Testing the Waters:

Akane and Yume's spar went for the least amount of time. It started off smoothly enough with Yume demonstrating some level of dexterity when Akane actually found it a bit difficult to hit her. Due to her small stature and unorthodox fighting style, she was actually faring well, all things considered.

"Wow, Kagami," Akane exclaimed. "I didn't expect you to move like that." She complimented while watching the girl wipe a thin layer of sweat off her brow.

"Thanks, I get that a lot." Yume responded. She stood on firm feet despite the small bruises and slight pain she was feeling and waited for her opponent to make another move. She didn't have to wait long.

Akane moved forward and dropped low, attempting to sweep the girl's feet from under her. Yume saw it coming however and jumped backwards instead of upwards, to which Masahiro noticed.

"Wow, not many people know you can just jump back. Most people just instinctively jump up and make themselves vulnerable." She explained, clearly impressed.

Yume didn't respond verbally however. The red-head adjusted her glasses and smoothly feigned a knee which she extended at the last moment.

Akane's eyebrows went up in surprise and she managed to block it with a strong arm. It slid her to the side several centimeters and she smiled. Yume didn't have a chance to understand why before Akane grabbed her ankle and raised it up. Yume was forced to turn her body sideways to remain standing but Akane expected this and sent a sharp kick to the back of the girl's knee.

Yume squeaked in pain before falling on her stomach. Akane let go of her leg and in one single smooth motion, she grabbed her arm and twisted it behind her back while placing a knee on her back. She tried to make it not as painful as it would've been, but she quickly jumped off of the girl when she heard a pained cry.

"Oh, my God!" She helped her up with a bright red face. "I'm so sorry! I just got so carried away!" Akane apologized with several rapid bows.

"Still as sharp as ever I see." Ochi teased when Akane and Yume entered the Observation room. The former still tried to help the latter wipe the dust off of her uniform and adjust her crooked glasses, while looking sheepish at Ochi's comment. "It's been so long since you last fought. Glad to see you haven't dulled in the slightest! You did very well too, Young Kagami! You actually made Akane sweat. You know, she was quite the fighter back in her day!" Ochi praised.

"Back in her day?" Yume cocked her head to the side in confusion.

"I'm twenty-four! Stop saying that like I'm your age!" Akane protested, ironically sounding like a child while she did so.

Ochi let out a hearty laugh. "You two came at the best time, everyone else's spars are heating up."

Rikuto and Yoshiie moved at high speeds. Each clash they had produced small gusts of wind and kicked up dust. This continued on for several exchanges before Rikuto accelerated and almost caught Yoshiie in the face with a straight jab. The girl ducked low and grabbed his extended arm with two hands, quickly and expertly flipping him over her body and onto the ground.

Rikuto grunted at the impact, and quickly freed himself. He was forced to roll out of a powerful stomp that heavily cracked the ground where he once laid. Continuing to roll, he gripped Yoshiie's ankle and stood up in the same motion. Yoshiie managed to maintain balance by hopping on one leg and immediately continued on the offensive. Displaying impressive flexibility, she jumped and spun while her leg remained in his grasp and threw a roundhouse kick to his cheek.

Rikuto expected this and smirked. He lowered his head just enough for her kick to fly over him, but what he didn't expect was for Yoshiie to repeat the attack almost as soon as her foot hit the floor. The heel caught Rikuto in the cheek and he stumbled while letting go.

"Lucas never did any stuff like that." He grumbled while rubbing his face.

Yoshiie giggled. "No one ever expects the second kick." She states before running at him with her fist reared back.

Rikuto ducked and grabbed the girl's arm with both hands, similar to what she had done to him prior. Performing the exact same flip, Yoshiie hit the ground with a thud. Instead of following up with a stomp like she'd done before, Rikuto paused for a fraction of a second to follow her movements.

'Roll right,' He predicted.

His guess was right. Mid roll, Rikuto caught Yoshiie in the lower back with a punch and quickly forced both of his knees in the back of the girl's thighs, making movement impossible.

"Ouch, Maeda!" Yoshiie struggled for several seconds before giving up. "Fine, you win!"

