These men, or these Infected as they would come to be known, exitted the laboratory with some difficulty. Due to the lack of a functioning brain, they didn't exactly realize right away that the door was the way out. They tried walking through the windows (obviously just bumping their heads into them) when they noticed people outside of them, they tried breaking down the wall, but weren't strong enough to break it down, and finally found the door, trying to push it without turning the handle. After maybe a moment of struggling to get out, the Infected once known as Eddie ended up accidentally pressing down on the handle, causing it to turn. Pushing at the door caused it to shoot open which led to him falling forward in a somewhat humorous manner.

Bojack was a small city full of big buildings. Many people lived in all of these buildings, and on the streets were a few people most likely heading to work, as it was only 1pm. The Infected were immediately able to notice a man in a suit crossing the street to their side, and he turned to begin walking in their direction right after he crossed. Looking at them as they seemed to almost stumble with each step, his first assumption was that they were drunk off their asses. A bit uncommon this early in the day, but it does sometimes happen, so he didn't see anything strange about this.

When the man in the suit began passing by one of them, he raised his hand and began to greet: "Top of the morning to-" Before he was interrupted by a cacophonous shriek coming from Gene, who suddenly tackled him, causing them both to fall. The shriek had been loud enough to catch the attention of other people, one of which pulled out his phone and began recording, which led to a punk adolescent with a dyed crimson mohawk coming over, at first assuming Gene was just beating the shit out of the suit guy. The adolescent had his sleeves ripped off his black shirt, exposing the fact that he works out quite a bit. This might've been enough to intimidate Gene when he was human, but his lack of intelligence also gave him a lack of common sense in this situation.

"Aiyoh, you fuckin' ugly dirt… bag?" the punk paused, his expression of confidence now being one of consternation. He realized Artemis wasn't beating the shit out of this man. He was tearing into the victim's flesh with his fingers, which appeared to be sharp as claws. The teen took one step back before he felt something touch his shoulder. He turned to see a hand on it, but noticed the wrinkled dull skin and lifeless eyes. The cacophony sounded once again and this time the people actually saw the undead bite into his flesh, blood spewing from his neck. The bleeding didn't last long, but the teenager suddenly fell down and got back up. Suit guy then pushed Artemis off his body and pushed himself up until he was sitting up straight, his eyes now lacking pupils.

The groaning noises that now escaped the suit man's mouth, as well as his body getting wrinkled gave people the impression that something happened to him, but the punk kid beginning to get back up alerted them even more, as they'd just seen him bleed out! When they looked into his eyes, they definitely knew something was up. When the bastards were all back on their feet, they began ambling towards the witnesses, most of which were already running away, the one with the phone still recording the event. After three steps were made towards him, he quickly turned around and pressed the button to record again. He ran as far as he could before opening the Twitter app and posting the video, adding the caption: "EVERYBODY STAY INSIDE OR HIDE SOMEWHERE! ZOMBIES OR SOME SHIT ARE ON THE LOOSE!" Twitter usually has videos that are posted blow up greatly, even from a small account such as his. The 117 followers of his had a few that immediately retweeted it, getting the word out to more people who then began retweeting it as well. It wasn't long before this reached the news stations. Programs on certain channels found themselves being interrupted to break the story. A mass hysteria suddenly began in the town of Bojack. In other places, panic had begun, but they weren't in full-blown terror just yet. Maybe they would be stopped before they could reach where we live…?

That was currently unknown, but what was known was the fact that the Infected were now out on the streets…