I got a frantic call from Ron. He was supposed to meet Brigette Hoskins for a date. But he said something had happened to her. So, I went to her house to check this out.

The door was open, so I went in. No one was on the 1st floor.


"I'm upstairs. Please hurry!"

I went there. He was in the room where she normally painted. There, I saw a disturbing sight!

A canvass was on the floor. She was lying on it—covered in red! Red was also on the canvass. She wore just a bikini. She looked dead!

"How long have you been here, Ron?"

"About ten minutes. We were going to dinner together."

"How'd you get in?"

"She gave me a key." He showed it to me. "I came here about 6:00. She wasn't downstairs, so I went up here. "

"Did you try to touch the body?"


"Good boy!"

Suddenly, she stirred! She slowly stood up and looked at us.

"Ron, Jenny."

"Brigette, you're OK!" he said.

"What time is it?"

I looked at my watch. "6:13."

"I was supposed to go out with you, Ron. I'm so sorry!"

"It's OK. But what happened?"

"I was painting?"

"Painting?!" Ron and I said together.

"It's a series I've started doing called Sleep Paintings. I cover the canvass, and myself, with wet paint, then I sleep on it for a couple hours. This time, I chose red paint. I guess you two thought it was blood, right?"

"Yeah!" admitted Ron.

"You were worried, weren't you? That's why you called Jenny?"

"Yeah, I was!"

She gave him a hug and a kiss!

"Well, I guess I should be going, now," I said.

"I'm sorry I cause you to be concerned."

"It's OK, honey."

"I'll shower and change, then we can go out, Ron."

"OK," he said.

"You'd better change your shirt, Ron!" I said; it was red, where she hugged him!

"Oh, yeah!"

"I think I have a shirt you can wear," said Brigette.


We started to leave the room. She stopped and looked at the canvass.

"That looks pretty good!"

"One of your best works!" said Ron!