Reminisce or dream out loud

the cuffs that hold us

from us make no sound

absolutely nothing will

bring the past back

or her back.


I will call you

she said, I believed

on a hospital's bathroom floor

my life ended completely

maybe a bit before that

but I chose the moment

to cry over

as I chose nothing else.


And if I were to bring back time

to a moment

I would never go anywhere

just her past

change it, save her and disappear

but now all I'm left with are tears.


Not e'en a heart to cherish

and all around me are trees

a forest of unmoving creatures

and it's always night time

and I always die a bit before sunrise

and they always huff in return.


Then at last the sun sighs

and off my feet the clouds sweep me

as lighting shocks me back to life

when I fall back the trees burn me.