Deep in the forest of a small town called Darkwoods, there lived a large wolf. It had brown fur with a silver line running down from his head to his tail-tip. He also had black paws and muzzle. The creature glanced up towards the star-filled sky. The wind blew his fur, and he closed his eyes for a moment.

"Can you feel that, Miroz?" he asked.

A female wolf raised her head and looked at the male. She had blue-gray fur with a white underbelly, paws, muzzle, and under her tail. Her eyes were an ice-blue color. A black mark that was the shape of an arrow was on the right side of her face. The inside of her ears, around her shoulder blades, and top of her tail were a light blue color. She was silent for a moment, before she replied to the other wolf.

"Yes. I feel it, Howl. I don't like it."

"Either do I," a voice growled from behind the two wolves.

Miroz turned around and spotted her older brother standing there. He was a large wolf with brown-red fur. It was more lighter around his muzzle and eyes. His eyes, inside of his ears, shoulder blades, and tip of his tail glowed a bright yellow in the darkness.

"You feel it as well, Kartis?" Miroz asked her older brother.

"Of course," he snorted, making his way over to the two. "It's not that hard to tell that something evil is lurking around the town again. Something is coming and I'm sure everyone in this sleepy, quiet town, can feel it. Even if they're not aware of the danger they're in."

"Surely we can stop it, as the guardians have before us?" the younger wolf questioned. "Right?"

Kortis shook his head, amber eyes setting on the brown wolf that had been silent for awhile. "I'm not sure, Miroz. Anything can happen. It's not written in stone. Times are changing. We might not be able to keep evil away from this place like the guardians before us could."

His sister frowned, flattening her ears against her skull and lowering her tail to the ground. She didn't like the sound of what she had been told by her older brother. There had to be something that they could do. The pack had never failed before. Why start now?

"There must be a way, brother. There must be."

"Has any of the guardians before us spoken to you, Akira?" Howl asked.

Miroz and Kartis turned their heads towards another wolf, this one female. She had white fur with red paws, tail-tip and tips of her ears. Her eyes were a bright green color. A mark was one the side of her face on the right, shaped like a half-moon. When the brown wolf spoke, she perked up. She swallowed heavily, before she answered.

"Yes. They have Howl," she told him.

"What did they say?" he questioned, not facing the she-wolf.

"They didn't say much. However, they did tell me this: The cats that come will be clothed in flame, and the teeth of hounds they shall tame. When arrived these twin blazes be, this forest shall be forever free."

"Cats?" Kartis echoed, disbelief in his voice. "Cats are going to be coming to Darkwoods and dealing with hounds?"

Akira nodded her head. "Yes. They might be related to the old couple that live in the cabin a little ways from here."

"And they're suppose to come here and save the woods from the evil here?" Miroz asked. "Do you think it could be about... him?"

"I would guess so, yes," the white wolf told the younger one.

Howl got to his paws at this news. He frowned deep in thought. Cats were going to come and save the small town from the dark things that lay hidden away, waiting to be found once more? Cats were going to do what wolves couldn't? The brown wolf closed his eyes at this. If the guardians before them had spoken, then it had to be true. They had never lied or were wrong before.

Those twin cats were going to save all of Darkwoods, or die trying. And the brown wolf wasn't about to let that happen to them. Not by a long shot.

"Then, we're going to make sure that these felines do not fail. We must make sure that no harm is to come to them, and keep him away from them. Understand?"

Miroz, Kartis, and Akira nodded in understanding at what their leader told them. They understood well enough to already know that. They were going to make susre that nothing harmed those kittens. If they were the future of saving Darkwoods and the world from the evil that lurked just out of reach in the shadows, then it was to be so. And nothing was going to befall the felines. Not while the guardians of the woods had anything to say about it.