Author's Note: Hi, people! I'm sorry that it took me a long time to update this story! I ran out of ideas for my plot. Also, I got sick again. I have a slight ear infection, dry eye syndrome, psoriasis, and hordeolum. Anyway, I hope you enjoy reading this chapter! Have a nice day! Bye!

Brief Summary: King Chris and Princess Selina planned to take a cruise and travel from London to New York, then go on a tour in New York City. The others simply tagged along.


The elves wanted to go for a tour in New York, so they planned to take a cruise to New York from London. Meanwhile, Chris and Selina wanted to go to New York for a vacation and a date. The others simply wanted to tag along. The couple planned to take the subway to travel around New York. The two wanted to go shopping, then get fast food, before going to an orchestra concert. For this trip, Selina cast magic on her ears to hide her wolf ears from being seen by humans. Chris had to cast a spell on his elf ears to hide them too.

"We're going on a cruise this summer. We are taking a cruise to New York," Chris announced his summer plans to his friends.

"That's great. I plan to spend the day on deck reading," Selina said.

"You can karaoke and swim on the cruise. They have a television and a swimming pool on the cruise," Chris said.

"Oh, that is unexpected," Selina said.

"Let's go speak with the agent about taking a cruise. We are renting a cruise this time. They have better equipment than our battleship cruise," Chris said.

"Sure, let's go talk to the agent. What are we waiting for?" Selina asked excitedly. They met the agent and started discussing renting a cruise.

"So, I understand you're interested in taking a cruise this year," the agent said.

"We're still a little unsure. We've never taken a cruise before," Selina said.

"They seem fun, but we don't know if there's one right for us," Chris said.

"A lot of couples your age have enjoyed this particular cruise," the agent said.

"This is the view from the stateroom? It looks fantastic," Chris said.

"And these onboard activities seem like they'd be fun. Look, there's even a pool on deck," Selina said.

"There are different activities on deck every day. The ship itself is a recently renovated ocean liner. It's the safest vessel you could ride anywhere in the world. It's also incredibly stable, so you won't even feel it when it's moving," the agent said.

"For me, the beauty of it is that we would disembark in a new city every day. We'd get to see so many different places," Selina said.

"Between the ports of call and the activities to do on the boat, you wouldn't waste one second of your time. With this package, all of your transportation and accommodation will be covered," the agent said.

"I don't know though. Isn't there some common illness people get on cruise lines?" Chris asked.

"You're talking about norovirus. That's a common misconception. Norovirus is much less common on cruises than people think. Not even 1% of cruise ship passengers contact norovirus.

"That's reassuring. I guess I don't need to give it a second thought. Let's go for it!" Chris said.

"This is sure to be one memorable trip," Selina said. They rented the cruise to travel to New York from London. Chris and Selina invited the others to tag along. The cruise is huge and spacious. There was a porthole above the bed in each person's cabin, in which people could see the ocean from the cabin. On the deck, there was a swimming pool, deck chairs, a large TV, and a buffet. Stewards and stewardesses were walking around assisting people who felt seasick and providing cocktail to the passengers. The weather was sunny. Seagulls were flying in the sky. The women dressed in bikinis and sandals. There was a lifeboat nearby in case of an emergency. The ship dropped anchor in the harbor and waited for all the passengers to come to the cruise. People changed into their swimwear. Chris and Roger changed into their swim shorts for this occasion. Anna, Sariel, and Selina also changed into their bikini. Igaire wore a swim trunk and a T-shirt. Roger and Chris wanted to play a tug of war at the swimming pool. They prepared a long rope for the game. Before they started the game, they took off their T-shirts and began doing pushups on the deck. Anna was awed by the elf guys' handsomeness. Her eyes met Chris's glance. She politely tore her eyes away from that V-shaped Apollo's belt below his abdominal muscles. Then, Chris and Roger stood on each side of the swimming pool and started pulling at each end of the rope. The tug of war lasted for a while, for the two elf guys were equally strong. However, Roger was mischievous and he decided to let go of the rope all of the sudden, causing Chris to lose his balance and fall into the swimming pool. While Chris was swimming in the pool, Sariel was looking at Igaire in a thoughtful way.

"Something is amiss," Sariel said.

"What?" Igaire asked.

