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This chapter's gonna be a little weird but I would like to put a trigger warning before this chapter starts as there's a few triggers in this chapter (violence, mentions of abuse, racism, etc.). So let's get into this.

Alexander had woken up that morning with a pain in his head again. The lights were making his eyes go blurry and everything hurt. He was in severe pain but couldn't go back home after an incident that morning. He was about to leave his fourth class that day for lunch but he had breathing problems as he tried to get up. Shit! It's way too tight! Alexander thought. He got up after a few tries and walked to the bathroom as fast as he could without giving himself breathing difficulties.

Alexander got to one of the bathrooms, hoping it was empty. He opened the door to see nobody in there. Alexander closed the door and took off his blazer and shirt to reveal the binder he was wearing. As he loosened it, Alexander felt relief. That was the case until he heard some movement in the stall behind him.

Arato Junior walked out of the bathroom stall, exhausted after whatever it was he was doing in there, and jumped at the sight of Alexander. Alexander almost instantly covered his chest. The middle of his chest slightly creased when he did so, making his boyfriend wonder what was going on.

"Alexander...is that a...that a..." Arato Junior stuttered, trying to figure out whether he was wearing a binder or a bra.

Alexander immediately got defensive, snapping at his boyfriend "Yes, it's a binder! You got a problem with that?".

Arato Junior stuttered again, this time from shock, "N-no but...I didn't know you were-". He was cut off by Alexander snapping at him again.

"Transgender? That's because I'm not. It's a genetic mutation." Alexander yelled. Arato Junior desperately tried to calm him down. The two eventually sat down on the floor and tried to talk it out.

"My mothers...they did some science thing where you can turn bone marrow into sperm. I was supposed to be a girl like all the other children that come out of that experiment but...I had a mutation." Alexander explained, still shirtless and wearing the binder.

"So...you're intersex?" Arato Junior asked. Alexander buried his head and shook it.

"No, I'm not. That would be easier to explain. I mean...I'm sort of intersex, I suppose? I have feminine qualities such as a smaller penis, a feminine voice and...a monthly cycle...well sort of." He explained. Arato Junior looked at him weirdly, continuously glancing up and down between his crotch and his face. Alexander eventually got what he was trying to say and sighed.

"Before you verbally ask, I don't have actual periods. I just get some of the symptoms such as tender breasts and-" Alexander cut himself off. He clutched his stomach and curled up into a tight ball. His boyfriend stared at him in disbelief before realizing he was actually having cramps. He pulled a bottle of painkillers out of his bag and gave two of them to Alexander. He also handed him a spare bottle of water he had with him. Alexander took the painkillers and thanked his boyfriend, glad he was there at that moment.

"No problem. But...why didn't you tell me before?" Arato Junior asked. Alexander looked away, as though he was embarrassed. Arato Junior thought about it for a moment before realizing what reason was most likely.

"My master...ever since he took custody of me, he's made fun of it. His son does the same thing. They poke and prod at my body and laugh at it. The son calls me names all the time. The only reason I continue working there is so I can get enough money to move out and live with both my mothers." Alexander's eyes filled with tears as he spoke.

"I just want my family back." He sighed before breaking down into tears. Arato Junior gave him a hug, trying to calm him back down.

"Hey, hey. It's okay. I can help you out if you need it." He soothed, patting his boyfriend on the back.

As Arato Junior soothed his boyfriend, a blonde boy appearing similar to Donnie walked into the bathroom. He smirked when he saw Alexander crying. Little did Arato Junior know that he was the son of his boyfriend's master.

"You know, you should really take your bra off Alexander, you girl!" the son teased. Arato Junior snapped at this and rushed himself upwards.

"HEY! You can't say that sort of thing to him!" He growled, shielding his boyfriend with his body. The son laughed and asked what he was going to do about it. Arato Junior clenched his fist before taking a swing at the son. He hit him right in the jaw. The son fell to the ground and looked up at him in disbelief before getting back up with a furious look on his face.

"I'M SUING YOU! I'LL GET MY DAD TO SUE YOU FOR THIS! ALEXANDER! DRIVE ME HOME!" The son screamed in anger. Alexander tried to explain that he walked that morning. The son then demanded that Arato Junior drive them, claiming that he might let him off the hook if he did.

"I-I'm sorry. I can't drive." Arato Junior claimed. The son continued to repeatedly demanded it until Arato Junior gave in. The trio got into Arato Junior's father's car and took off.

As he said, Arato Junior couldn't drive. He was so anxious about driving he drove like a snail. The son demanded he speed up. Arato Junior gulped before starting to drive faster. He eventually got faster but not because of the son's demands, but out of anger when he heard what the son was saying to Alexander in the back seat.

"So who's he? Your boyfriend? My dad's going to fire you when he finds out!"

"Even the people you hang out with are as dumb as you. No wonder your parents don't love you anymore!"

"You shouldn't fall in love with black people! My dad says they all have AIDS!"

Even though the last one was just a racist lie, it was still the straw that broke the camel's back for Arato Junior. He unknowingly sped up and swerved the car as he began to yell at the son for being homophobic and racist. In doing so, he crashed the car into another.

The son was launched forwards due to his lack of seatbelt. He hit his head off the dashboard and was knocked unconscious. Arato Junior hit his own head against the windshield, smashing it and knocking himself unconscious as well. Alexander, the only one that was still unconscious, started hyperventilating in the backseat as multiple police cars and ambulances approached the scene.

Arato Junior woke up a few hours later with pain in the back of his head. His vision was blurry and he couldn't see. When he could see clearly, he saw a strange man who seemed very ticked off at him. The man started yelling at him for putting his son in a coma when it was clearly the son's own fault for not wearing a seatbelt.

Alexander was in the background, looking upset as he watched his boyfriend getting yelled at. He regretted telling the truth about what happened to his master. After a while of the master yelling he turned to Alexander gave him a slap on the face before telling him he was fired. Alexander zoned out in disbelief. Was he really fired? Or was it just the master getting angry with him?

When both of them left, Arato Junior looked up at the ceiling and reflected on what happened. It was his fault. He should've controlled his temper. He stayed like this for hours until he heard the door open.

Alexander was standing at the door with suitcases. It was obvious that he had officially been let go. Even though his master and had mistreated him, he still seemed upset at something. Then Arato Junior remembered what he had said earlier.

"I just want my family back."

That was definitely impossible now, seeing as he was now jobless as well as homeless. Arato Junior looked down in disappointment but then, he had an idea that would change both of their lives for the good.

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