"The Sensational Night Shadow in… Nagini the Viper"

Chapter 1

Created by The Spectacular SpiderDom

In the city of Seattle, Washington, 2035…

Two men were bickering in the sewers.

"Hey, man!" one of them shouted. "Can you move faster? We need to get to work."

"It's not my fault, Bro," the other man replied. "I had a bean burrito for lunch today."

"Is that why you look so fat today?"

"Hey, man! I'm not fat! I'm what you call pleasantly plump."

"Yeah, that's a synonym for fat, you moron!"

The quarrel between the men concluded when someone else shouted at them. "Hey, guys! Could you stop arguing for one second and help me with this pipe?"

The two men tipped their orange construction hats and nodded at their friend. They grabbed their toolboxes and marched back to work.

Underneath the surface of Seattle, an armada of construction workers were banging hammers that echoed through the sewers. But those weren't the only reverberations that were made, as chainsaws were cutting through wood and power drills were loosening and tightening bolts. The whole room was filled with so much noise that it was impossible for anyone to hear the sound of water drifting across the sewers.

The workers were tasked with building an underground toy factory in the sewers. At first, they didn't see the point in doing so considering there are free abandoned buildings above the surface; ones that could easily be used and reventilated, but of course, the presidents of the company wanted to be pains in the workers' sides, so they had no choice but to go underground.

One of the workers stopped banging a nail with his hammer and wiped his sweaty forehead. He made the mistake of sniffing in a breath of fresh air because it wasn't fresh at all. He hissed ins disgust; he didn't enjoy smelling the sewers. To him, it smelled like a mixture of rotting flesh and expired milk. He shook his head and kept working.

Two other workers were sitting on their lunch break, munching and chewing on potato chips that added into the noise their friends were making. One of them took out a large BLT and placed it to their left.

Reaching to get a napkin, he looked to the side and saw that his sandwich was gone.

He wondered where it was until he saw that his best friend was eating it right next to him; his face was covered in mustard, which automatically made him guilty.

"Whoops," the culprit nervously grinned before he was punched across the face by his friend.

A slender worker with a circular chin and blue eyes sawed a plank of wood in half and whipped his head. His tongue wasn't moist, and his eyes were shaky; he was thirsty and needed something to drink, otherwise, he'd pass out.

"Hey," he told a chubby worker in front of him. "I'm gonna get a drink, you want anything?"

"Just bring me back a couple of beers," replied the worker. "Something tells me we're gonna be here for a while."

"Tell me about it. Stupid toy company wants an underground factory. If I were in the toy industry and found out I had to work down here, I'd curse out my boss for treating me like this."

"Amen, brother."

"I'll be back."

The slender man walked past the entropy in the area and approached his cooler box. Placing a cloth on his shoulder, he opened the white lid and scrambled through the various sodas and energy drinks that sat on top of the beers and water bottles.

"Why do all the good drinks have to be on the bottom?" he mumbled.

But the man was unaware of what was behind him. Not only was it a river of water flowing down a stream, but underneath it was a pair of devilish yellow eyes. The eyes formed an angry expression, as a scaly, dark green tail with a sharp rattle slowly emerged.

"Ah, here it is," the man smiled, as he took out two beers and a water. But just as he cracked open the water bottle's cap…


The tail wrapped around the man's neck and pulled him into the water.

First, there were five bubbles. Then, there was nothing.

The noise drew in someone's attention.

"Frank?" a middle-aged man inquired, looking in the direction of the water. He leaped off the ladder and approached the water. "Did you say something, Frank?... Frank?... Frank, where did you go, buddy?"

A shadow slithered out of the water and climbed onto the wall, creeping up on the man from behind.

With a silent snarl, the creature extended its tail and its razor-sharp claws.

Turning around, the man didn't get a chance to let out a gasp; he was apprehended by what he saw.

But his demise didn't mean anything to the workers because they were too busy working. With more hammers banging and chainsaws sawing, a loud shout interrupted all of the chaos in the room.

"Excccusse me, boysss," a soft yet dark female voice spoke.