"Let me think," Sariel responded ponderingly.

"Hm?" Igaire said.

"You're still wearing a T-shirt! That's unfair! That's cheating! Where are the abs that we made a deal on?" Sariel yelled. She jumped onto Igaire, and tried to take off his shirt. Meanwhile, Anna felt seasick, so she went to get the stewardess for help. Chris got out of the water and went to sit by Selina on the deck chair while laughing about his falling into the water. Selina took a towel and started drying Chris.

"They serve cocktails by the swimming pool," Selina said.

"Yep. The ship's dining room serves a great buffet breakfast," Chris said.

"Anna got seasick on the first day of the cruise," Selina said.

"Yeah, I tried to heal her. She doesn't want to hang out with me though. She is throwing a tantrum. She wants to be around Roger and Sariel. Anyway, let's ask the steward about the karaoke. It would be nice to hear you sing for once," Chris said.

"Okay," Selina said. They went to ask the steward about setting up the karaoke. The steward went to set up the television and the microphone.

"We're going to hold a karaoke contest. We'll see who is the best karaoke singer," Chris announced to everyone. "Who wants to sing first?"

Meanwhile, Sariel was trying to heal Anna, who was seasick. Roger and Igaire were helping her heal Anna.

"Look into the songbook and choose a song, honey," Chris said to Selina. "Are you going to sing a Mandarin song?"

"No, I am going to sing a Cantonese song," Selina replied jokingly.

"That's a nice joke," Chris said. "You have a beautiful voice. You should sing something."

Selina went to search for a song she liked and was familiar with. She found the song, Reflection, from Disney's movie, Mulan. She was familiar with the Chinese version of that song, called "Oneself."

"I want to sing Oneself from Mulan. Thank you," Selina said.

"Okay, Oneself coming up soon," Chris said. He used the remote control to enter the song's number on the television. The disco ball shone various colorful lights on everyone. Selina got up from the deck chair and started singing Oneself in Chinese.

Look carefully at the clear reflection in the waves

It's another self of me

It belongs to my truest expression

Not willing to hide my sincerity in life

In the eyes of people who love me

The self in my heart

Every second, completely willing

Let go and pursue love

And diligently treasuring it

Hidden in every true mood in my heart

Now will be released

I want to appear stronger before the world

Living a more courageous life

The self in my eyes

Every day, completely believe

Live more and more like the self I love

The self in my heart

Every second, completely willing

Let go and pursue love

And diligently treasuring it

Only in love, I will possess the freedom to breath

Only in confronting myself honestly will I have love's determination

The self in my eyes

Every day, completely believe

Live more and more like the self I love

The self in my heart

Every second, completely willing

Let go and pursue love

And diligently treasuring it

After everyone picked a song to sing, Chris became the referee. The winner of the singing contest turned out to be Selina. The song, Oneself, was just amazing and Selina's voice was wonderful. The cruise set sail from the port of London and glided peacefully across the Atlantic Ocean toward the direction of New York. The weather was sunny when the cruise set sail. However, the weather turned cloudy and windy after a few hours into the trip. It looked like there was a storm coming. The ocean waves became larger, and the ship swayed.

"Something is coming," Anna said. There was a big wave. Many ferocious sea demons jumped out from the ocean's depths and landed on the cruise.

"This is our territory! No trespassing! All intruders will be killed!" the sea demons shouted. Anna grabbed her demon hunter bow and began shooting at the sea demons.

"Go back to the ocean, foul demons!" Anna screamed.

"Kill all the humans! There are elves mixed among humans! Kill all the elves too!" the sea demons yelled. They began murdering people on the cruise.

"Stop the sea demons! Capture them on my orders!" Chris shrieked. Some sea demons started chasing Anna around the cruise. She tripped over a deck chair and fell. Chris dashed toward Anna and caught her, catching her head in one hand. Then, he cast a spell to capture the sea demons.

"Imprison!" Chris screamed. Some sea demons were arrested by his spell. The others dodged the spell and chased after Selina instead.

"Are you all right?" Chris asked Anna. Her bikini has untied itself and became loose. Her breasts were falling out of the unreliable bikini.

"Yeah, I'm fine. Thanks for the catch," Anna said. Chris ceased suppressing his feelings and leaned over to kiss her, before reaching into her bikini.

