Chapter 10 Silverroses are complicated

"So how you making out?" Destiny asked, walking into the kitchen.

Annie had a strawberry sticking out her mouth and looked extremely guilty. Mollie was dripping water into Sophia's mouth with her finger. Edward and Levi were playing what looked like paper football except with Cheerios.

"We heard you guys yelling. Will be gone soon. Thank you for your hospitality." Mollie spoke.

Levi stopped and looked at Mollie. He looked agitated but stayed quiet.

"We weren't arguing about you. Just Tris and I disagreed on a certain matter." Destiny sighed.

"She seems a little snotty." Edward quipped, before popping a cheerio in his mouth.

"She's not always like that." Destiny frowned.

"Levi said it was like Tris was trying to mentally strip his clothes off when she looked at him." Edward continued.

Destiny chuckled.

"Edward." Levi warned.

"Levi." Mollie warned.

"But how can she do that if you aren't dressed?" Annie asked innocently.

"Leviticus." Mollie accused, turning to glare at him.

"That is completely unfair! You don't have a weird name!" Levi snapped.

"Leviticus?" Destiny asked. She was desperately trying not to laugh.

"We don't want to burden you guys." Mollie insisted.

"You are not a burden and you are staying right here." Destiny replied, approaching the kitchen island.

"Hey sis. Tessa wants to know if there is any way we can not be here when our mother calls." Jason grinned, walking in with Jared.

"I thought Cassidy said they were playing nice." Destiny chuckled, turning to face him.

"Cassidy was on the phone with Ali and Lily. Tessa nor Tony were actually part of the conversation." Jared smirked.

"So they're being forced into this?" Destiny asked.

"Not forced but being made to go along with the plan." Jason corrected.

"Let's go." Destiny laughed, walking back into the hallway.

"Let's go shopping for the baby. She has nothing but an old blanket that has more holes in it than Swiss cheese." Destiny spoke quietly.

"Great minds think alike." Jared chuckled.

"Why?" Destiny asked suspiciously.

"Imogen gave me money. With the specific instructions don't tell Cassidy." Jared chuckled.

"Let's move." Destiny suggested, heading for the front door.

"Where are you guys going?" a small voice from the stairs asked. Laura stood halfway down the stairs looking through the railing.

"Out, will be back Laura." Destiny smiled.

"Can you get me a bag?" Laura said

"Why?" Jared raised an eyebrow.

"Because I want to put stuff in it." Laura crossed her tiny arms.

"What kind of stuff sweetie?" Destiny said

"Presents. I need a bag to put presents in for the new girl." Laura answered.

"When did you see the new girl?" Jason chuckled.

"When you brought her in. No one ever notices me." Laura huffed.

"I'll get you a bag sweetie then I'll help you pack it." Destiny offered.

"Thank you." Laura nodded before running back up the stairs.

"She's a piece of work." Jared chuckled.

"Since when were you close with Laura?" Jason asked.

"Since you decided to treat me like crap for being oblivious to this world." Destiny said opening the front door.

"Your never going to let me live that down are you?" Jason asked.

"Nope. I plan on milking it for all its worth." Destiny chuckled.

"See what I have to deal with?" Jason asked Jared.

"Sorry dude you deserve everything she has planned for you." Jared chuckled.

"Help." Jason whined.

"Princess dress." Destiny teased. Both boys gave her worried looks.

Destiny walked into the kitchen carrying a bag full of baby supplies. "We got something for you guys." Destiny spoke, putting it on the island.

"Open it." Destiny told Mollie and Levi.

"What's in it?" Mollie asked.

"Baby supplies." Destiny answered.

"We can't accept this." Levi frowned, peeking inside.

"You're keeping it. No take backs." Destiny insisted.

"Seriously?" Mollie asked.

"Welcome to the family." Destiny smiled.

"And you are accepting the offer to come live with us. There's plenty of room." Jason added.

"Thank you so much. I would hug you but I have a sleeping infant in my arms." Mollie greeted.

"Laura." Destiny called.

Laura came in with a gift bag and walked over to Annie who was sitting on the ground with Levi. She was curled up in his lap.

"Hi." Laura greeted.

"Hi. I presume your Laura?" Levi asked.

"Yeah. I brought a present for her." Laura smiled.

"Annie sweetie there's someone who wants to meet you."

Destiny saw Jared walk in with Cassidy, Imogen, and Isabella.

Annie opened her sleepy green eyes.