Toshiro was having a much harder time against Byakuya than he cared to admit. Firstly, she was not an easy target to hit. Whereas most users of flash step, including himself could not reach top speed within a single step, Byakuya could. Toshiro would begin in flash steps and, while he would still be way too fast to be seen by normal people, he was still relatively slow until he hit his stride.

Because of this, instead of directly flash stepping towards her, he would flash step around her to build up speed. In only six steps, he reached his top speed and had begun to circle her dangerously.

"Are you going to attack me or keep running circles in the dirt?" Byakuya questioned in an irritated tone.


Byakuya's eyes widened when Toshiro appeared crouched down before her and her hand just barely moved in time to block his upwards kick. She was propelled several meters off the ground and Toshiro jumped up after her with several more kicks. She managed to block a few out of the barrage but still took most of the attacks until they were both ten meters off the ground.

Then, without warning, Toshiro caught Byakuya in the side with a sharp elbow that made her parallel with the ground and he gracefully hovered behind her, intentions clear.

The shorter girl did nothing to defend herself when Toshiro hit her in the leg, hip, side and shoulder in rapid succession before ultimately grabbing her by the wrist and using his aura to spin as quickly as he could.


Byakuya slammed into the dirt hard enough to shake the ground slightly and kick up massive amounts of dust and gravel. Toshiro jumped back and stared at the dust cloud with a smile. "Ha!" He began chuckling manically. "Looks like I overestimated you, little girl!" He taunted.

The dust settled and Byakuya laid still in the crater, face as blank as ever with several small scratches on her body and dirt on her uniform. "What a pain..." She muttered half-heartedly. She got to her feet slowly, looking quite unharmed and very irritated. "It's alright. I overestimated you too, human." She countered before vanishing in a puff of smoke.

Toshiro's laughter died down instantly and his eyes widened when the smoke dispersed and nothing was there.

"What's wrong?" A haunting voice said into his ear. Without looking, Toshiro swung a spinning back fist at the voice only to hit nothing but air. "Can't see me?" The voice sent shivers down his spine when it whispered into his ear again. Repeating the action, Toshiro's fist was intercepted by Hyakuya, who gripped it painfully in her small but strong hand. With her free hand, she threw a strong jab to his sternum, which he blocked.

However, he grossly underestimated the force behind the blow and slid back many meters with his heels dug into the dirt. His scowl deepened to the point of a glare and he grit his teeth. But he did not hesitate nor slow down.

Jumping into a flash step, Toshiro attempted to repeat his previous maneuver by circling the girl. What he didn't expect was Hyakuya suddenly appearing in his path with a wild grin and, thanks to her short stature, she had to jump up to punch him in the cheek. At the impact, Toshiro's momentum came to a complete stop and he slammed harshly into the floor.

He ignored the sharp pain in his jaw and angrily got to his feet. "You're using your powers, huh? Well, I guess I better level the playing field!" He shouted before things got darker.

"She's not using her powers as far as I'm aware." Ochi pondered. "I can't sense anything from her from here at all. And from what I understand about Oni, they are normally just that physically impressive." He, Masahiro and Yume watched Toshiro's being punched in the face and collectively winced. "Ow, he's gonna feel that tomorrow."

"Looks like he's feeling it right now, Masaru-san." Yume interjected.

It was then that Toshiro rose to his feet and started to exud his dark aura. A pool of darkness spread below his feet and slowly started to swallow everything it came into contact with. Even large trees were completely overtaken in his darkness and he extended both of his palms at the girl.

Hyakuya's wild smile grew sadistic as she began to be pulled closer and closer to the boy.

"Keep smiling! Because I'm a moment, I'll show you the Beast of Darkness!" Noticing that she was being pulled towards him far slower than he would like, he went back on the offensive by sinking into his own power. Hyakuya looked momentarily confused before feeling two hands clamp around her ankles.