"Tornado!" Selina shrieked, releasing a tornado at the sea demons. However, some of them dodged the wind spell and grabbed Selina before jumping into the swimming pool. They knocked her head against the deck, knocking her unconscious, and tried to drown her in the pool. Seeing that Chris was busy getting distracted in the middle of a battle, Igaire dived into the swimming pool without any hesitation. He drew out his light blue sword infused with ice magic, and then quickly cast a freezing spell to restrain the sea demons. Sea demons were more resistant to water or ice spells, but being in the pool made Igaire's ice spell more powerful.

"Glaciate!" Igaire screeched. He froze the sea demons before pulling Selina out of the water. "Selina!" He shook his sister, but the woman had fainted. He checked her breathing and pulse. Unfortunately, she was not breathing and had no pulse. He had no choice but to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) on her. After some attempts at CPR, Selina was revived. She woke up puking water from her lungs. Meanwhile, Roger and Sariel were put in charge of capturing the sea demons by Chris. Roger and Sariel fought back to back and then froze the sea demons in ice spells.

"Frost nova!" Roger screamed the spell. Then, he succeeded in arresting many sea demons on the deck. After all the sea demons were captured, Chris ordered the sea demons to be sent to the elf kingdom and wait for interrogation.

"Sea demons had never been this aggressive to humans or elves. Something is up. We have to interrogate these captured sea demons to find out what is going on," Chris voiced his concern.

"As you wish, your majesty. Open portal!" Sariel said, casting the spell to open a magic portal. Roger grabbed his cellphone and made a call to the paladin headquarters to report the event.

"Hello, this is Duke Roger. I am reporting an attack by sea demons in the Atlantic Ocean about six hours off the coast of London, toward the direction of New York. We have arrested all of the sea demons, and Sariel has just opened up a portal. Please send someone over to get these sea demons to the elf kingdom," Roger said over the phone.

"Yes, sir! We will send a team of elf soldiers over right away," the staff of paladin headquarters said over the phone.

"Thank you," Roger said. Soon, some elf soldiers came out of the portal to get the captured sea demons and transported them back to the elf kingdom for interrogation. Igaire took Selina to Chris.

"You forgot something. I think she belongs to you. Please take better care of her," Igaire said.

"Oops, sorry! My bad!" Chris said. He looked guilty. He could not protect two women at the same time. The blond elf king hugged Selina, then spun her around and started kissing her nude back, exposed by her bikini. Sariel walked over to them because she remembered something important.

"Your majesty, it's not good to get too intimate with Princess Selina before marriage, even if your wedding is approaching soon," Sariel said.

"You're right. Sorry about that," Chris said, and reluctantly let go of Selina. The ocean eventually calmed down. The weather finally went back to sunny. The cruise continued to glide serenely forward, toward the destination. Days and weeks passed. When the cruise arrived at the harbor of New York, Chris and Selina went to the subway to get around the city of New York. Sariel and Igaire tagged along, but the two couples were going to different locations. Roger was going to the subway too, but he was going to a different place with Anna. All of them had cast magic spells on their elf ears or wolf ears to avoid being seen by humans.

"Where can I buy a MetroCard?" Selina asked the New York City subway's customer service staff.

"You can buy one at the MetroCard vending machine over there," the subway service staff replied.

"What time is the last subway?" Chris asked.

"The subway runs twenty-four hours a day. You can buy a single-ride ticket or one-day pass," the subway staff answered.

"Can I get a weekly or monthly pass?" Selina asked.

"Sure. Here you go, " the staff responded, giving her a subway pass. Then, Selina paid for her pass. She was excited about her trip.

"I would like to buy a weekly or monthly pass too," Chris said. Then, he bought a pass from the subway staff.

"Should we buy a pass or should we get the MetroCard?" Igaire asked Sariel.

"I would like to buy the MetroCard," Sariel answered.

"Okay," Igaire said.

"Excuse me. I'm going to Penn Station," Sariel said to the subway staff.

"That's on the one line. Take the one uptown and get off at the fifth stop," the staff said.

"How many stops is it to 86th Street Station?" Igaire asked.

"It's five stops," the staff responded.

"Could you tell me how to get to the Metropolitan Museum of Art?" Roger asked.

