Jake, a 14-year-old boy. Murdered on his birthday, killed with a single stab to his chest.

"Eh.. a good murder makes me like my job." I said, as I drink my cup of coffee while reading a case file sent to me, by my colleague.

As I scan the file, I take in every detail.

"Oohh.. this seems like a good case!" I shouted out loud. "Brad! Get in here!" I shouted to get my colleague's attention.

Luckily, he heard it and went inside my office.

"Seems like a good case. I'll take it." I said as I finish up my coffee and stood up to stretch abit.

"You're finally taking a case? Hah! This is exciting" Brad said in shock and amusement.

"Yeah yeah. What about it?" I asked.

"Nothing... just surprising since you haven't taken any cases for a week just because you only want good cases..." He said whilst looking at me with a smirk.

I just stood up and told him, "Just tell the boss I'll take it."

Brad quickly left and went to our boss, Julian, to tell him I accepted the case.

I sighed as I leaned on my desk.

Oh right.. I never got to properly introduce myself... well...

I'm Jake Atkins, a detective that only solves complicated and hard cases. Definetly a uninteresting person to the naked eye. Haha anyways.. don't worry.. I'll continue to tell you about this case on the next chapter and onwards. Just follow this story to catch the updates. May update once a week though, because I'm gonna be busy solving this current crime. Anyways, adios!