"Hi." Annie gave a small smile.

"Hi I'm Laura. What's your name?" Laura asked.

"Annie." Annie spoke shyly.

"I brought you a present. Do you want to open it?" Laura inquired.

"Sure." Annie nodded crawling off Levi's lap.

She reached in and pulled out a stuffed teddy bear. She giggled and hugged it. "Look! A teddy bear!" Annie grinned, showing it to Levi and then Mollie.

Mollie took it and put it on the island.

Annie reached into the bag again. She pulled out a doll with black curls and blue eyes. She was wearing a light blue t-shirt, jeans, sneakers, and a brown jacket.

"And you can come play with my other dolls whenever you want. We can play together." Laura said cheerfully.

Annie handed it to Mollie and she put it next to the bear.

Annie brought out a pink t-shirt, a blue skirt, a pair of jeans, a green dress with pink flowers on it, a purple jacket, two pairs of underwear with princesses on them, and a pair of sandals.

"Do you like them?" Laura asked. Annie hugged her.

"Grab your doll and I'll show you the others I brought with me." Laura suggested.

Mollie handed Annie the doll and the two girls ran off.

"You think you're a failure because your children are always arguing but Laura is proof that you haven't failed yet." Imogen whispered to Cassidy.

"Some day you are going to make an excellent mother." Cassidy whispered back before turning to hug her sister. "Now your mother has been waiting for you folks. You're apparently going to be opening a portal in the living room." Cassidy announced.

"A what?" Destiny asked.

"You are going to make a portal for them to get here." Cassidy spoke.

"My mother does know I don't have a clue how to do that right?" Destiny asked.

"Yes. She is going to coach you over the phone." Cassidy answered.

"I think she's off her rocker." Jason said.

"Just get in the living room." Cassidy sighed walking out.

"Okay now face the wall." Lily instructed.

"Okay." Destiny said, balancing the phone in between her shoulder and right ear. "Got it."

"You're going to have to use both your hands." Lily replied.

"And how exactly am I supposed to be talking to you?" Destiny asked.

"Pass the phone to Jason." Lily said.

"It's for you." Destiny teased, handing the phone to Jason.

"What's up?" Jason asked. "She says you need to go put your pointer fingers together and then reach as high as you can on the wall." Jason said.

Destiny followed his instructions. "Now what?" She groaned.

"Start tracing a large oval. Start from the top and go all the way to the bottom of the wall." Jason said.

"Ten four." Destiny answered, drawing the giant oval on the wall. It was like she was outlining a mural, her fingers left behind a shimmering teal colored line as she went.

"Now cup your hands together as if you were making a snowball." Jason said.

"Okay?" Destiny asked, doing what he said.

"Now you need to reach inside and call to your magic. Imagine it flowing into your hands." Jason said.

Destiny rolled her eyes.

"She says stop rolling your eyes. It won't work if you don't believe in magic." Jason replied.

Destiny huffed and closed her eyes. She imagined she was mentally checking for injuries. Suddenly the world turned upside down and gravity took effect. She didn't feel herself hit the ground or even register that the world was on its side. Teal energy started flowing from her hands. She forced her hands back together to hold the energy. She forced herself into a sitting position and instinctively she knew what she needed to do with the ball. She used every last bit of energy she had to throw it against the wall. Then she threw up before falling back to the ground. The oval lit up with teal colored energy. Destiny threw up again before losing consciousness.

"Destiny!" Jason and Jared hollered unanimously. Jason dropped the phone and they both rushed to her side.

"Someone's coming." Cassidy announced.

Lily and Tessa both popped out of the portal both carrying suitcases.

"What happened?" Lily asked, rushing to join the boys.

"I told you we should've flown." Tessa snapped, joining her sister on the floor.

Ali popped through next and looked around the room. "What on earth is going on here?"

"I don't even know." Cassidy sighed, starting at Destiny laying on the floor. The girl was as white as a sheet and limp as a sock monkey. What had happened? She wondered. Witches could handle magic, right?

Jason and Jared carried Destiny upstairs with Tessa and Lily following behind them. It was obvious Tessa was more comfortable using magic than Lily. She was using magic to read several different books while walking.

Lily rolled her eyes and told the boys to move faster.

Jared wondered what had happened to make the sisters hate each other so passionately. Natalie had been left downstairs.

Jason opened the door with his elbow and they walked over to her bed and set her down. Then some invisible force shoved them away from the bed.