"Take the 4-5-6 going downtown and get off at the 86th street," the staff answered. After purchasing the passes and the MetroCards, the two couples, Anna and Roger went separate ways. Chris and Selina went shopping at a shopping mall first. They went to a bookstore first.

"May I help you?" a bookstore staff asked.

"I'm just looking," Selina replied.

"Please let me know if you need help," the bookstore staff said.

"I'm looking for fantasy genre books," Selina said.

"This way, please," the bookstore staff said. After purchasing a fantasy book at the bookstore, Selina and Chris went shopping in a department store.

"Where are the hair products?" Selina asked a department store staff.

"They're on the second floor," the department store staff answered. They walked to the second floor and went to the hair dye section.

"Do you have any other colors?" Selina asked. She picked out a red hair dye, but she wanted a blue hair dye instead.

"Yes, what color do you prefer?" the department store staff asked.

"Blue," Selina replied. The staff went to get the product for her.

"Here you go," the staff said. She handed a blue hair dye to Selina.

"Just curious, for what purpose do you need the blue hair dye for?" Chris asked Selina.

"It's nothing. I want to look different from my brother, Igaire. That's all. We all have silver hair, so that makes us look like twins," Selina said.

"I see," Chris said, chuckling. After buying a hair dye, they went to the women's clothing store.

"I'm interested in some short skirts," Selina said.

"How about one of these?" Chris asked.

"These are nice. I'll get one of these skirts. Thank you," Selina replied.

"Is it made of leather?" Chris asked.

"Yes, it is made of leather," the salesperson replied. Selina picked out a coat.

"Can I hand wash this coat?" Selina asked.

"Yes, but you should lie it flat to dry," the salesperson answered.

"May I try this on?" Selina asked.

"Sure, the fitting room is over there," the salesperson responded. After Selina tried the coat on, she decided to purchase it. Then, she went to browse the handbags with Chris.

"I want to see the handbag in the window," Selina said.

"Here you are," the salesperson said.

"Do you have this style in brown?" Selina asked.

"I'm afraid we're sold out of brown. It's a popular color," the seller replied.

"I need to buy a pair of sports shoes," Chris said.

"Are you looking for jogging shoes or any particular sport?" the salesperson asked.

"Jogging shoes," Chris answered. The salesperson showed Chris where the jogging shoes were located. Then, Chris chose a pair of gym shoes that he liked. Chris and Selina went to pay for their items before they went to find the electronic section of the department store.

"I am looking for a digital camera, but I'm not sure which one is best," Selina said.

"Well, let me show you this one," the salesperson said, before showing Selina a new model of camera.

"How does it work?" Selina asked.

"Let me show you how to use this," the salesperson said before showing her how to use the camera.

"Which model is the most popular?" Selina asked.

"Well, PS-6 is the newest on the market, but the TH-3 is the most popular," the salesperson said.

"I'll buy this camera. Thank you," Selina said.

"How much are these cell phones?" Chris asked.

"That depends on the brand," the salesperson replied.

"How's the image quality?" Chris asked.

"Excellent," the salesperson said.

"How does this compare to the latest model?" Chris asked.

"The camera's resolution is higher: eight megapixels," the salesperson answered.

"Does the price on the tag include the tax?" Chris asked.

"No. We have a 5% sales tax here," the salesperson answered.

"I'll buy this cell phone. Thank you," Chris said.

"Did you find what you were looking for?" the salesperson asked.

"Yes, thank you," Chris and Selina responded together.

"Do you want anything else?" the salesperson asked.

"That's all for today," Chris and Selina replied.

"Where is the checkout counter?" They asked.

"This way," the salesperson answered.

"How much is the total?" Chris asked. After the salesperson told him the total cost, Chris spun around to face Selina.

"I will pay for all of the items. It's on me," Chris said, smiling.

"Thank you, Chris. You're so sweet," Selina said, smiling back.

"Do you have a membership card?" the staff asked.

"No," Chris answered.

"Will you pay by cash or credit card?' the staff asked.

"I'd like to pay by card. Do you accept credit cards?" Chris asked.

"We take all major credit cards," the staff responded.

"Could I have a receipt?" Chris asked.

"Here is your receipt," the staff responded. "Paper bag or plastic bag?"

