Tears ran down the grown woman's face as she looked at her beloved down on the table, staring up at her with his brown eyes. He wheezed and gasped for breath, fighting to so much as take it and hack up the fluid that was in his lungs, drowning him.

"Goodbye, Boo," the owner of the dog said, as she turned and left the room, sobs escaping her throat, knowing she would never see her pet again.

The brown-furred canine looked up at the nurses that were around him. He barely felt the needle as it was pushed into him. He lay on the table, still wheezing and fighting for breath. The humans around him pet him gently, trying to make his last few moments as peaceful as they could.

Soon enough, the drug that had been injected into him took his life away, allowing his suffering to finally end.


Boo awoke sometime later. He saw a bright and colorful sky above his head and he sat up, feeling as though he was on something soft. He glanced down and saw that he was on a big, white fluffy cloud. Another thing that he noticed was that he could breathe normally. There was no trouble at all! Maybe those humans had helped him after all! He couldn't wait to go back home with his two human friends and cat friend!

However, when he looked around, he found that he was nowhere near the vet's or his home. All around him was large clouds that went on for miles with no end in sight. This confused the tiny dog. Where was he and where were his owners? Surely, they were going to come and get him, right?

Suddenly, a flash of light appeared in front of the small canine. He shut his eyes tightly against his, his ears folding back onto his head. Once he thought it was safe to open his eyes, he did and was surprised by what he saw.

Standing before him with a halo over her head was another dog. She had black-and-white fur with blue eyes. Her smile was soft and warm and, as wary as he was, he couldn't help but feel safe with this other dog. But also confused as well. Why was she here?

"Who are you?" Boo questioned.

"My name is Sanvi," the female canine replied. Her voice was soft, gentle, and had a heavenly tone to it. "I'd like to welcome you to Heaven, little one. Come with me please."

"Heaven?" the brown dog asked curiously as he padded after the older dog. "What's that?"

"It's where all dogs, cats, animals, and humans go once they die."

"Die?!" Boo yelped, his brown eyes widened in horror. "S-So you mean I'm…"

"Dead? Why, yes, I'm sorry to say," Sanvi told him sadly as she walked over to a table with a large book on it. "The humans 'put you to sleep' as they like to call it."

"They killed me?"


"W-Why?" he stammered in disbelief. He couldn't believe that he had been killed by humans. His mind spun with questions that he so badly wanted answers to.

"They didn't wish to see you suffer any longer," the black-and-white dog replied, flipping pages in her book. She soon found info on him and began to look through it. "Here we are…"

Boo hopped up onto the table beside her, looking down at the book to see a picture of himself on the page, before looking up at the larger canine he was with. He was trembling. "S-So, what's going to happen now?"

"Well, you go to Heaven like all the other dogs of course," Sanvi responded with a light chuckle. "Haven't you ever heard that All Dogs go to Heaven, unlike people?"

"…. I'll never get to see my family again?" he questioned softly, his tail tugged between his legs and his ears lowered sadly. He couldn't imagine life without them, but he knew that there was no going back to them. "What about them…? How are they holding up?"

"They're missing you," the larger dog replied, nodding down to the two crying humans. It made his heart want to break into just looking and hearing their wails of grief over losing him. "You'll see them again one day, Boo." A halo appeared about his head as white angel wings appeared on his back as Sanvi closed the book, having given him approval to enter Heaven. "For now, enjoy your stay in Heaven. You may even watch over them if you'd like."

The tiny dog nodded. "I'd like that," he told her.

"I thought so." She smiled once more at the smaller canine beside her. "Now go. Go and make some new friends and enjoy yourself. And Welcome to Heaven."

Boo gave one finally nod, before he headed off towards the other of other dogs that were playing. I'll see you all again someday. Don't forget about me. Farewell family!

I made a little one-shot for Boo. A little bit of what I think could be what happened after he was put down yesterday. I know something like this can't actually happen...

Or well, I do believe that dogs and other animals go to heaven like we do, just a different kind. A kind made just for animals, you know? But I doubt anything like this happened...

But still, I wanted to do something for my dog. I cried so hard writing this-

It might not be the best thing I've written, but here-

Hope you guys enjoy-