Tessa and Lily stood on opposite sides of the bed.

Lily felt Destiny's forehead. "She's burning up." Lily spoke before out of the room.

Tessa rolled her eyes and snapped her fingers before returning to her carousel of books. Ice packs appeared on Destiny's forehead.

Lily rushed back in with wet washcloths. "Stop using magic!" Lily snapped.

"This is what you get for depriving your daughter's body of magic." Tessa scolded.

"Oh so this is my fault? I'm sorry I was trying to keep my children safe! It's not like you were any help! I have raised them on my own! I did what I thought was right!" Lily exclaimed.

"You didn't want my help. I think the specific words you told me were. 'If I say a single word about magic to either of them I will kill you myself'" Tessa replied coldly.

"Maybe if you hadn't abandoned me with a nut job of a brother and a sister that hung on his every word we wouldn't be in this mess to begin with!" Lily argued.

"If you weren't so determined to find your soulmate we wouldn't be in this situation!" Tessa hollered.

"Alright! My sister is sick and possibly dying! Can the pair of you get along until she's okay?" Jason hollered.

"Stones." Tessa blurted, moving to the next book on her floating carousel.

"Stones aren't going to help. She needs something actually proven by science." Lily snapped.

Jason and Jared both sighed. They couldn't stop arguing for a minute.

Tessa conjured up a string of stones in her hands. "Boys hang this somewhere in the room." Tessa instructed, handing them the string. She then conjured up 3 purple crystals. She placed one on the left of Destiny, one on the right of Destiny, and one on Destiny's stomach and then grabbed her hands folding them over her stomach directly on the stone. She started chanting in Latin.

Lily glared at her. "This isn't going to work." Lily snapped.

"Boys get her out. Disbelief may affect the process." Tessa spoke never opening her eyes or stopping moving her eyes under the lids.

Jared stayed as Jason escorted his mother out.

"Can I watch? I want to learn about magic." Jared questioned.

"You must believe or it may not work." Tessa spoke, conjuring up various herbs.

"I believe." Jared smiled, approaching the bed. "What are these stones?" Jared asked, pointing to the purple crystals.

"Amethyst used for healing on all levels." She spoke, pouring one of the herbs into a mortar.

When did she conjure that? She started crushing the herbs with the pestle.

"What are those?"Jared asked.

"Gynosema to increase strength and stamina, Ashwagandha for increased physical energy and endurance, Turmeric for mind-body healing, aloe vera for remedying physical and mental illness, holy basil for enhancing the mind-body-spirit connection." Tessa explained, sprinkling the herbs so they connected the three amethyst. She grabbed a small bottle off the dresser and put a drop on each amethyst. "Tea tree oil to clear the airways of harmful build up, promote awareness, and boost general health and well being." Tessa explained. "Now don't say a word until I tell you to." Tessa said. She started moving her arms and chanting in Latin.

Jared knew Latin but the way she was speaking it he couldn't translate what she was saying. He stood watching Tessa. He really did want to understand magic. He liked learning things.

Tessa stopped and her arms dropped to her sides. Destiny was now breathing in a normal pattern and a little color had returned to her face.

"Now I presume it's pointless in telling you to leave." Tessa spoke teasingly.

"That is correct." Jared nodded.

"Ah young love." Tessa replied whimsically. "No monkey business." She chuckled before walking out and shutting the door behind her.

Jared pulled a chair over and grabbed one of Destiny's limp hands. "I'm here princess. I'll be waiting right here for you when you find your way back." Jared kissed her hand.

"So how is she?" Ali asked.

"She's stable. Jared is with her right now." Tessa answered.

"What on earth happened to her?" Tris asked.

"I have to research what exactly happened to her." Tessa replied.

"Ali!" Cassidy hollered.

"Where's Cassidy?" Tessa asked.

"Sunroom with Imogen." Ali sighed, walking towards the screen door.

"Where's my sister?" Tessa asked.

Tris and Isabella both shrugged.

"We thought she was with you." Isabella replied.

"Where's Jason?" Tessa asked.

"Jason went to get some air. Lucas and Eve are with him." Tris answered.

"Where's Natalie?" Tessa sighed.

"Last I checked she was running upstairs giggling with the girls. She went to go play with Laura and Annie." Isabella asked.

"I need a Silverrose descendant out here now!" Cassidy hollered.

"Yikes." Tris said.

"Okay something really bad just happened. She's really angry." Isabella commented.

