Inside Perspectives

Sometimes I wonder what's wrong with me
that I'm the only one who doesn't like you.
Everyone else talks of how kind and loving you are
while I think, "How can that be?"

Our relatives all think you're someone to look up to.
Someone to emulate and love.
But I'm utterly repulsed
and I don't know what to do.

"Family is family," most people will say,
but what does that even mean?
Even though we're family,
I don't want to give you the time of day.

So maybe I'm wrong after all,
since I'm the only one who feels this way.
What am I missing?
How far did I fall?

I must've messed up somehow;
there's no other possible reason.
Yet my frustration mounts
as I try to figure out how.

Why don't I love you?
We're family, after all.
Does this make me a bad person?
No one else thinks the wrong one is you.

Or am I the right one
and you are in the wrong?
If I could just get an answer,
all my wondering could be done.