What would we give

to be young once more;

Tour that play land made world

where our childhood dreams soared.

Teleport, with a puff

to fair places we'd visit;

Aims that time let effaced

like a snowflake's ceased glistened.

Special things that assure us

would yield quantum joy;

In a flash, they'd appear

with a nebulous glow.

To ascend through night's breeze

almost grazing the stars;

On a mystical journey,

in our own carpet rides.

Close friends once held dear,

viewed now as mere foes;

Mend those riibbons long shredded

with tear's dust and hellos.

To stump or quite stun death

with just one snap;

Breathe hope to folks needing

a welcome, a chance.

Dismiss our misfortunes

with the twirl of a wand.

Unnerve our opponents

with an amulet's charm.

Rescind our own struggles

with one roll of the dice;

And relive cherished moments

with the wink of an eye.

To drown or inhume

our gravest despairs;

Retract hostile words that

brought shame in the end.

Renew sacred vows

with a heavenly whiz;

Forgive and forget

with love's magical kiss.

To scrawl our own stories,

our own fountains of youth.

Health elixirs, love potions,

each spellcaster's best brew.

To reclaim our good names

with humility...

If only our wishes would

vouchsafe with such ease.

written on: April 25, 2019.