"It really hurts..." Were the thoughts that swam through his mind as his vision got blurry. There was a terrible pain from where his stomach was, and he could feel his clothes getting drenched. He struggled, in a daze, to think about what was going on.

"How weird..." He found himself coughing, as at the back of the throat he was choking on water, making it hard to breath. Every cough brought more pain and his mouth seemed to be filling up with liquid that he could not swallow down.

There was a strange feeling of breeze on his abdomen. It felt so cold. Why was it so cold?

"Could it be that my clothes are open? That would explain this feeling of coldness. How embarrassing. I better close it up."

Yet as he tried to move his hands, he found that he could not. They were not responding, as if they had gone limp. But he could still feel them, as on his hands were feeling of wet and stickiness, the same that seem to be soaking his clothes.

Looking up, everything was so bright. Blotches of light stung his eyes as he slowly moved it around. There was no sound, the entire world was silent but for some reason, he was still able to read the words from the girl's lips.

Wait...a girl?

"Who...who is that? Why is she calling my name? And why does this all seem so familiar?" The curious thoughts raced through his mind as he moved his eyes to the sight of the crying girl, her tears falling down on his face like rain drops from a cloudy sky.

"Why is this so familiar?" He thought again, as a sudden different image flashed before him. An image of another. A memory that came to him from the back of his mind that he should never have forgotten, but did indeed forget.

It was a memory of a woman. A beautiful young woman that he surely knew, for she was someone of utmost importance to him. He could now see her face so clearly.

It was a young yet mature look of a women in her late 20s, an appearance of that of a teacher and a musician with slightly dark-magenta hair that was cut short yet curled to a tomboyish look, for she was still wild despite her age. Her lips were slightly chapped, the reason he knew, was because of her dedication to her favorite instrument; a custom-made three-part wind instrument from a land far away that she insisted on being made for her personally that she, and only she could play perfectly.

On her face was that of a tired look, because of the hard life she had been through. The struggle of everyday life, as she was someone who had been on the run, never able to fully settle down due to circumstances yet it was still radiant and was always smiling no matter how hard it got. It was a strong look. A wonderful look. A slightly sad look of hope.

But most of, he could see it clearest of all, were the gentle eyes. The eyes that had always looked at him. The eyes that had always encouraged me. The eyes that sparkled like a jewel, a deep green like the seas but calm like the waves in a moonless night. It were eyes of her favorite color, because every time she looked at them, it brought reminder that it was the same as his and his of hers. They were eyes that sang to him; a song he could never forget. A song that reminded him that no matter what, he was always human in her eyes. And that no matter what, she would always be with him and loved him.

In the memory, she too was crying. Calling his name, as her tears also dripped heavily down on his face. The memory was hazy, but the image was clear, for it was something that he knew he had lost but it finally came back to him.

Weakly he smiled, as he thought about how glad it was that he could finally remember, the tears carefully rolling down his cheeks. It was the memory of a face he had longed for; of the one person he had hoped to remember after so long.

"Mother..." He called out with his last breath as everything finally went dark.