I have to be honest, I have had better days. It seems that since my ex fiance - Danny was found not only to be a cheating, lying, self absorbed scum bag I've not been myself. Funny that; especially when finding out that he was a lying, cheating piece of horse extrement he was imprisoned on murder charges, apparently having murdered the prostitute that ended up in Bay C of the Emergency Department I work in. But I am not bitter. Honest. Anyway, that was six months ago and I am almost back to my old self - having recovered from being the victim of a hit and run by the real killer. Danny is still in prison. Apparently, lying to the police and confessing to the murder of the woman you were paying for sex when you didn't kill the woman is known as Perverting the Course of Justice. Who knew?

Anyway, how's things with you? Bet they've been a little quieter.

"Ellie? El? Earth to Ellen?" My sister, who is just loving the drama of all this is sat opposite me on the old battered sofa. My dog, Spike has decided to curl himself next to me on the armchair glaring at her.


"Are you alright?"

I hate banal questions. I nod as she tries not to hide the fact that she pities her poor little sister. As you can see we don't get on. The fact she is sat in my house, in my living room is odd. Everything about my life is odd at the moment. I don't really want her here but as our mum is in a nursing home with advanced dementia and our dad died long ago Anne Lincoln (she's using her maiden name again. Long story. Its boring and not the first time it has happened) is my only family.

"I'm fine." I look her in the eye, I am only half lying. She tilts her head and I roll my eyes.

"You need to get out there, girl! You're off the crutches now. You know what they say! Best way to get over one man is to get under another!" She laughs as I get up. Its the stupid sort of statement I expect from my older sister. Its almost a relief when there's a knock on the front door. Moments later I am stood watching Jeff shuffle his feet on my doorstep as Anne yells at me to ask him in.

"Anne is here."

"I heard." Jeff raises his eyebrows. "Saw her car."

"Tell me, why aren't you running the police force yet?" I smile slightly as Jeff smiles back at me. "What is it?"

"Not seen you since you got out of the hospital. Thought you'd forgotten how to answer the phone."

"Funny. Come in."

I step back to let my friend, PC Jeff Hughes back into the house. He has known me since I was a student nurse. He was the one person who really backed me up when I knew Danny was innocent of murder. He also thinks I am an idiot with no sense of danger. He's right in many ways, apart from Spike my Staffordshire Terrier there is no one on this Earth that would care if I disappeared. My boss Megan might. She would have to advertise my job, other than her being inconvenienced I doubt anyone else would bat an eyelid. I follow Jeff into the living room as he quickly and quietly tells Anne to bugger off, he needs to talk to me about Danny. Its a lie, I hope. I don't want to talk about him I don't even want to think about him. He is nothing to do with me anymore. Annie grabs her coat and leaves before I can say anything to stop her. Its once the door is closed that Jeff steps towards me. His hands rest his hands on my shoulders appraising me critically.

"What is it?"

"You really ok, kid?"


"Only I do need to talk to you. Only, I need to know that you are ok first."

Now he has me worried. Really worried. It is Jeff that is always the calm, sensible one who doesn't scare people. I nod as he sighs heavily. "Right then, kid." His nickname for me is starting to annoy me.


"Its Danny."

"What has he done now?" He looks away for a moment and I recognise my friend has gone into 'copper delivering bad news' mode. I've seen it before and I have a similar mode I go into when I have to give bad news in work. "Jeff, go on."

"He's dead luv."


"He's dead. He died in prison this morning."


"We don't know. That's the thing. He apparently went to the hospital yesterday for x-rays on his left ankle. Today he was dead in his cell. No one else was in there with him. He had been locked in his cell since getting back from the hospital last night."

I'm hearing him. I understand the words but none of it makes sense. He takes my hand as I frown slightly. "No one went into the cell since he got back from the hospital; not until they went to check on him. Ellie whatever happened, happened in the hospital where you work."

"You think he was killed?"

"Its being classed as a suspicious death. Ellie, he died. I dunno about you but I have never known anyone die of a sprained ankle."

A knot twists my stomach. Its not as if Danny is, was, adverse to getting onto trouble but this is unbelievable. Danny is dead. He should have been safe and now he is dead. I don't know why but I can't help but think the nightmare of Mika's murder and everything that happened after that is far from over.