"Hehehahaha. Haaaa. You shouldn't have done that." Arwen raises his gaze away from Marelda, the damage to her undone, time itself reversed under his domain. It was so easy to understand why he was so terrified at first. Why he forgot.

Arwen would stand, dusting himself off as he does so before pushing back his hair, now white with red stripes running down its lengths.

In an instant though, there was nothing his body dissolved, his mind scattered, but not him. Not truly. He was back.

"You can't hold off forever, Arwen. I am god. I am all power-"

And then everything froze. Even in this domain. God's domain. It was silent, save for a laugh that seemed to vibrate the fabrics of this realm. "You're cute. But you're not god"

Arwen would outstretch a hand, still constantly flickering in and out of reality. "True gods are all powerful" He'd clench his fist. He could feel all the tethers between realms snapping at once. He didn't need them anymore. They were worthless. Meaningless. Only useful to fools who believed themselves gods.

"They are all present" The realm began folding in on itself, raw magic contained into such a small space. He could see the being now. The one who claimed to be god. The one who claimed to be magic incarnate who claimed the world together.

"They are all knowing" The being who believed that he could stop Arwen. The man who learned he wasn't a god.

"You are none of those" An infinite number of spears, spells, destruction. Arwen could feel all of it. But it didn't matter.

"You believe you know everything. That's what makes you a fool" The flickering stopped. Arwen's form solidifying.

"But I'm not here to lecture you. Instead I'll just show you what can be done with a snap of your fingers"






Marelda would smile down at the young child, hair shining a bright white. "And that is where the story ends, Soren"

"But that doesn't answer my questions. How did papa beat god? How can we still use magic. When did he come home to Mama? Come on sis, you can't just not tell me" Soren would look up at Marelda with big puppy dog eyes who simply smiled back at him.

"You'll have to ask Mr. Arwen to get those answers. Now get some rest, and tomorrow, I'll teach you a trick" She'd say as she walks out of the room, idly snapping her fingers as all the lights in the room extinguish