"Wish me luck." Tessa sighed, heading for the screen door.

She walked into a sunny enclosed porch. The late afternoon sun was creating long shadows. Imogen was sitting on the floor surrounded by paperwork.

Ali was perched on the floral loveseat looking semi worried.

Cassidy was pacing back and forth furiously. Her hair looked like she had been running her hands through it repeatedly.

"Can you stop pacing. You're creating a draft." Imogen sighed.

"This is how I handle stress." Cassidy huffed.

"There is nothing either of us can do about it. He's dead and so are Suki and Nero. Alita is too busy trying to keep Benedict in jail to worry about it. I have to get paperwork in order for his case. I have to get paperwork in order for the Council so they can get a replacement and I don't have to attend another stinking meeting. I have to get paperwork from Alita about poor Samuel. Oh, I have to attend a meeting later tonight with the Council to discuss what was recovered from Gabriel's place and I haven't even gotten a report from the police about it yet. So if anyone should be stressed it should be me. So for the love of politics stop pacing!" Imogen snapped.

Cassidy immediately stopped and turned to face Tessa. "Remind me how the Silverroses have lived this long without someone finding out? Because they are getting awfully close to being caught!" Cassidy exclaimed.

"How about you start explaining why you're yelling at me first?" Tessa scowled.

"They were getting ready to take Samuel for a psych evaluation. They went to get him out of interrogation room 2 and found him murdered. They went to go ask the people in the observation room what happened and they were both murdered and their blood was used to write a message on the window. Free Benedict or more will die." Cassidy explained impatiently.

"And this is my fault because?" Tessa asked annoyed.

"Because you probably alerted your family about Benedict being in there. Samuel is the only witness still alive so they got rid of him." Cassidy snapped.

"Excuse me! First what proof do you have that it was a Silverrose that did this? And second why do you think I would tell me family about any of this!" Tessa demanded.

"The security cameras were tampered with. That's proof." Cassidy argued.

"That someone hacked the system. Not that magic was involved." Tessa remarked impatiently.

Cassidy left out an agitated moan and started pacing again.

"Next time get your facts straight before accusing people." Tessa spoke coldly before walking out.

Tessa sat on the floor of a closet. She had crossed her legs and rested her elbows on her hips. She was letting her magic scan the house room by room. She couldn't find her sister. She knew where everyone else was but that wasn't what she wanted to know. She snapped her eyes open and huffed impatiently. She flinched and closed her eyes for a minute until the pain subsided. She mentally scolded herself for such a stupid mistake. She forced herself out of the spell and the magical backlash hurt her eyes.

Suddenly the lightbulb went off in her mind and she scrambled to her feet. Magical whiplash, magical exhaustion, magical backlash! She mentally scolded herself for not realizing it earlier. She exited the closet and rushed back upstairs to Destiny. She startled the few people in the room.

Tris and Isabella both sat on the floor and were talking to Jared. They all looked at her confused.

"What?" Jared asked.

"I know what happened to her." Tessa spoke, rushing to Destiny's side.

"And what happened?" Tris asked.

"Magical exhaustion. She can't control her magic still. She's still developing. Her mother pushed her too far too fast. The backlash from the spell knocked her out. She's exhausted herself because she couldn't control it so it exhausted her. There is nothing wrong with her at all. She's just sleeping." Tessa hastily explained.

"So now what?" Isabella asked.

"We just let her sleep. It's like she has a concussion almost. She will wake up when she is ready but she will probably feel horrible when she wakes up." Tessa shrugged.

"So she'll make it? She'll be just fine?" Jared asked. There was a hint of hope in his voice.

"Yes lover boy she'll be back on her balcony calling for Romeo." Tessa teased.

"She's in love with a boy named Romeo?" Jared inquired.

Tris and Isabella both started laughing.

"She's calling you Romeo and Destiny 's Juliet! Romeo and Juliet are lovers from a play Shakespeare!" Tris laughed.

"And here I thought you were a book worm." Tessa chuckled, walking out.

Tessa walked into her sister's room hoping she had miraculously showed up. The room was empty. Lily's suitcase laid on the bed unopened. Although her worn green backpack was missing. So was her sheathed sword. Her phone on the other hand laid on the nightstand charging.

Tessa cursed and slammed the door shut and continued down the hall to notice her bedroom door was ajar. She slowly opened it and peeked in. Empty. She walked in and looked around. Her suitcase sat on the bed as well and her backpack was leaning against the nightstand. But her suitcase had been opened and the contents sprawled around the room. Tessa started looking through her things and noticed two things missing.

