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Nah, I just drew two drawings of this couple today and suddenly wanted to make a story for them. So here it is.

Also, if you're wondering why the names Arato and Meldewson sound familiar, it's kind of a link between worlds. Think of Our Terrible Road Trip as generation 1, The Meldewson Household as generation 2 and this story as generation 3. Hope that clears things up as to why there's so many Meldewson stories. Enjoy.

Alexander Inkscript stood outside of the Rare Bite Lounge, a high-class restaurant where he was supposed to be set up on a blind date with a classmate of his. Despite that it was his classmate he was going on a date with, Alexander was almost unrecognizable from his usual appearance. His jet black hair, usually tied in a ponytail fastened with a white bow, was now tied in a masculine bun with a thinner, almost unnoticeable hair tie. He had his white collared shirt partially unbuttoned to reveal parts of his chest which were usually hidden away and his shirt was fasted with a bow tie. He had the same bored expression on his face as always which made it slightly easier for anyone to identify him.

As he stood waiting, Alexander heard whispers of the people who passed him on the street.

"Wow, look at that tall, handsome guy."

"I bet he's waiting on a lady he's supposed to be on a date with."

"How can a waiter look so good right now?"

Alexander ignored these comments especially since most of them were from or about women. He stretched his back out and was about to enter the restaurant when a smaller man approached him.

"Excuse me, you wouldn't happen to have seen a tall guy with...oh...I-I thought you were someone else. Nice to meet you Alexander. You-you kind of look better than your pictures."

Alexander looked down at his classmate, Arato Junior. The two had never had any interactions except when an accident had happened in the hallways. Arato Junior was shorter than Alexander had expected, standing around 5 foot 9 compared to the 6 foot giant standing in front of him. His hair was as messy as ever and he was wearing neater attire than his usual jeans and t-shirt. Alexander opened the door and bowed as he let Arato Junior into the restaurant before following him.

"Reservation for two for 7 o'clock please." Alexander said to the hostess. The hostess smiled and led them to a table with a sign saying 'reserved'. She handed them menus before leaving them to their own devices. The table was silent before Alexander cleared his throat and began to speak.

"Shall we order starters as well as a main course a desert?" He asked. Arato Junior chuckled nervously and nodded. A waiter came over to take orders and Alexander ordered himself a bowl of pumpkin soup and a glass of water. The waiter then asked Arato Junior what he wanted which made Arato Junior freeze up on the spot. He wanted to appear fancy to Alexander but at the same time, just wanted to be honest. Arato Junior took a deep breath and ordered a plate of spring rolls and a glass of cola. The waiter left and the two were yet again, left to their own devices.

Alexander searched his mind, desperate for something to start up a conversation with him but only questions ran through his head. Alexander wanted to know so much about Arato Junior. He wanted to know about his family, the reason he agreed to come on this date, about his past lovers and, most of all, was he really gay like him? Alexander was about to ask one of these questions when Arato Junior started to speak.

"So uh, this is kinda weird but...I always thought you would be engaged to some wealthy girl? Did something happen or was that never a thing?" He asked. Alexander was about to condemn his date but then realized where that misconception may have sparked. He straightened up and said "It was never a thing. I serve a wealthy couple and I have no interest in women. If I was offered to marry their daughter, I would lose my job as I could never love somebody's daughter.".

Arato Junior smiled and said "I understand. My dad's forcing me to be a great football player but...I only agreed because the benefit I would get would be around other men a lot. If my dad found out that was my only reason, I don't know what he'd do.". Alexander had most of his questions answered without even having to ask them. He was about to ask more questions when the waiter arrived with the starters and the conversation was put on pause so the two could eat their meals.

Afterwards, Alexander and Arato Junior were prompted to order main courses. The waiter walked over before Arato Junior could finish deciding but it seemed as though Alexander had no problems in making up his mind. Alexander asked the waiter for lasagna for his main course and when asked if he wanted garlic bread, Alexander rejected the offer. Arato Junior felt as if he had to choose quickly so he blurted out the first thing he saw when he glanced back at the menu which happened to be Chicken Tikka Masala. The waiter took the menus and Arato Junior tried to calm himself down after his panic which was on the brink of turning into an anxiety attack.

Alexander saw how flustered his date seemed and handed Arato Junior a tissue from the packet in his trouser pocket. Arato Junior took the tissue and started dabbing the sweat off his forehead. Alexander watched the panicked Arato Junior and hoped that the date wouldn't have to end early. Alexander was quiet surprised at the fact that he felt this way. He hadn't felt this way since he was in a relationship with his ex-boyfriend which ended after a young lady was brought into the picture as well. Alexander looked down at his hands as he tried to block out the thoughts about his past relationship. It was his longest lasting relationship so it was hard for him to let go of especially with how it ended. Arato Junior was about to ask if Alexander was okay when the main courses came and the table went back to being silent.

Alexander struggled to eat his lasagna. The thoughts had consumed him and he couldn't stop thinking about his last relationship. Arato Junior noticed this and put his hand on Alexander's. "If you need, we can end the date after this and continue this relationship when you're ready." he said. Alexander shook his head and continued eating. The terrible thoughts that had consumed him were now replaced with determination to not let this date end just because he was having a couple of bad thoughts.

It was finally time to order desert and when the waiter came with the desert menu, Alexander requested a glass of whiskey. Arato Junior was quite shocked at the sudden change. He ordered a glass as well and when questioned about it, he said that he just wanted to try it. Despite just ordering the same drink as his date, Arato Junior didn't feel the same pressure as when he was ordering the other two courses. When the waiter came back, shock came over the duo as they said the same desert at the same time - Tiramisu. The waiter wrote the order and left Arato Junior and Alexander staring at each other in awe.

Alexander took a sip of his whiskey and started contemplating what had just happened. He was almost thrilled to have somebody else have the same taste in deserts as him. Alexander was resting his head on his hand and biting his lip while avoiding eye contact with Arato Junior to avoid confronting how he was feeling. He was feeling as if he was loved like never before. It was a strange happy feeling to him.

Arato Junior on the other hand, felt some embarrassment. He was about to apologize for copying his date in case it had seemed as though he was when Alexander suddenly grabbed his hand. Alexander stared into his date's eyes and just as he was about to speak, the fact that he was so entranced in Arato Junior's brown eyes had caused him to forget what he was about to say. Alexander covered his mouth with his other hand to hide the fact that he was biting his lip in anticipation when the deserts finally arrived. Both of the people at the table felt as though they should say something so they both blurted something at the same time.

"I understand if you don't want to continue because I'm acting weird." Arato Junior cried.

"I think this is probably the best date I've been on in my entire life." Alexander spluttered.

The two looked at each other for a few minutes but then laughed at how they kept saying things at the same time. They laughed for a few moments before eating their deserts.

And so, the date was finally coming to an end. The two paid the bill and got up to leave. "I guess I'll be hearing from you soon." Alexander said proudly.

"W-why?" Arato Junior stuttered, thinking he had done something wrong when in fact, the exact opposite was the case.

"To schedule another date of course." Alexander smiled before walking away to make his way to his house. Arato Junior smiled as he watched his date fade into the distance before getting on his bicycle, which was placed outside of the restaurant, and cycling home.

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