"We brought our shopping bags," Chris and Selina responded in unison. When they were done shopping, they went to buy food at a fast-food restaurant, Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC).

"What would you like to order?" the KFC staff asked.

"I'll have a combo meal number three," Chris replied.

"I'll have a chicken nugget meal, please," Selina answered.

"What would you like to drink?" the KFC staff asked.

"A medium coke, please," Chris answered.

"I'd like Sprite with no ice, please," Selina responded.

"Would you like anything else?" the KFC staff asked.

"No, thank you. That's it," Chris and Selina answered together.

"Will that be for here or to go?" the KFC staff asked.

"For here," Selina and Chris responded together. Then, the KFC staff told them the total cost of their orders.

"Are you paying together?" the KFC staff asked. Chris spun around to face Selina.

"I will pay for everything. It's my treat," Chris said, smiling at Selina.

"Thanks, Chris. You're very sweet," Selina said, smiling back. After Chris paid for their food in cash, the KFC staff turned to Chris.

"Here's your receipt and change. Your order number is on the receipt. We'll call your number when your order is up," the KFC staff said.

"Okay," Chris said, taking the receipt and change.

"Let's go find a table," Selina said.

"There are some empty seats over there," Chris said.

"Where would you like to sit?" Selina asked.

"Let's sit by the window," Chris answered. They sat down by the window of the KFC shop. Then, they waited patiently for their orders. Soon, the KFC staff called their order numbers. Chris and Selina got up from their seats and walked over to the check out counter.

"Here is your food and some napkins. The condiments are on that counter. Straws for your drinks are in this dispenser right here," the KFC staff said. She gave them their orders. Chris and Selina took their food and went back to their seats.

"So, what have you been up to?" Chris asked.

"I just finished reading a Taiwanese light novel called Real Dragon's Princess," Selina said.

"What is a light novel?" Chris asked.

"A light novel is a style of Japanese young adult novel primarily targeting high school and middle school students. The length of a light novel is about fifty thousand words, close to the minimum expected for a Western novel. A distinguishing characteristic of light novels is that they are illustrated with a manga art style and are often adapted into manga and anime."

"Okay, I get it, but what is the light novel about?" Chris asked.

"It's about the First Emperor of China and his concubine," Selina replied. "Qin Shi Huang was the founder of the Qin dynasty and the first emperor of a unified China. He was born on 18 February 259 BC and died on 10 September 210 BC. His name was Ying Zheng. He became China's first emperor when he was thirty-eight after the Qin had conquered all of the other Warring States and unified all of the China in 221 BC. Rather than maintain the title of 'king' borne by previous Shang and Zhou rulers, he ruled as the First Emperor of the Qin dynasty from 221 BC to 210 BC. His self-invented title 'emperor' would continue to be borne by Chinese rulers for the next two millennia."

"Interesting. I want to know more about this Chinese emperor," Chris said. Selina giggled.

"During Qin Shi Huang's reign, his generals greatly expanded the size of the Chinese state. Qin Shi Huang also enacted major economic and political reforms aimed at the standardization of the diverse practices of the earlier Chinese states. His public works projects included the unification of diverse state walls into a single Great Wall of China and a massive new national road system," Selina said.

"That's intriguing. So, what is the story of the light novel about?" Chris said.

"I don't want to spoil too much of the story. The female main character is born to be a savior of China. She is destined to choose between two attractive guys who have the potentials to become an emperor. They will either unify China or cause war and destruction to the country. If she chooses the right person, it will bring peace and prosperity to China. However, if she chooses the wrong person, it will cause numerous deaths and destruction to the country," Selina replied.

"I see. Sounds like a romantic novel to me," Chris commented.

"Real Dragon's Princess is the most twisted, but the sweetest light novel I've ever read. The female protagonist is torn between two male protagonists. Choosing one of them means either saving China or dooming China. Also, choose one of the guys means the other one will die. The guy she chooses is cute and nice, and he becomes the Emperor, but he goes crazy for revenge. Meanwhile, the other guy is super handsome and intelligent, but kills a ridiculous amount of people in the war, before he eventually gets fatally wounded and dies. However, he sacrificed a lot for the girl protagonist. Unfortunately, she can only choose one guy. So, she feels very tormented over her decision. Anyway, the author is a woman, and she likes writing love triangles. She retold Chinese history in a twisted, but romantic way. We normally wouldn't expect a light novel to be so dark and serious. Light novels are usually humorous and romantic," Selina said.