The beginners spell book she was going to give to Destiny and the necklace that she was saving for when Natalie started manifesting. She brought just in case. Even though she probably had two more years before even manifesting early. Tessa grumbled another insult and stormed out. She practically ran all the way outside.

Jason, Eve, Lucas and Wisteria were playing what looked like a form of soccer.

"Do you guys know if Imogen keeps a horse around here?" Tessa asked.

"She keeps two horses in the building outback." Eve replied, stealing the ball from Lucas.

Jason started after her but she kicked the ball to Wisteria who kicked it into the bushes on the left side of the yard.

"Goal!" Eve hollered.

Luke tackled her to the ground. Tessa thought he was actually going to hurt her but then she heard laughing. They were rolling back and forth. They weren't fighting, they were playing.

"Thanks for the info." Tessa replied, walking away towards the back of the house. A shabby wooden stable stood back there. She could only hear one horse and broke into a full run for the stables.

There was only one horse there. She saddled up and directed it out. She knew exactly where her little sister was. She leaned forwards onto the horse before spurring it faster and faster through the yard towards the driveway. Imogen's house was on the edge of town. She set a course for Silverrose mansion and the east border.

There were woods behind the mansion. The woods went all the way to the east border. The mansion was only a mile away from the east border. There was an opening in the middle of the woods halfway between the mansion and the east border. She got far enough into the woods that no one could see the horse from the mansion.

She tied the creature to a tree and continued on foot. She knew she was getting close when she started climbing the hill. She knelt down at the crest and looked down into the small clearing in the woods. She let out a sigh of relief, Lily was down there. Tessa knew her sister would be here. This was her safe spot. She loved being alone in the woods. When things became too difficult in the house she always ran to this spot. Tessa would never understand why it was always this exact spot.

Lily was waving her hands in front of her. Was she trying to perform a spell? Her sword leaned against the tree. The sheath laid on the ground near the tree. It looked like she had hacked it at the tree. Her sharpening stone sat on the sheath. Tessa's necklace laid with them on the grass. The beginners spell book was in front of Lily, propped open, leaned against the tree.

Lily let out an agitated noise and punched the tree. She let out a small yelp and cradled her hand against her. Lily walked over to another tree and knelt down to her green backpack. She pulled out a roll of gauze, medical tape, and scissors. She wrapped her injured hand in gauze and used her mouth to rip off a piece of tape to hold it in place. She put the stuff back in her bag and grabbed a water bottle. She took a gulp before putting it back.

She walked back over to the book and grabbed it. She sat down so her back was to the tree. She placed the book in front of her. She waved her hand over a leaf trying to get it to move. It started following her hand. She smiled at it. She grabbed her sword and used it to cut a small section of her hair. She waved her hand over the shorter section and a few green sparks flew from her fingers but nothing happened. She let another moan and slouched against the tree. "317 years of using magic and I'm done in by abstaining from magic for 18 years." She muttered.

She threw the sword and it struck another tree. Is Lily having problems with her magic? If she can't do the simplest spells then how was she planning on bringing Natalie back from the dead? Her sister didn't make sense. Lily stood up and retrieved her sword. She started hacking at the tree again with it.

"Lilith!" Tessa hollered.

She saw her sister tense up at the name. Tessa climbed down the hill into the opening. Lily spun around and scowled at her sister.

"I thought only Benedict remembered that." She scowled.

"I remember your true name is Lilith Edith Manama. It wasn't always Lilliana." Tessa replied.

"What do you want?" Lily snapped.

"I was worried about you. You took off without any warning." Tessa spoke with a hint of concern in her voice.

"That's a load of horse manure and you know it." Lily huffed.

"Lily what did I ever do to you? We used to be so close." Tessa replied, reaching for her sister.

Lily dodged her arms and rolled her eyes at her sister. "Oh now you want to know why I'm mad at you. You didn't care 14 years ago when you found out I was in Vestal!" Lily scoffed.

"I want to know now. Please can you tell me what I did?" Tessa asked calmly.

"What did you do? First you were a reminder that no matter what I could never run away from my past. You were the constant reminder that I'm not human! You are the constant reminder that no matter how hard I try I will never be able to live a normal life! And then when I found out you raised Natalie from the dead almost 4 years ago that just dumped more salt in the wound! You never thought to tell me about her?" Lily demanded. Tears were forming at the corners of her eyes.