All the construction workers stopped their jobs and turned to the left, where they saw a silhouette of a female figure standing in the distance. She had glowing yellow eyes and black pupils. Her tail rattled beside her, making the noise of a maraca. And she let out a soft yet harsh hiss.

The workers gathered around, confused.

"Looking for sssomething," the female sneered, as she tossed two objects in front of the crowd.

Glancing down, every worker gasped and covered their mouths.

The two objects were the bodies of the workers the female took down.

"Jesus Christ!" one worker shouted.

"All right, you psychotic bitch!" another worker reached behind him and whipped out a gun. He loaded it with bullets and held it up. Everyone else did the same thing. "Come on out!"

"If you insssissst."

Stepping out of the shadows was a feminine figure, but she wasn't human, she was a snake. A six-foot and nine-inch serpent emerged and revealed herself to the angry workers. The bottom half of her body, as well as the sides of her chest, were dark green with scales covering every inch of it. Her rattle tail was a lime green/yellowish color and it was a darker color than the center of her chest. Her chest was also covered in scales, but it resembled a turtle's shell. Last but not least, her face was a dark green and infested with scales. Her fangs were large, and her tongue stuck out of her mouth. And she had maroon and green-colored hair that reached down to her back.

"What the hell are you supposed to be?" one of the petrified workers inquired with a shaky voice.

"You can call me… Nagini the Viper," the snake clenched her fist. "And you are not welcome in my domain. The sssewersss are not meant for humansss like you. All you want to do isss build another indussstrial contraption down here, which will pollute my home… Ssso, I'm giving you all chanccce to leave now before you join your friendsss. What do you choossse?"

The construction workers shared a glance before each of them cocked their weapon in sync. Raising them high, they aimed them at the serpent and prepared for war.

"FIRE!" one of them shouted, as a million bullets shot through the air.

Nagini slithered across the ground and evaded every bullet that fired towards her, as she made her way to three construction workers and smacked them against the wall with her tail. Dust from the ceiling fell on their heads. Nagini picked one of them up and sunk her teeth deep into his neck, as she tossed him over her shoulder and continued fighting.

Rushing towards more guards at super speed, Nagini barged into them like a raging bull and wrapped her tail around one of their necks. Just as she was about to choke him, she looked and saw that another worker grabbed his power drill.

He turned it on and pulled it back, ready to drill into her skin, but the powerful serpent slashed the tool in half and she bit the worker's neck. She did the same to the person stuck in her tail's grasp.

"She's too powerful!" A worker shouted, as he reloaded his weapon and fired.

"Kill her!" His friend replied. "That snake skin's gonna look good on my wall!"

"Human flesh would make a niccce decoration for me asss well," Nagini snarled, as she bit both of the workers and smacked five of them with her tail.

As the workers fired, they found themselves overpowered by the serpent. One worker, in particular, ran out of bullets and searched his pocket for more; he didn't have any. And out of fear, he tossed his weapon forward and it hit the snake on her head.

"Really?" Nagini inquired, as she punched another worker. "Did you jussst throw your one weapon at me?"

The cowardly man shrugged his shoulders and ran for the exit.

"Hey, come back, you dirty coward!" He heard the other workers shout, but he also heard their screams as soon as they were bitten. The man yelped and leaped over a small body of water, hopping onto a green and orange colored hovercraft that floated above a platform. Whipping out his keys, he gasped as he saw Nagini slithering right towards him.

But just as he stuck his keys in the ignition…


Nagini bit his neck.

But unlike his friends, the man kicked the snake off his chest and covered his bite with his hands. Drops of blood poured down his neck, as he slammed his foot on the gas pedal and dashed over the water. Nagini tried to block him, but she wound up being hit in the chest, which sent her flying to the right.

Upon hitting a wall, she landed on her stomach and looked at the man with anger in her eyes.

But then… she smiled.

With a soft chuckle, she cracked her fingers and gave chase to the man. "Run all you like, human. I like to hunt."

Nagini the Viper began the hunt for her prey.