History of Europe 1913-1929

-1914 Franz Ferdinand parades through the Sarajevo without any incident

-1915 After firece fighting, the 2nd Balkan Wars ends with Greece surrendering. They ceded Thessolonika to the Bulgarians and were forced to pay reperations.

-1916 Kaiser Franz Joseph dies, Franz Ferdinand takes the throne promising reform.

-1916 The German Empire sends the "Schwarze Division" to help the White Army in the Russian Civil War. Corporal Adolf Hitler helps retake the Ural mountains with General Boris Savinkov's army.

-1917 The Savoy Crisis ends with an Italian defeat forcing Italy to cede it's colonies to the French and British.

-1918 The Persian expedition into the Middle East results in the end of Ottoman rule in the Middle East. A puppet government is set up in Syria and Iraq named the Arab Republic. Along with this, a Kurdish state is formed as well.

-1918 Treaty of Ankara is signed. The UK gains control of Palestine and Jordan while France gets control of Lebanon. Bulgaria take Constantinople renaming it to Tsargrad outraging the Ottoman government.

-1920 After years of debate between the two crowns, another crown is added. Austria-Hungary becomes the Danubian Federation, giving representation to many slavs.

-1920 League of Nations is established to help keep the status quo in Europe.

-1921 British government had a crisis over dominion status in the Empire. This is only increased by the Indian Famine which killed 15 million. Parliament passes the Dominion Act of 1921 which gives greater autonomy to all dominions.

-1922 Tensions breakout across the French-German border almost causing war! The region of Alsace-Lorraine is taken control of the LoN providing a bittersweet ending to the crisis.

-1923-1926 The Balkan League declares war on the newly formed Danubian Federation. Serbia underestimates the new nation's army resulting in the capital Belgrade being taken. In 1925 Romania declares war to take Transylvania. The Treaty of Vienna is signed ceding Transylvania to Romania while Serbia and the Balkan League is forced to pay repreations. While his happened, Soviets took Western Ukraine with the Austrians were busy. :(

-1924 Russian Civil War ends with a numbered 20 million dead. Rasputin and Kolchak are excecuted. Vladimir Lenin dies.

-1924 French elections result in a landslide victory for the PRRRS who formed an allaince with all leftist parties in France resulting in the election of Édouard Herriot who is sympathetic to the Soviet Union causing shakey relations with the rest of Europe

-1925 The Danubian Federation falls into chaos after the Hungarian revolution funded by Soviet forces creates the People's Republic of Hungary.

-1925 Serbia moves to take Bosnia in the chaos of the Hungarian revolution even when denouced by the League of Nations.

-1926 Reforms in the Danubian Federation gives greater autonomy to Bohemia-Moravia and Croatia allowing them to leave the federation at anytime.

-1927 King George V meets with Kaiser Wilhelm II and Tsar Nicholas II to increase relations between the UK and German Empire.

-1929 The 2nd Austrian-Hungarian War breaks out as Hungarian soldiers storm the border to take parts of Croatia.

-1925-1929 Europe goes into an economic golden age. Adolf Hitler becomes a world renowned artist with his best seller, "Mein Leben" and painting the famous portrait of the "Three Cousins". (Any countries not mentioned went down their historical routes of history)

Russian Civil War History

1914 - Red Army forces continue you assault White forces are Tsaritsyn and finally push them out

1914 - White forces under Aleksandr Brostlov are successfully evacuated from Crimea

1914 - Soviet forces take Crimea and push further down the Caucasus

1915 - White Army forces begin a campaign to retake the Ural Mountains

1915 - The Soviets are forced out of the Urals by General Savinkov and beat back 100km from Moscow

1915- White Army forces hold up in the Caucasus Mountains and push the Red Army back to Tsaritsyn

1916 - Savinkov is killed by an artillery strike outside Kolomna. Kolchak is sent to replace him

1916 - Red Army forces push the Whites out of Tsaritsyn for the final time and force them into Azerbaijan for the remainder of the war.

1917 - Latvian rebels are beat and the Soviets are able to secure the Baltic

1917 - Soviet forces in Finland prepare to make a push for Helsinki

1917 - Leon Trotsky begins his push east into Siberia

1917 - Joseph Stalin is placed in command of Soviet forces in Finland

1917 - Stalin and his forces assist Finnish Soviets in encircling Helsinki

1918 - Commander of the Central Asian Front uncovers a plot by Kazakhi terrorists to kill Lenin

1918 - An attempt on Lenin's life places leadership on Trotsky and Stalin until he recovers

1918 - Lenin recovers and pushes for the war to come to a close

1918 - Lenin sends a small detachment to intervene in Mongol Revolution

1919 - Kolchak makes a bold move and attacks around the Urals, cutting Trotsky off

1919 - Stalin successfully defeats the German-backed Finns and establishes a pro-Soviet government in Helsinki

1919 - Soviet forces in the Caucasus Mountains are push back to the city of Grozny where they crush the Whites in a counter-offensive

1920 - After fighting in the Caucasus Mountains for 6 years, General Denkin is killed in the battle Baku. effectively ending the White's presence in the Caucasus

1920 - Kolchak encircles Trotsky's forces and begins to push for Moscow as Savinkov did

1920 - Cease fire is implemented for peace talks

1921- Peace talks fall through and Kolchak's offensive continues

1921 - Trotsky breaks encirclement and Kolchak is killed in an artillery strike

1921 - Rasputin takes charge of the military after Kolchak's death

1921 - Trotsky pulls off a massive offensive dubbed "Operation Yablochko" and ends White Army military superiority

