Hello, everyone! Well, I'm finally getting this story on here, after procrastinating for like a year. I know that there have been other stories and shows about a lost undersea city, but I thought I would try my hand at my own story. I know some things in it aren't realistic, but... that imagination for ya! I hope you guys like the story! =)

Chapter 1

"Please prepare for impact."

My heart hammered inside of me, and I squeeze my eyes shut as hot tears were streaming down my cheeks. This is it. Once the plane hits the water, that is the end of me and the 300 other people onboard. From what I have seen in movies, the plane either blows up, or crumples—either way, we are all goners.

My hands held the arm rests so tightly, that my whole hands were turning white and were going numb. The ocean was getting closer, and people were screaming and crying.

And closer...


My whole body jolted, and it felt as if my torso was going to rip itself from my legs, so much was the force. I opened my eyes and saw water pouring into the plane from where the side of it split. I unbuckled my seat belt, and as soon as the icy water hit me, I swam, as did many others. And some didn't. Tears still spilling, I passed people who were still seated, but had blood running down their faces... they didn't make it.

I entered the open ocean and watched in horror as the plane sank. Others were screaming around me, and after what seemed like an hour or two... all was still and silent.

The most horrific event of my life had finally ended, and I was left floating in my yellow life jacket somewhere in the mid-Pacific. The plane was nowhere to be seen, and the survivors, if there were any, were adrift elsewhere. I was all alone, and all I saw around me was vast blue. Fear gripped me more than the life jacket tied tightly around my torso. Where am I anyway? The little map on the screen on the plane showed that we were just surrounded by ocean. I did see other islands on there, but who knows how far away they are? All I could see was blue, blue and more blue.

I'm a goner. There's no way I will survive this. Castaway is just a movie—he had to survive because he was the main character. I looked at my bare legs under the water, kicking. It's either swim until I died of exhaustion, stay floating until I die by getting eaten by a shark, starve, or drown.

No matter what, I'm going to die.

What have I accomplished in my twenty-four years? I aced my classes in both high school and college, landed a job at the best interior design company in LA, remembered the birthdays of all my immediate family members... Oh, gosh, they're going to be hysterical once they get that phone call or see the news. How will my mom, dad, and my younger brother and sister react when they realize that I'm not coming home from this business trip in China?

Something brushed my foot and I screamed, loudly, from the surprise. I looked down and saw something moving under the water. My pulse rose in fear. Is that a shark?! I swam as fast as I could, but the large dark thing followed me. It came closer and I saw what it was—some kind of large fish, but not big enough to eat me. My nerves settle down only a little.

"At least it's not a shark," I muttered.

After what seemed like an hour of floating there, I sighed and looked up at the vast sky, then around me at the vast blue. Nothing but blue. I looked below me again. Knowing the salt water would sting my eyes, I put my head underwater and looked down anyway. Of course, there wasn't a bottom. There was probably a couple of miles of water below me. But I did see that same fish. And it was only a fish. It looked like a large, fat eel with small fins. It looked at me with large yellow eyes that seemed to be glowing, and I brought my head above water.

"It met my eyes."

I looked under again and it was still looking at me with those eyes. I stared at them and I found myself taking off my life jacket and swimming under, with my long blonde hair trailing me. I looked away from the eel and my senses returned to me. What the heck am I doing?! I swam back up and breathed in air. "It's like that fish entranced me or something and I felt the need to swim down to it... that was weird."

I grabbed my lifejacket and just held onto it and remained floating there. The fish nudged my leg and I looked through the water at its glowing yellow eyes. It took my hand in its mouth and pulled me under. I came up again and took a large breath, but the fish pulled me under again. I tired to yank my arm free, but the fish held onto me. I saw my surroundings and was entranced by them... schools of fish—no sharks. We went deeper and darker, and the water started to crush my chest.

Any moment now, I thought. I'm going to drown, thanks to this stupid fish that has a really strong grip.

I shook the fish, as if telling it I was desperate for air. It looked back at me, but then looked forward again. I held my breath a bit longer, but was starting to loose consciousness.

It's happening. I'm dying.

The fish swam on, and I felt my lungs crushing. I'm almost gone. Finally, the water pressure won and I lost consciousness. I died, I thought, but I woke up. On rock. I spurted out water. I turned over on my side and saw two yellow eyes.