Toshiro swung the girl over his head like a ragdoll and whipped her into the ground as hard as he could. Hyakuya managed to catch herself by extending her arms and landing on her palms. The ground cracked heavily under each appendage and she stabilized herself before pushing up slightly and rolling into herself, causing Toshiro to flip over. He let her go and easily landed on his hands and flipped back to his feet. Unfortunately, the moment he gained some semblance of composure, Hyakuya was on him with another powerful jab to his midsection. This one, he managed to dodge, but the tree behind him wasn't so lucky. Splinters and shards of wood scattered everywhere as it all but exploded under Hyakuya's fist and Toshiro couldn't help but awe at the girl's strength.

In his moment's distraction, Hyakuya spun on her heel and aimed her roundhouse directly for Toshiro's head.

The sheer force of her kick was enough to change the wind pressure enough that leaves were blown off of trees. Her kick sounded like a whip cracking by the time it connected and everything on the opposite side of it went completely still.

"Oh, wow." Ochi commented while holding the girl's foot in his hand. "I felt that." He let her go and winced. He blew into his palm as if he'd been burned and started to chuckle. "That stung."

Hyakuya looked surprised at his sudden appearance but did nothing besides pout. "You interrupted." She said plainly.

"This fight was over the moment he decided to use his powers." Ochi explained while pointing at Toshiro. The boy in question just stared at Hyakuya with slightly wide eyes.


"Toshiro Yakumo, you've been disqualified. Now both of you, please follow me back to the Observation room."

Lucas was at a loss for words.

Leona wasn't an incredibly tough opponent, that much he could tell. She was fast, but he had fought faster. She had might he didn't foresee, but she was far from as devastating as some of his trainers of the past. What made her a bit troublesome was her incredible movement and agility. Using his immaculate observation skills, he would often be able to see her moves before she made them and would attack where he knew she would be.

However, be it her own training or animal instincts, she was still able to contort her body around at the very last possible moment to avoid his hit. It was beginning to frustrate him.

"I don't know about you, but I'm having one hell of a time!" Leona said cheerfully before continuing on the offensive. She dropped to all fours and pounced towards Lucas, opening her sharp claws while she did so. Lucas readied himself to avoid, which he did but Leona seemed to expect this. Despite the great speed she lunged with, when she touched the floor, she instantly pounced at him again at the same speed.

'How is she changing direction so easily?' Lucas thought absentmindedly. He side-stepped just enough for her to fly past him and in doing so, Leona wrapped her tail around his leg. "What the…"

Lucas fell face first to the dirt, and growled under his breath. Leona swiped at his back hard enough to tear his uniform but not to break skin and he hissed. Leona made a sound of anguish and jumped back, holding her now throbbing claw.

"Oww! What is your skin made of?" She complained while wincing.

Lucas kept his grin hidden by flash stepping to his feet and with his back turned to the lioness.

"Didn't anyone ever tell you never to turn your back on a predator?" Her words were taunting but her tone was that of genuine innocence and confusion. She didn't expect an answer and didn't wait for one. Leona jumped from all fours and flipped many times before bringing down a powerful heel. Lucas made no attempt to move, however.

In a flash of light, Leona's claw came into contact with something rough, scaly and shiny.

"Cloud-san is a Dragon?" Yume asked Rikuto with a raised brow.

Rikuto shrugged. "Yeah, he is. It's not often he actually summons his tail." Rikuto's eyebrows furrowed in thought. "He's being pushed."

Yume's eyebrows went up. "Really? It doesn't look like it."

"He's never going to show when someone gets the better of him." Rikuto replies. "It's a good idea, really messes with your opponent."

Toshiro rolls his eyes and scoffs.

Byakuya, Rikuto notes, pays far more attention to Mei and Kaiyo's fight.

Lucas's tail was long and heavy. Once he blocked Leona's attack, he allowed the appendage to hit the floor and it landed with a thud. "Ah, it's been a good while since I summoned my tail. Thanks, cat. I forgot how nice this felt." Lucas smiled widely.

"Oh, you have a tail like me!" Leona jumped excitedly. "This just got way more fun! Your scent even changed!"

"I know how I'll beat you now." He said without missing a beat.

Instead of saying something else, Lucas vanished in a flash step and appeared before Leona at a speed she didn't expect. He gently tapped her forehead and made her stumble back. Lucas dropped his tail behind her heel and she began to fall back. Due to her feline physiology, she contorted her body enough to land on her feet, which was what Lucas wanted.

