Good day, Suzuki Kotori speaking.

This is one chapter that shall portray my point of view. It might be the first and last but who knows?

I am falling in line right now for a ferris wheel ride, alone. Well, let's reminisince what happened earlier morning.

Take note that this is a little recap, please don't get confused. Though I don't expect you, the reader, to be extremely clueless like Tanaka.


Sunday morning, 11 AM. It was cloudy but these were not rain clouds. We're lucky.

I was in a cafeteria, waiting for Sakurai-senpai to come. Sure, this place is cozy while offering not so pricey menu. I'll definitely come back here.

After fifteen minutes or so, my companion for today arrived.

"Suzuki-san, have you waited for too long? I'm sorry." apologized Sakurai.

He said that we'll meet here by 10 AM so I left our house by 9:30. Yes, I waited for an hour but let's be kind.

"No, it's fine. Shall we go?"

"Oh, a...are you excited for our date?" asked Sakurai.

Why is he even assuming that it is a date? I never said it will.

I know you're questioning your mind something like, "Then, why did you accept his proposal last Thursday?". You'll see why.

A clue? Hmm, let me tell you that I like animals. That's the hint. I'm sure it is obvious.

"Let's get going, then. Time is running, Sakurai-senpai." I insisted.

The place that we're bounded too is not that distant from the cafeteria.

"Here we are. Tadaah! Sakurai Pet Adoption Center!" introduced Sakurai.

"Whoa, this place is quite huge."

"I hope this doesn't sound that I am bragging but, this is one of the biggest pet adoption establishment in Japan. Well, my parents are both top-notch veterinarians so..." explained Sakurai.

This is the reason. I felt that I actually owe him one since he saved me from that stalker so when he asked me to help him take care of the animals in their place, then I automatically agreed. Well, I love animals so that's part of the reason I affirmed.

We entered shortly after arriving and I was greeted by several puppies. They were superbly cute!

"Sakurai-senpai, what's the name of this Japanese Spitz?" I inquired. "He looks so cute!"

"His name is Yuki." answered Sakurai. "C'mon Yuki, she's Suzuki-san."

As I expected, this adorable fur baby barked at me but it licked my hand afterwards.

Ah~ Dogs are so lovable.

I wish Tanaka saw those dogs too, with me. I bet he'll like it.

Though, to be honest, I'm still sulking towards him. I don't mean to sound demanding but what I only want from is an... nevermind. Sigh.

"Please come with me inside, Suzuki-san. I'll show you what we're about to do for today." invited Sakurai.

"Yes, please lead the way."

As we've arrived at the grooming room, he introduces me to his father.

"Father, her name is Suzuki Kotori. She agreed to help us for today." explained Sakurai.

"Oh, she's a beauty. Nice to meet you, Suzuki-chan. Sorry for the trouble we've caused you. My name is Sakurai Nakano and as you can see, I'm the head vet here. Please make yourself at home." greeted Nakano-san.

"No problem, sir. I wholeheartedly agreed with your son to help you on your request."

"By the way Tomohiro, is she your girlfriend?" inquired Nakano-san.

I knew this would come. Hehe.

"F...Father! W...We're still middle schoolers right now!" explained Sakurai as he is visibly blushing.

He's embarrassed. Haha, what a cutie. But... it's nothing when compared to Tanaka. I mean his compulsive shyness is the cutest. It shows how sincere he is with this emotions.

"He's right, Nakano-san. Hehe." I answered.

After a little chat, we effieciently moved forward to the main procedure and that was to...

"Can you like somehow soothe the mood of this dog? Based on our past observations, its mood is deteriorating when we, the males, are touching it. I'm just hoping you could like try touching her, but carefully." requested Nakano-san.

A pitbull, huh? She's huge for her breed, to be honest. Its muscles are so lean, like it is adept at strenous activities.

"Suzuki-san, please be careful." adviced Sakurai.

I was going to be fine but these two... are they this afraid of this dog so bad that they have to hide behind the wall?!

I walked closely to the enraged dog and I saw that its eyes were glaring at me for like ten seconds. But then, I offered it some treats and miraculously, it wagged its tail, much to the delight of the two hiding.

