A small form made its way through the darkened forest. The body shape was that of a cat. A rather young one too. The feline had light gray fur with darker around its legs and paws. On its chest was a dark gray tree. On the left side of its leg was a dark gray, almost black, looking squid, jellyfish, or some sort of sea life. There was a squiggle on its left side. It had two dark gray, almost black, stripes on its hind legs. The cat had a black fluffy tail with light gray and brown stripes lining it. The same went for the cat's ear. The right one had been torn off. It had light orange on the inside of it. Pointy horn grew out of the kitten's head, from dark brown to light. Two smaller ones were on the side by them. Another pair of even smaller ones was growing close to the feline's dark brown nose. It had dark yellow eyes that were lighter around the outer part. Next to the left eye were three half circles stacked on top of each other.

The kitten was making her normal portal of the forest, checking to see if anyone had wondered into it. May the Sky Sprits help them when they did. However, so far, the monster hadn't seen anyone. It was quiet today, which was normal apart from other monsters getting into fights about something mouse-brained. The weather was warm and sunny out; a perfect day to be out.

Too bad that day was going to take a rather unpleasant turn of advents.

"Hey furball, wasn't expecting to see you out here!" a voice called.

She jumped and glanced towards where the voice had come from. In a tree, looking down at her was some sort of bat looking creature. It had brown fur with a pink nose. Darker brown covered its pointed ears. The wings the same shade of darker brown. Its feet were darker than they were, a dirty or muddy brown looking were. The upper part of its body and around its face was covered in lush, green, leaves, as if it was a coat or jacket. Or was it a part of their body all together? It had bright, red colored eyes with a darker color where the pupils were. A fanged smile and wave of a wing greeted her.

"Bitz," the cat spat the other's name out like it was poison to her lips. Her dark yellow eyes narrowed and her tail lashed out behind her. "What are you doing out here? And I told you before, my name is Coco!"

The bat only laughed, flying down from his tree, landing in front of her. The cat hissed at him, her fur puffing up and she glared at him. The smaller monster didn't seem fazed by this however and only smiled up at her.

"Oh I know that kitten. But seeing you upset is quite fun!"

The feline hissed lightly at him, before she turned and began to pad away. She had no business with him today. A vine wrapped around her foot, making her fall onto the ground with a small cry of surprise. She glanced back to see the green vine and Bitz smirking down at her.

"Let me go!" Coco demanded, tugging at her trapped leg, trying to escape his hold. The plant-bat only tightened it. "When I get free, I'm going to claw your ears off!"

"I don't think you're in much of a position to be making threats like that," Bitz stated calmly, making his way over to the female monster. "After all, we wouldn't want something to happen to you, now would we?"

"What do you want anyway?" the cat asked. "There must be something if you're going to so much trouble to capture me."

The bat simply shrugged his shoulders, red eyes looking down at the gray-furred kitten he had caught. For a few heartbeats, he didn't say a word, he just stared at her. His staring was starting to make her uncomfortable. Bitz took another few steps closer to her, drawing a wing and rubbing it slowly across her face, brushing against her whiskers.
Coco recoiled in shock at his touch. She folded her ears back and her dark yellow eyes widened. She wanted to tell him to stop with what he was doing, but she found that she couldn't speak. After what felt like a life time, he stopped.

Just when she thought he was done, he leaned forward and gave her a kiss on her lips, stealing her first kiss. The kitten yelped in surprise, leaning back away from him, her face starting to heat from it, turning a bright orange. His turned a dark green with a blush.

Either of them spoke for some time, just staring at each other in silence. They didn't know what to say. What could they say? Coco was tongue tied and Bitz was too embarrassed to say anything to her. After what felt like another year or so, the bat finally spoke again.

"Eh, I'll be seeing you around then, furball."

He released his hold on the cat monster, before he spread his wings and took to the skies, leaving a stunned kitten behind. Once she had overcome her shock, she glared up into the sky where the bat monster had disappeared to.

"Bitz, you mouse-brain…"