Chapter 4

After we ate the ice cream, we went back home. We went to the family room, and we watched Finding Nemo, which is my favorite movie! We then played Skip-Bo and Uno, two card games. It was fun. Then, we ate lunch, then brushed our teeth, then played RollerCoaster Tycoon (I let Autumn play, too), and then went to Real Canadian Superstore. 30 minutes later, we drove back home, listened to some more music, and then my mom and dad took out the garbage for the truck to pick up, since it was garbage day today. We watched TV, looked for some deer in the forest, drew pictures, wrote stories and comics, then had supper, then brushed our teeth, and then went to bed again.

We woke up at 6:35, then drew more pictures, finished our stories and comics, and played in the backyard. We even went to the Children's Museum. After that, we went to the planetarium. Then, we went home, ate breakfast, brushed our teeth, went to the Johnston Terminal, drove all around downtown, then went back home for lunch. We ate our lunch, brushed our teeth, played with our Beyblades, danced to some more music, and even read our stories and comics aloud. We looked for more deer, then ate supper, brushed our teeth, then went to bed once more. Autumn and her mom left the house after we woke up.

I ate breakfast, brushed my teeth, then opened the garage door, then got in the car, and drove off to day care. I drew more floor plans with Chris, then went to school. Our school subjects were the exact same as Friday. Today is Monday. I played with Autumn and Tracy again, had lunch, did some more math, and had two more recesses, did agendas, and got dismissed for home. The end.

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