"I...Is this real life?! Does it only likes feminine organisms as companion?!" shocked Nakano-san.

He's overacting. Hehe.

"Y...Yes, father! It wagged its tail, this is a blessing!" added Sakurai.

This guy too is over with this emotion. Hehe.

"Huh? What is this on her tummy, doctor Nakano?" I asked.

"Oh, it's a tumor. We have to start the operation today but she's too aggressive. Anyway, please continue petting her. We're going to administer sedative medicine right this time." requested Nakano-san.

Oh, that's why they were desperate. Good thing this lovely dog didn't ravage me or else I'll find myself in the hospital.

To be honest, I was scared at first due to the possibility that I might have been bitten but good thing I wasn't. Phew.

The somehow violent-at-first- hound was succesfully sedated and sequentially brought to the operating room.

But the work was far from over that time since Sakurai and I fed the dogs and kittens, helped the staff groom which was in line for beautification, and etc.

It was fun. I enjoyed every activity that we did for today. It was worth it.

Thankfully, their household offered me to take a shower since I've been with animals the whole day.

Meanwhile, while I was in the bath tub, I figured that my mood has been back to normal but I remembered Tanaka's face again.

I miss his presence. I miss his laugh. I long to hear his voice, especially him screeching when he gets teased by yours truly. Hahaha.

The sulky feeling inside my heart still haven't fade away even though I had fun during the grooming sessions and the like. Am I that selfish?

Settle your mind, Kotori. Who am I to him for me to be self centered? He even went to agree with Miyuki to go to an art museum.

Sigh, whatever. I'll greet him tomorrow morning normally, with a usual eccentric mood.

I was expecting that he will not apologize for a probability of 99% since he's not even talking to me but, I still believe in the 1% left. Hehe.

As I took my bath and changed my clothes, I was bound to leave the place with Sakurai-senpai accompanying me to the cafeteria.

"Thank you for today, Sakurai-senpai. Please send my regards to your dad. I had fun today."

"I'm glad you enjoyed. I'm also sorry for the trouble we've caused you." apologized Sakurai-senpai.

Sure this guy knows how to admit his mistakes immediately, that's a check mark for his future girlfriend.

"No, it's fine. I wanted to test it myself so you don't have to be so guilty about it."

"Is that so? I'm happy, seriously. Seeing joy in your face, makes me like you more." said Sakurai-senpai.

Here he goes, again. Ahahaha.

"I'm sure your father waits you in the clinic, you can go ahead. Thank you for being with me, Sakurai-senpai."

"Oh yeah, thanks for reminding me! Take care, Suzuki-san!" greeted Sakurai-senpai as he ran back to their place's direction.

I wanted to go home this time since I feel so tired but I chose to take a little detour. And yes, this decision brought me to my current location, the ferris wheel.


It's already 4 PM, and people are still strolling around. I guess the amusement park is really a place to play.

I can feel that sightseeing from above will help my mood ease up.

Oh, I'm next in line. Yey.

From afar, I can hear someone scream my name. Is the voice calling me or what?


"Suzuki! Where are you?!" shouted Tanaka.

T...Tanaka? Why is he here? I thought he is with Miyuki...?

"O...Oh, there you are. F...Found you." panted Tanaka.

He looks so tired... and a little sweaty. Though, I don't put much observation in that part.

"T...Tanaka, what are you doing here?" I asked.

"T...To say... ha..." answered Tanaka while he is panting.

"Are you going to ride, you two?" asked the staff.

"Y...Yes. Pardon for the short delay."

And so, we are both onboard in the ferris wheel.

"S...Suzuki, I thought you were with Sakurai-senpai today?" inquired Tanaka.

"Yeah, I was with him earlier."

"I...Is Hehe." responded Tanaka.

Why is he asking about it? I thought it doesn't concern him.

"D...Did he ask you o...out?" asked Tanaka.

"Yeah, what about it?" I answered. "I thought you do not care about such results. More importantly, how did you know I was here?"

"W...Well, Koyanagi saw you earlier then told me about it. Then, little did I realize, I ran swiftly to find you." revealed Tanaka.

