luna gestured around the area. Every time she came here it felt like she was going to be served a few glasses.

"I just like the atmosphere." Razor said. "So… drink?"

Luna shook her head, dragging herself to the table. "Nonalcoholic,"

"You got it, boss." And like an actual bartender Razor mixed her a drink. A few showy tosses and shakes of the little mixer thing and out poured a bright red liquid. "This is for true connoisseurs, a little something I like to call the Light Razor Shave." She began. "Cranberry juice with a twist of lemon, an ounce of sweetener, and mixed in with some sparking cider. Perfect for the mature young lady."

Luna rolled her eyes and took a sip. She hated to admit, but it was pretty good. A little sweet at first but had a real sour aftertaste. "Okay, explain." She said.


Luna narrowed her eyes. "The note, the gangs after my ass, you just… being near me again."

"I mean you read the note, so…"

Luna downed the rest of her drink, shaking the table as she slammed her fist down. Sparks jolting through her hand. "Razor." She hissed out. "An actual answer. Not the cryptic shit you and the old man pull."

Razor frowned, more a pout than disappointment. "Well, long ago in an ancient land, you were born as the heiress to a wide kingdom an-"


Razor pouted again, huffing. "Fine, be a mood killer." She refilled Luna's glass. "Look, the boss is retiring from the crime scene to go straight. Get interviews, maybe direct a documentary. You know how he loved those investigations shows and stuff. Plus he's getting on in years, so y'know. Now everyone's clamoring to be the new boss and he's being…"

"A flaky, bastard of an old man?"

"I was going to say 'hands-off', but yes."

"Okay… an' what's that got to do with me?"

"You might be a bastard, but you're still a blood heir and living in Obsidian City." Razor explained. "A lot of talk about offing you to prevent some ideas from spreading."

Luna frowned, taking a swig of her drink. "Doesn't tha' old man have, like, actual heirs that can take over? Sol? Stella? Nova? Tha' one's that, y'know, came from his actual wives."

"Yeah…" Razor said, refilling the glass. "But they can't be figureheads like you could. They already have plans and ideas. You'd be new and impressionable."

Now Luna pouted. As much as she wanted to say she didn't want it she knew the mafia had ways for forcing her into things like that. She took a long swig of her glass. "Shit…" Now the letter was making since. It wasn't like she'd stay out of things if the violence came to the streets, or worse, her delivery route. And she sure as hell wasn't going to skip town because some mobsters wanted to go crazy finding a new boss.

"Oh, and there's your lightning magic too." Razor added.

Luna scowled. "It's not magic… I don't think,"

Razor shrugged. "Well, whatever it is, the boss's legitimate children can't do it. You can. I think you can put two and two together."

"Shiiiit…" She took another swig. Great, so even if she wanted back out and ignore it they'd probably come after her. "An' tha' gangs?"

"I… honestly don't know," Razor said. "You pick a lot of fights, maybe a few gangs and dojos just want to knock you around a bit. I just know some of the boys in the Centanni family paid off a few to bug you. Probably don't want to dirty their hands with you."

"Tch," Luna rolled her eyes. "So what now?"

"Well, I was told to help you either leave town, or help you with the succession war."

Luna thought on this for a moment. She couldn't skip town. Not after finally getting things set up with her delivery service, and she especially wasn't running with her tail between her legs. But…

"Uuuugh, dammit old man, Why are ya' doin' this ta' me?!" She finished her glass, setting it aside. "Alright, fine. In for a penny, in for a freakin' pound I guess."


"Yeah, let's knock some heads an' fry 'em." Luna said. "Don't really give a damn about the succession crap, but I'm down ta' kick around the lieutenants and the old man's brats at least."

Razor smirked, taking the glass away. "Hella, feel free to rest here for a bit, we can form a strategy later."

"Sure, whatever." Luna stood out the stool, about to walk off, but stopped. "Did you just say 'hella'?"

"Isn't that how you cool kids talk?"

"… Never use modern slang again."

"C'mon, don't be a square, Blue Streak."