1922 - Soviet forces under Trotsky are able to push the Whites back as far as Eastern Siberia

1922 - Siege of Vladivostok begins

1922 Siege of Vladivostok ends after 5 months, ending in the surrender of the Russian Provisional Government

1922 - Rasputin and other White leadership are executed for Treason

1923 - Several Peasant and Worker insurgencies rise up in Central Asia and Baltic

1923 - Most are put down and Kazakhstan is annexed without a fight

1924 - Lenin declares Soviet victory over imperialism and calls the Civil War over

Asia History

1913: The Treaty of Harbin ends the Second Sino-Japanese War restoring the Treaty of Peking

1913: The Former Qing Governor of Manchuria is restored with him kowtowing before the Emperor.

1913: The Nanking Uprising takes place and Mao Zedong is forced to flee, causing Chen Dixu to be kicked out by the Communist Party leading to Mao Zedong being in control through a series of power plays, however he is soon wanted and he flees the nation as the party goes under ground

1914: The Parliament finally votes to reform the tax system ending the old feudalistic tax system

1914: Sun Yat-Sen is elected as Prime Minister in the 1914 Election

1914: The QRP gains more seats in the Parliament further dividing the parliament between Republicans, Militarist, Communist, and Monarchist

1914: The Communist manage to gain a majority and a member of the Communist Party becomes Governor of the Jiangsu-Sheng Province

1915: Prince Purie is Born.

1915: Yuan Shikai is released and lives in Peking until he dies in 1916

1915: The KMT, Republican, and Communist all vote through the Limiting Noble Power Act: Ending the power of the Nobles living off a pension with all power moving to local Governors and the Parliament.

1916: The Tianshang Emperor and Emperor Taisho meet in a state visit

1917: The Second Dungon Rebellion starts

1917: The Battle of Korla happens with the Imperial Army being drug down into a stalemate for 40 days

1917: The 2nd Patriotic Army General, General Chen Yi negotiated peace between the Dungan Rebels and the Parliament/ Qing Courts.

1917: Xinjiang becomes an autonomous region within the Qing Empire.

1917:Mao Zedong organizes the Chinese Restoration leauge

1918: Zhang Xun, a prominent member of the Qing Restorationist Party is elected as Prime Minister. This causes further divide within the Parliament as the parliament becomes more paralyzed

1918: The Qing Empire renames officially to the Empire of China officially ending an era of Manchu Dominance for the past 300 years over the Han

1918: The Province of Mongolia breaks away declaring Independence from the Chinese Empire declaring the Mongol Bolshevik Republic

1918:The Imperial Army defeats the Rebel Army in Sainshand pushing towars Ulaanbatar.

1918 Lenin recognizing the Mongols could be a valuable asset sends volunteers to the Mongol Bolsheviks

1919: The Imperial Army is encircled and defeated at the Battle of Nalaik outside of Ulaanbatar by Soviet and Mongol Forces.

1919: The Empire of China signs the Treaty of Batar recognizing the Independence of Mongolia

1920: The Dali Lama returns to Tibet and declares independence

1920 The Imperial Army manages to quickly quells the Rebellion and once more is thrown into exile.

1921: Hirohito becomes Regent of the Empire of Japan following his father's worsening health.

1922: The Emperor excersises his power more with the QPR having the majority.

1922: Sun Yat-Sen dies in Peking in which all leaders of the Parliament and Government attend in which The Day of the Revolution is announced in Sun's honor.

1922: Zhang Xun is re-elected

1923: Prime Minister Zhang Xun dies in office from TB.

1923: The Substitue Prime Minister Aisin-Gioro Shanqi was sworn in as Prime Minister.

1923: The Communist, KMT, and Republicans all protest a member of the royalty being Prime Minister and try to pass throug a bill banning the Royal Family from running which fails as the QRP has majority.

1924: The Crisis of 1924 begins with the Anti-QRP Coalition threatening to shut down Government.

1924: The Crisis of 1924 Intensifies with Japan taking advantage of a Paralyzed Government and installs Zhang Zu Lin as Governor-General of Manchuria.

1925: The Crisis ends with the Compromise of 1925: The Royal Family can run if they have no direct relation to the Emperor.

1926: The QRP once more wins with Shanqi remaining (but this time it is suspected as 15 years ago they may have cheated.)

1926: The Coalition launches a investigation and finds some evidence but nothing is serious is found leading to a dead end

1926: Hirohito takes the throne with the Military not being able to secure influence

1927: A Communist uprising in Wuhan is quickly put down by the Imperial Army, they become known as the 72 Martyrs

1927: The Second Wuchang Uprising takes place

1927: Mao Zedong returns and riots begin across Southern China

1927: The Joseon Restoration League launch an insurgency against the Empire of Japan

1927: The Chinese Communist Party seeking an oppurtunity to overthrow the Monarchy revolts in the South declaring Wuhan the capital

1927: The Chinese Soviet Republic is declared with Mao Zedong as its leader

1928: Chiang Kai-Shek seeking an oppurtunity to throw communism out of China now ask the Emperor and Prime Minister to promote him to the newly established Grand General, the Emperor and PM not seeing much other choice promote him.

1928: The Communist Offensive launches its first offensive towards Nanking

1929: By the begining of 1929 Nanking is under heavy siege with most of the city being mostly destroyed by artillery barrages from both sides.