There was once a Bard who lived in a quiet village, tucked high in the cold mountains. In that village, there was a beautiful rhythm and a beat that every single one of them knew. They called it Peace and it was a song they all hummed and danced to.

But one day she heard a new melody. It was beautiful and haunting and it called her to go beyond all the paths she knew. Each note urged her to learn more of the world and to find new reasons and seasons to sing. And so she went.

And she learned. She could now make swords and shields ring, defeat gargoyles and dragons in single swings, withstand storm, fire and winds - she slowly turned the Bard into a Warrior.

Now battlescarred and tired and calloused, she treaded old roads back to the summit and let her friends and family surround her. They asked her for new music and she smiled sadly as she realized that of all the things the world has taught and showed her, she could only sing of Home.

A warrior has no place in Peace.