"Yikes, love triangles!" Chris exclaimed.

"You're the one to talk. You have two wives, plus a fiancee, me. Technically, you have a harem," Selina expressed.

"I only did it because I had no choice in the matter, but it's like how when it comes to love, people tend to prefer simple relationships than complicated love triangles," Chris voiced his opinion on the matter.

"I see," Selina said.

"Anyway, there is still a lot of time. Shall we go to an orchestra concert?" Chris asked.

"Yes, we shall. I like listening to classical music," Selina said. Chris and Selina arrived at the orchestra concert. They bought two tickets and went to find their seats in the auditorium. The receptionists gave Chris the pamphlets. Then, they watched the rehearsal beforehand.

"Who will be the conductor?" Selina asked.

"Mr. Barker will conduct the band today," Chris said, after reading a pamphlet given to him by the receptionists.

"Who is the first violinist?" Selina asked.

"Sara is. She is the concertmaster," Chris responded.

"The conductor wants the band to slow down!" Selina said.

"Yeah, they're probably playing at a pace that is too fast for the song," Chris said. The orchestra played a Mozart concerto.

"What are they going to play next?" Selina asked.

"The orchestra concert is starting. It's time to play the songs on the pamphlet. Let me see. They are going to play a march next," Chris replied.

"Who is the composer of this piece?" Selina asked.

"This piece was composed by Beethoven," Chris answered.

"Who is the clarinetist?" Selina asked.

"Jane is the first-chair clarinetist; she's the section leader," Chris responded. "Anna is learning to play the clarinet." After this song ended, the orchestra played another song.

"The brass section comes in in the middle of the song," Chris said.

"This composition has a great flute solo," Selina commented. One song ended, another song began.

"What key is this song in?" Selina asked.

"This song is in C minor," Chris said.

"The tempo of this song is fast," Selina said.

"She is performing the violin solo," Chris said.

"When is the piano solo coming?" Selina asked.

"The solo is coming after the next movement," Chris responded. When the piano soloist finished playing the song, a lady walked to the stage. She was dressed in a dark, fancy dress. The hostess introduced her as the singer. The music starts and she began to sing.

"What vibrato!" Selina exclaimed.

"She has an opera singer's voice," Chris commented. The lady singer ends her song in a high note. The audiences started clapping.

"What is the next song?" Selina asked.

"The next song will be performed by stringed instruments," Chris said.

"What kind of music will the stringed instruments perform?" Selina asked.

"The stringed instruments will use pizzicato to play the ninth movement of Bach's Magnificat," Chris responded. The orchestra played the next song.

"Which instrument makes the lowest pitch?" Selina asked.

"That would be the double bass," Chris responded. After the orchestra played the last song on the pamphlet, the orchestra went off stage.

"Will the orchestra comes back out again?!" Selina asked.

"I hope they do. I would love to hear an encore," Chris responded. Soon, the orchestra came back on stage again to play another song. The audiences kept on clapping.

"The orchestra came out for an encore!" Selina exclaimed. The orchestra prepared a few songs for the encore. The audiences clapped after every song. "How do you feel about the orchestra's rhythm?"

"I feel like the violins rushed a bit, but overall the orchestra was pretty steady," Chris answered. After the orchestra played all of the encore songs, the audiences would not stop clapping.

"Do you think the orchestra will get a standing ovation?" Selina asked.

"They should! Let's stand up and give them one," Chris responded. Almost simultaneously, the other audiences stood up from their seats to give the orchestra a standing ovation. After that, the audience prepared to leave the auditorium. "Let's go meet up with the others at the hotel."

"Okay, let's go," Selina said. They grabbed their items and went back to the hotel to wait for the other people.


Author's Note: Hi, people! I'm sorry that it took me a long time to update this story! I ran out of ideas for my plot. Also, I got sick again. I have a slight ear infection, dry eye syndrome, psoriasis, and hordeolum. Anyway, I hope you enjoy reading this chapter! Have a nice day! Bye!

Brief Summary: King Chris and Princess Selina planned to take a cruise and travel from London to New York, then go on a tour in New York City. The others simply tagged along.