H...He really went looking for me?

"F...For what reason? Hmm, do you miss me that much?"

"I...I do!" answered Tanaka with a little aggression.

H...Huh? D...Did he just...

"Oh, but you did say you do not care about whether I'll go out with Sakurai-senpai."

"And I am here to clear up the misunderstanding. Suzuki, I am sorry for what I said last Thursday. I sure offended you with that. I apologize for being insensitive." stated Tanaka in a straight tone.

T...This guy, his guts are on a whole new level right now.

"I'm also sorry for eavesdropping." added Tanaka.


"Well, I heard your conversation with Sakurai-senpai and I...I guess he asked you out to be his girlfriend or what and I heard that you said yes." revealed Tanaka.

He misheard almost everything. Good grief Tanaka, I guess I have to explain it to you.

"He asked me if I can help him with their vet clinic this coming Sunday, which where I've been from earlier morning."

"H...Huh?!" startled Tanaka.

"I said yes since I owe him one but I don't remember agreeing on being someone's girlfriend, yet."

He looks satisfied. Maybe it's because he's clarified with facts?

"T...Thank goodness..." relieved Tanaka.

"Oh, feeling relieved, eh? I thought you do no-"

"That's why I'm sorry! So please,..." said Tanaka.

Huh? He suddenly holds my hand.

"...please come back to my side..." requested Tanaka.

T...This guy, he's going aggressive right now.

I...I can't do anything about it, then. Haha.

Shoot, I can't hide being flustered right now. This is a little bad.

"Hmm, so you want to have me all on your own, huh? Pretty bold, Tanaka."

"I...I mean OUR side. OUR side! With Riko and our friends! Hmp!" explained Tanaka while he is blushing.

That red face of his, I finally got to see it again. His voice... I finally got to hear it again.

My sulking feeling vanished before I noticed it. Well, the 1% chance did happen. You really can never set aside a portion of a probability.

"By the way, you went out with Miyuki, right? How was it?"

"I...I did come with her since I want to have fun for a bit. M...My mind has been so disoriented the past few days since I've overheard you two. D...Don't get the wrong idea, though!" disclosed Tanaka.

So he was really that bothered...

"T...To be truthful to you, I was planning to apologize tomorrow since I was not ready today but Koyanagi said some stuff and it made me push through..." added Tanaka.

"Hmm, what were those words?"

"I...It was... I...I wanted to see you greet me during mornings. I... don't want a tense atmosphere due to some fighting within us." answered Tanaka as he is still strongly blushing.

S...So he misses me too... Well, he'll say that it will not mean that way. Hehe.

"More like, it's weird if you don't tease me or such." added Tanaka.

"Hahaha... So you like being teased, huh? Why didn't you say so earlier, Tanaka?"

"It's not like that! Jeez!" responded Tanaka.

His mind was in tatters the past few days and was secretly worrying about me.

He even couldn't wait another day to apologize and instead he ran all the way to here, just for me.

Well, I guess I have to give him a tease.

"W...What are you doing?" asked Tanaka as I sit beside him.

"Let's have a competition, Tanaka. Rock-Paper-Scissors sudden death!"

"S...Sudden death?! Now that is thrilling! What's the penalty?" inquired Tanaka.

"A flick on the forehead of the loser. Got it?"

"Sure! Bring it on!" answered Tanaka.

He's really into this. What a competitor.


I end up with rock, he chose scissor.

"I...lost again... Am I really this unlucky?!" said Tanaka.

"Time for the penalty, young man. Close your eyes."

"P...Please do not burst my forehead..." said Tanaka in panic.


"There, done."

"H...Hey Suzuki, w...was that your finger?" asked Suzuki.

"Of course, what do you think it is? Hmm~"

"B...But it was s...soft and didn't hurt at all... W...Was it your l..." responded Tanaka.

"Oh, the door's opened. Let's go out, Tanaka."

"H...Hey wait a minute! Was that really a flick...?" asked Tanaka as we walk out of this ferris wheel.

"Who knows~? Guess it yourself, Tanaka!"

"Oh come on~~~" said Tanaka as we continue to walk.

I guess it is your win today, Tanaka.