"It was fun, really. If I really wanted, I could've grabbed you by the tail at the start." He explained while doing just that. Leona's body went limp as he held a vice-like grip on her tail. "You impressed me, you really did."

Leona didn't respond. In fact, she'd been in such discomfort that she'd almost gone completely stiff.

"Well, let's head back."

He finally let her tail go and she immediately put distance between them both and glared at the boy. She wrapped her tail around her waist like a belt and bared her teeth.

Lucas noticed this, and shrugged. His own tail disappeared and he ignored the girl's clear anger before jumping into a flash step.

If Mei wanted a fight, she was about to get one.

"Stop dodging and attack me!" Mei bellowed as Kaiyo continued to easily evade her. He even had the gall to put his hands in his pockets while he did so. "You're really pissing me off!"

Kaiyo's eye twitched and Mei threw another punch at him. He turned his body smoothly while slightly extending his foot to trip the girl chest first into the dirt.

That was the last straw. Mei's aura began to rise dangerously and she shot to her feet. A thick, orange glow took over her form and the wind began to pick up tremendously. Kaiyo raised a brow at the proceedings but didn't do anything when all of the girl's aura traveled from her body to her right arm.

"Daytime Beast!" She yelled before throwing her fist forward. The energy expelled outwards and took the form of a giant tiger as it tore through the terrain to reach its target.

Kaiyo didn't budge. His eyes narrowed and his own aura shot up to insane levels and he took the attack head on. The resulting explosion was massive enough to shake the entirety of the training area and completely incinerate anything within a twenty meter radius. The river started to flood into the crater and Mei started to panic.

"Oh my, God!" She screamed. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I don't know what came over me!" She yelled hysterically into the smoke.

"Whoa!" Rikuto exclaimed. He struggled to maintain balance as the shockwave almost shattered all glass in the area and had to use the wall to support both him and Yume. Like the rest of those present, they were stunned beyond words. Toshiro's eyes were a bit wider than before, while Yoshiie and Masahiro looked both concerned and shocked. Even Byakuya's expression shifted very slightly before returning to its base apathy.

"Kasai-san!" Masahiro yelled before heading towards the door with Ochi in tow.

In the midst of her ramblings, Mei failed to notice the area's temperature shift drastically.

She faintly heard gravel shifting before the dust settled to reveal Kaiyo standing in knee high water, completely unharmed, save for some dust and singing on his uniform.

Mei didn't have time to be surprised as Kaiyo's aura exploded around him and completely evaporated what remained of the river and suddenly appeared before her. Mei stumbled back in surprise and felt her back against the hard, sharp bark of a tree and panicked.

To her, Kaiyo no longer appeared human. His eye glowed a vibrant red and his pupils dilated enough for them to look almost demonic. With nowhere to run, Mei watched Kaiyo's fist come closer and closer before closing her eyes and bracing for pain.

Kaiyo threw his punch mere centimeters to the right of the girl's head and despite not hitting her, she felt the sheer force behind the blow so much that she almost fell over. She heard rather than saw the destruction and the crackling of flames. Daring herself to turn around, she found that everything behind her in at least a ten meter cone was soaked in black fire and some trees, including the one she was backed up against, either cleanly broke in half or bent in line with his punch.

To say he looked a bit angry at her would've been an understatement. He growled lowly and Mei could've sworn that his canine teeth were sharper than they should've been. His face hovered five centimeters from her face so she got a good look into his unique eyes.

Their intense look took her breath away.

"You stubborn woman…" He spat slowly before pulling himself away.

He turned and began to walk away from her with his aura still blazing dangerously around him. It was then that Ochi and Akane came on the scene with the class not far behind. Kaiyo heard someone call his name but he ignored it, opting to storm past everyone. Eyes darted from his leaving form to Mei and instead of a straight reprimand, Ochi just let out a prolonged sigh.

The girl was trembling and dropped to her knees. She kept gasping violently and muttering hysterically. "H-he's… what is he? S-so… strong."