The fish... and it was in water. But I was on land. I looked around. Bright beams of light shone from fish's eyes. The place was rocky, damp, and dark. A cave? "How..." I coughed and took a couple deep breaths as my chest ached horribly. "...did I get here?"

As if answering, the fish wiggled its head, making its lit eyes shine everywhere.

"Why did you bring me here?" My voice was raspy. I cleared my throat. "What's the big idea? I could have died! Where is this, even?" The fish slapped the water with its fin, answering again. It knew what I was saying? "Water? The ocean? We're still in the ocean?" It nodded. "How?"

It dove under the water and came right back up again. I creased my brows, trying to figure it out. My brain was waterlogged, or I was crazy. Yeah, it's definitely that. I'm talking to a fish! And it's understanding me! "Um... the ocean's down there?" It nodded. "What?"

I thought some more, and remembered a science lesson in the sixth grade where we talked about air bubbles in the ocean. Did that fish bring me through some type of water tunnel to an air pocket under the ocean's floor?

"Okay, I get it. How deep are we?"

The fish didn't move for a moment, then slapped the water two times.

"I don't know what that means. Um, so, we won't be going back up, I take it?"

It shook its head. It focused its eyes on a hole in the cave's wall, illuminating it. The hole was big enough for a boat to row into.

"We're going in there? I have to swim again?" It wiggled its tail fins at me. "But my legs feel like noodles. Almost dying wore me out." It wigged its tail fins again. "Now?" It nodded. "But I can't even stand up, I told you." It slapped the water impatiently. "Okay, okay, fine."

I got into the water, and found that what I sat on wasn't a shore, but a cliff. I went under completely when I got in. I took hold of the fish's tail fin and it was already moving. I kept my head up above the cold water and both my hands clasped around the fish's tail. I dangled there, holding onto the strong fish, like a wet noodle since I was so weak. We went into the tunnel, the fish's eyes lighting the way. We were in the tunnel for some time until...

Light! Like... sunlight!

"I thought we were under the ocean!" I gasped, and salt water got into my mouth.

The fish swam on and we came into the light. I looked around and saw high rocky cliffs everywhere, and we drifted in what looked like a river running between them. And there was a current to the river! The fish stopped swimming and we both floated down the river until it became rapids. I held onto the fish for dear life as we rushed down-hill. That's when I saw a ledge, and fear shot through me.

I screamed as we went over, and we fell a little ways, maybe twenty feet. I went under water again, and the fish caught me. Once I resurfaced, I screamed, only in shock at what I saw.

We faced a building resembling something from Ancient Greece with the columns. Plants and shrubbery surrounded the building and everywhere else, aside from the cliffs that the fish an I swam through in that river. This place looked like a jungle, and it felt balmy like a jungle as well.

"Where the heck is this?!" I shouted.

The fish swam on and we came to the edge of the water pool. There was a ledge like in the cave, only I climbed onto stone that resembled polished blue-ish gray marble that sparkled. It looked as if the building was made out of the stuff, as well as the cliffs. It was beautiful and glittered in whatever the light source was. It even made the water sparkle.

The fish pointed to a little waterway off to our left and started swimming down it. I stood up, but with great effort since I was weak. I followed the fish and leaned against trees as I went since my legs could barely hold me up. We passed another building, similar to the one by the waterfall, only smaller, and I could see ahead that the plants and trees were becoming sparse and there were more sparkly buildings. I even saw a small animal that could have been a mouse. There were living animals down here, aside from fish? And where is the light coming from?

I walked on the best I could, since my legs wobbled from being so weak. In fact, my head was beginning to feel light, and I had to lean against a building so I wouldn't pass out. My breathing staggering, I started to hear voices faintly. I leaned my head over a little to see if any water was in my ear, but there wasn't. I was really hearing people talk. Down here?

The fish slashed, and I somehow knew that it wanted me to continue going. I leaned off of the cold rock of the building and began walking, slowly. I turned a corner as the fish swam on in its little creek. What I saw really did make me loose all the strength I had in my legs, and I sat down on a random rock...

People bustled about in what looked like a large city square from ancient times, and there were building resembling the ones that I passed earlier. And there were people walking around everywhere. They had on things that looked like tunics, and they all had very bright orange hair.

"What is this place, fish?!" I asked in awe, forgetting that I was weak and about to pass out again. "Is this... Atlantis?"