Clera shivered as a gust of wind ripped through her clothes and into her skin. It didn't help matters that all she had on was a purple and yellow striped T-shirt with shorts. If she had known there was going to be snow outside of the forest she had stayed in with Usa, she would of asked the rabbit for something to wear. At least Coco seemed to be doing okay. The gray monster kitten was sleeping peacefully on her head. How the cat was able to do so against the bitter cold was a mystery to her.

Snowdrift was a quiet little town. It was quite pretty and nice as well, the child had to admit. The monsters there weren't as nice to her, apart from two. Two rabbit looking skeletons were the only monsters that didn't try to attack her. Yet. The younger of the two seemed like she wanted to have a go at her, and it frightened her a little bit. After everything she had faced so far up to this point, no one could blame the kid for being scared. One wrong move and she'd end up dead. That almost happened a few times, but Coco had jumped in and saved her before it happened.

And to that she was thankful to her cat guide for. If it wasn't for her, then she most likely wouldn't be here right now. Another chilly blast of wind hit her, and the child wrapped her arms around herself. It wouldn't do hardly anything against the cold, but even a tiny bit was a relief.

Sudden warmth was given to her and the hybrid gasped, startled. She looked down to see a black hoodie with teal around the sides and end of it with light aura fluff at the end. On the right chest was a teal bunny head. The top of the hood was the same color fluff as the bottom. Curiously, Clera looked up to see who had given the jacket to her, though she already knew.

Standing there in his green-and-white long shelve shirt was Cipher. The skeleton rabbit smiled down at her, pulling the hood up onto her head, careful of the sleeping kitten up there.

"That better, Kit?"

"Y-Yeah… T-Thanks," the child replied, pulling his jacket tighter around her to keep as warm as she could.

"No problem." He leaned back up against a pole she hadn't noticed before. The two were silent for a little bit, before he spoke again. "So… you're going to be fighting my sister soon, ya know?"


"Listen, I know the monsters before you got here haven't been nice to ya. Hell, I know the monsters here haven't. But listen Kit, my sister ain't gonna hurt ya, okay? Pipier tries to act tougher than she really is. My little sis wouldn't hurt a fly, ya see. Let me give you a tip, 'kay? My sis, she has a special attack ya might wanna watch for. Ya know what a stop sign is, right?"

Clera nodded silently, waiting for him to continue.

"Think of one of them. They're red, ain't they? Picture it bein' yellow, 'kay? And stop. Don't move. Stand still and you won't get hurt." Cipher blinked when he saw the child's worried look. "What's up, Kit? What's that look for?"

The child swallowed, tugging at the end of his jacket. "I-I can't see yellow all that well, Cipher."

The skeleton rabbit was silent at the hybrid's words. His ears lowered slightly, if that was even possible with him being made of bones. The kid was going to be in for one hell of a time then if that was the case. He felt bad for her, but there wasn't much he could do about it.

"Well then Kit, all I can tell ya is good luck."

With that said, he teleported away, leaving Clera to face the 'dangers' of fighting Pipier alone with Coco.