"I never knew I did that to you. I was just as surprised as you were that we both ended up in Vestal. I'm sorry if I accidentally hurt you." Tessa replied calmly.

Lily turned away and started hacking a sapling with her sword.

"Lily." Tessa sighed. "Lily look at me. Can you forgive me? I'm sorry for everything."

Lily dropped her sword and turned and plowed into her sister. It wasn't a tackle but a giant hug. Lily started crying. Tessa didn't know Lily had been holding all that in. Tessa just held her and stroked her back. Maybe there was hope from them after all.

A pounding headache welcomed Destiny when she finally regained consciousness. Her eyelids felt heavy, too heavy to open. She tried to use her other senses to tell where she was but her ears felt like they had cotton stuffed in them and her nose felt numb. All she knew was It was hot and she was under something soft.

Her right hand felt different. Something warm was wrapped around it. Every part of her body felt like it was made of lead. So she used the only part of her body that was able to work. She let out a low moan.

"Destiny?" A voice asked.

Destiny let out a small noise that sounded like a whine.

"Come on princess, open your eyes." The voice pleaded.

She opened her eyes a little bit and all she saw was pale yellow light. Her eyes slid shut again. She felt like someone was holding something cold and hard underneath her nose.

"Smell it." A voice commanded.

Obediently she inhaled. Whatever it was it smelled spicy and tangy. The smell wiped away all the numbness and cleared the fog from her brain. Instantly her brain recognised the voice that was talking to her and where she was. With a burst of energy she sat straight up and snapped her eye open. She was in her room in the base. The soft pink blanket that Tris gave her a few months ago was on top of her. She felt the small vibrations from her necklace. She turned to her right and saw Jared sitting there. He looked like a mess.

"Hi there princess. You gave us quite the scare." Jared chuckled.

"Destiny?" Jason asked, walking in.

She knew that was her brother's voice but the boy walking in looked different. His hair was blonde near the roots but the rest was still the same chocolate brown. He wore a necklace similar to hers around his neck.

"Thank goodness." Jason sighed in relief, rushing to the bed and hugging her.

"What happened? Why are we home? What happened to you Jason?" Destiny asked.

"Whoa there. One question at a time. Don't get yourself riled up." Jared replied.

"You are to relax until they're sure your body is ready and accepting of magic." Jason answered.

"They? Who are they?" Destiny asked.

"Tessa, Mary, and Rose." Jason chuckled.

"Why are we home?" Destiny asked.

"What do you remember?" Jared inquired.

"We were in Latina because Samuel's hearing was tomorrow and Benedict's was the day after tomorrow. Once everyone was there we were going to plan how Benedict could rot in jail and not implicate us." Destiny explained.

"Samuel was murdered in his cell the night before his hearing. Benedict never showed up for his hearing. He was moved from his cell and was escorted out of the Polia. He went missing. We've been home for 2 days." Jared explained. "What happened to me is a long story. To put it simply it I have two separate DNA sequences and they finally got the magical barrier off my true DNA sequence. This is me. Jason Silverrose, son of Lilliana and Zechariah, twin brother to Levi Silverrose, brother to Destiny Silverrose and nephew to Tessa Silverrose." Jason smiled. He did a little bow.

"The testing?" Destiny questioned.

"It all came back positive." He chuckled.

"What about the others? Mollie, Edward, Annie, and Sophia?" Destiny asked.

"They're fine. Everyone is home and safe." Jason reassured.

"But Maria is still on the run and we don't know where Benedict is or what his plans are." Jared remarked.

"Will he come after us?" Destiny asked.

"Maybe." Jason shrugged.

"The important thing is that you are healthy and alive." Jared replied, squeezing her hand.

"How long have I been out?" Destiny asked.

"8 days." Jared chuckled.

"I broke my record." Destiny laughed.

"That's what you got out of that?" Jason chuckled.

"Oh princess what shall we do with you?" Jared laughed.

"Absolutely nothing or I'll kick your butt just like I did to Michael." Destiny teased.

"Michael is recovering nicely. He has another month before he's cleared for physical activity." Jason spoke, smiling at his sister.

"So you have a twin brother named Levi?" Destiny asked.

"And you have a brother named Levi." Jason teased.

"How will I manage?" Destiny chuckled.

Jared started laughing. "Her sense of humor is perfectly fine."

"So now what?" Destiny asked.