Chapter 9

Benjamin stared at Penny with uncertainty.

"What do we do now?" he asked.

Penny smiled as she stepped closer to him and held out her hand. "Haven't you ever been with a former Winter Carnival Snow Queen before?"

Slowly and tentatively, Benjamin took hold of her hand. "After just one weekend?"

"It's been most of our lives, Ben," she reminded him. "We've known each other since grade school."

"We were good friends," he agreed.

"We should have been more," Penny told him.

"You really think so?" He asked with surprise.

"Now more than ever," Penny admitted. "It doesn't matter what happened before. Finally the truth about us comes now."

"A snow queen rising from the snowdrifts of life," Benjamin said.

"I was jealous of Alisa," Penny revealed. "For years."


"Because this Snow Queen had fallen in love with you the real King," she said.

"Well, here I am, not so perfect after all these years."

"I love you anyway and I know we will be happy," Penny said with confidence.

Benjamin glanced out the window. "Do you like the view?" He asked.

"Very much," she said. "Can I see it from upstairs?"

It was the power of their delayed love that brought the Former Snow Queen to Benjamin's lonely bedroom. They stood next to the bed and Penny kissed him tenderly.

"It was always meant to be you," she assured him.

They both had to go to work in the morning. The former snow queen reluctantly left her king's bed and searched for her clothes.

"Did I keep you from your lesson plans last night?" She worried, glancing at Benjamin who was smiling at his naked queen from the bed.

"I teach math," he reminded her. "It's the same lesson plan every year."

"You taught the best lessons to me," Penny smiled as she started to dress.

"My Snow Queen," Benjamin grinned happily.

"Former Snow Queen," she said.

"I could stay with you all day, every day, Penny Day!"

"Well, I will be staying with you all daye every daye, Benjamin Daye!" She answered.